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  1. [TWITTER] "..."

    Not an expert on marketing but, tagging another game to promote Prehistoric kingdom? Isn't that a big NO NO Crytivo and a bit unprofessional?
  2. Ask Us:

    So, if someone has a question to your answers...which would turn in to a discussion, how the hell did you expect this thread to go?
  3. [TWITTER] "..."

    "If our Kickstarter campaign is successful, we plan to release the Alpha as soon as possible. Hopefully before the end of this year (2014). The speed of development depends on the amount raised here on Kickstarter. The more we are able to raise, the bigger the team we can afford and the faster we can develop. We expect the Early Beta phase to follow a few months after this. The Steam exclusive beta will commence near the end of the beta phase to do a final test before launch." HAHAHAHAH So since they raised what they needed...there is no excuse for the time...in all seriousness.
  4. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    NDA in this case is useless since they are pretty much sharing everything on twitter. "suspense"...there is more suspense stumbling on a dead animal.
  5. Research Prototype Panel

    Mostly its because developers have unrealistic timeframes on release, specially when a dev has not made a game before, so on that part, it actually makes sense that they are late. Its just bad planning, and of course, increasing scope with silly things and change stuff in the last minute. Players only go by what they are told and what it says on kickstarter, because thats what they (we) base our info on. Most dont even know the hard road of development, literally every single game made gets pushed as well. The problem is..its still alpha and tbh thats just silly at this point. Actually really glad you are optimistic and positive, it rubs off hehe
  6. Research Prototype Panel

    There is no tech difference in what he posted and what was voted, literally. Very big game in a very small amount of time? Come on, dont be so gullible. In order to have the kickstarter they've had to have some tech ready, but no. They've done concept art for the middle ages in 2017 (sometimes even the stone age) and beginning of 2018, thats is literally the first time you have seen some concepts from the ages (except maybe a few instances), dont you really ask yourself what they have spent their time on since 2014? And dont tell me the "its a very complicated game" stuff, there is another similar game being made by less people and its even further along then this. Game wont be in full version until at LEAST 2022 at this rate with what was promised, and thats just being realistic and comparing with other games and team sizes. If you can afford traveling to all conventions with great setups and spending time on publishing, you could afford tech artists way earlier. Its not aggressive to actually expect something from developers who spouts "fair gaming and trust". Specially since they help with tech stuff on Prehistoric Kingdom as announced by them. (Think its easy porting to consoles?) "Crytivo will be helping us with the back-end, technical, and business side of game development – ultimately pushing us to a number of new platforms and venues that we could have only dreamt of achieving by ourselves. Because of their involvement, our consumer outreach has increased astronomically, the game will be translated into six different languages, previous fantasies like console ports aren’t entirely out of the question, we have a booth at numerous conventions, and we now have a close relationship with people that have an equal passion for the project." Regarding the prototype tree, they said "we will go for this with slight modification" and then there is a new one posted on twitter just out of the blue. (and btw, the new design looks really bad tbh, the one that was voted is way more streamlined and clean) Other than that, I commend you for keeping your cool. I respect that.
  7. Research Prototype Panel

    Why the hell do they even bother asking or doing a quiz with this, if they disregard it anyway? This isn't even a "slight modification"
  8. [TWITTER] "..."

    finally a person who knows his shit! Salutations!
  9. [TWITTER] "..."

    Love how they are doing a 30% discount sale on a game thats in Alpha....If people are not seeing the red flags here then...god bless, i guess...
  10. Still A God Game Or A Buliding Simulation Strategy Game

    So the game quote should change from "What would you do with the power" to "what would you do with the micromanagement skills and stuff, hey maybe I get a new idea tomorrow"
  11. Still A God Game Or A Buliding Simulation Strategy Game

    Saying its not based on real world. then suggestion having cinema that streams youtubers? hopefully that was a silly joke. Adding governments? This isnt a god game anymore haha. Seriously, start focusing on what was promised with the KS. Im seeing delays all over the place with all these suggestions coming from the team.
  12. [TWITTER] "Electric gas Factory. What would you do with the power?""

    a medieval gas factory?? hahaha....What would use this energy in the medieval age?!
  13. Questions

    You should also remember its false advertisement Just be careful.
  14. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    Its great that you are being creative about it. But maybe not focus on "silly" things that adds to the scope? It is SO weird that a small team like this spends time on ideas like this when you have more core stuff to worry about. When you "finish" the game, thats when you can think about adding stuff like this. If you keep this up, you will burn trough the funds of dev in 5 minutes.
  15. Questions

    Of course, no problem. That was an interview with Alex. http://indiegamemag.com/interview-chatting-with-crytivo-games-about-the-universim-2/