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  1. This should have been a thing from the start.
  2. Tips System

    Yea! I didn’t know this! I thought they’d feel safe or wouldn’t care but they did care and well that didn’t go well after that.
  3. I have. Even changed them out.
  4. I’ve played three different worlds and each one my grave digger has three bodies and will not take them to the cemetery. He just runs back and forth around the village. If i pick him up that usually resets him.
  5. That’s happening to me too. 😕
  6. Perhaps in a future update could we get an icon that shows which creator power we have selected? Possibly could be up by the believers and creator point numbers. I ask because unfortunately the tree icon and the fire icon are right next to each other on the wheel. And here I was about to plant a tree and instead I just set my village on fire. Planted fire right in the center of it. 😂
  7. Just a creator wheel request

    Yea I thought I remembered there being one. But I can understand that. No biggie. I’ll just make sure I double check.
  8. Population help

    Oldest for me is 150 and still going up 😳. The first five pages of the pop log are all over 100.
  9. Population help

    Sorry if this isn't the correct place to put this. My population stops growing right around 150. Do we have to wait for further updates to be successful in growing a larger pop or am I doing something wrong? Nuggets are dying faster than they are being born. I have everything they could need, plenty of resources. I looked to see if anyone else has this issue but didn't see any posts.
  10. Population help

    Night Shift seems to be better now that there’s more nuggets. However the game did start getting laggy as my population grew and I put down more buildings. But that may be my computers fault. But I think the problem with night shift was the population cap. I also ran into food issues both times I played. I made sure I had tons of hunter huts, kitchens, farms and fishing huts. I just kept running out of food faster than I could catch or grow it. First I complain because I can't get enough nuggets. now i complain because I have too many and they're dying of starvation. lol I'm sorry.
  11. Population help

    No, I skipped shifts. Because when I could only get to a pop of about 150, it really messed it up. But I’ll try it this time since I should have enough nuggets to spare.
  12. Population help

    I love that we have extended life in the new update. I had over 300 nuggets and didn’t know what to do with them. Lol
  13. Population help

    Ah ok that makes sense then.
  14. How do I name them

    I have the task of baptizing the baby nuggets and naming them. I cant figure out how.
  15. Nuggets go for a swim

    My nuggets were doing that too. Especially my couriers.
  16. Nuggets underground

    I havent loaded up my crash game yet. I'm about to now. I think I found the file, I just dont know how to compress it.
  17. Nuggets underground

    Build version: V27.20828 Severity on a scale of 1-5: 5 Description: Some of my nuggets are starting to walk underground. Update: As I got farther into upgrading to medieval they also stopped moving. My population stopped growing and they all started dying off. Those that were thirsty wouldn't go drink and then eventually my game froze completely! I went from over 150 nuggets to 97 before my game quit. Reproduction: This started when I started expanding more and upgrading. Relevant images and saves:
  18. Nuggets underground

    I hope it gets fixed in a quick patch because I was doing so well lol Id hate to have to wait till next month for a fix.
  19. weird message

    I get those too. Also, now I get them in the nugget info box.
  20. Nuggets underground

    Another one where they are completely underground. (circled in red)
  21. Ask Us:

    Is there a way to find the exile villages besides scrolling all over the planet? And if not now, will there be in future updates? Especially the friendly villages.
  22. New Update?!

    They put on Twitter that it’s gonna be released tomorrow. But that was 9 hours ago, so I don’t know if they meant today as tomorrow or tomorrow. Lol
  23. New Update?!

    I was for sure it'd be out by the time I got off work. But I see not. :/
  24. Ask Us:

    I feel like it’s gonna be an open ended game. Where they’re going to constantly update and add onto things. 🤷🏽‍♀️ So not a fully finished game for quite awhile probably.
  25. Nuggets go to guaranteed death!

    Well since the option to regrow trees is coming up, hopefully that’ll help save your nuggets.