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  1. My run through in creator mode, I took my time, made sure all resources had 100 or more materials, placed one to two buildings at a time. Game still broke. At least we see it must be a bug.
  2. No problem. As long as my post helps in some way. I’ll just wait for a few more updates before I play again. Let it get polished up a bit more.
  3. I’m sorry this is so long. I just wanted to make sure I gave all the info I could since this is technically game breaking. This could completely be my computers fault. So I made sure to add the save folder to see if it’s just me. (if I did it right). Thanks for reading! This happened in the last patch also, so once again maybe it's my computer. I get to the medieval stage, I have plenty of every resource I need, and then my nuggets stop building. They all start to get hungry, my population deteriorates drastically and all my buildings start to fall apart. Only a few nuggets are still walking around but a lot just stand at the warehouses and some just stand in random spots. I was doing creator mode and i was for sure that would work out. But twice in CR and Story mode they stopped working. I'm not sure if i did this right. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bnxtlhxyf3w9bkw/buggy2.sav?dl=0 This is the beginning when I had a pop of 103 that’s about the highest I got. This you can see my pop dropped to 81 and the nuggets in the eatery are all thirsty and hungry. But they weren’t moving. I left my game running while I was trying to straighten this post out and my pop dropped to 3. 😂 and it won’t even let me find them. I have no idea what is goin on. Either it is my computer or a bug that keeps haunting me each version that I play. (Sidenote: sometimes the box for the nugget comes up and won’t go away, restarting the game gets rid of it.) Thanks for reading!
  4. I had that same exact problem. You’re not alone. I can’t even get past medieval era.
  5. Exile Orators

    Yea I found out that they are wearing masks.
  6. I’m just trying to put them down. I always get as close to the ground as i can so I don’t accidentally kill them and then they’ll just disappear. Sometimes it looks like they went through the ground. Once I was trying to pick up a dead body and as soon as I clicked on it, it just disappeared. If I knew how to record in the game I’d try to catch it. It’s only sometimes.
  7. I’ve noticed this bug a few different times in different games, when I pick up a nugget and then put them down they disappear. And after awhile, wherever they go, they always die. I use the little pin point option and it moves the camera to look down at the ground and it’s shaking like they might be falling from the sky. So I definitely failed the “Find my lost nugget” challenge. Lol
  8. I’ve noticed this also. Quite frustrating.
  9. Buildings falling apart

    Me too. It’s a problem. That’s how I am with Sims too. Lol Ok, I’ll let this die now. Haha
  10. Buildings falling apart

    I never thought having too many wells or engineers could actually not be beneficial. Lol Thanks. I’ll probably just start a whole new game. For the 50th time. 👍🏽
  11. Buildings falling apart

    Yea I’ve done all of that and stocked up on CPs so when things get bad I can cover it. for the longest time I didn’t realize that lake was emptied, so I would usually refill it with some rain. I was planting trees by the lumber mill too but my nuggets were too lazy to work at it. Well I guess its good there aren’t any bugs that you can see. I must have just messed up somewhere. Is there any order I should try to progress? Someone told me that they make sure for every number of eateries they have they have a farm and a fishing hut. It’s worked pretty well so far. Thank you!
  12. Buildings falling apart

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/0wpubiourd1facq/buggy.sav?dl=0 I've never created a link before, so let me know if it works or not. So, I got lucky and got a mystery box that fixed all my buildings up 60%. So that saved me there. But then I ran into issues where upgrading into the medieval era my nuggets stopped working and started to group up at the warehouses and not move and everyone started to starve. I had couriers, i only used shifts on buildings i thought needed to constantly be running, i upgraded important buildings first, but that still didn't seem to make a difference. I slowed down progress again to make sure food and water were in stock and to give nuggets a chance to reproduce. However, almost every single nugget was single. They weren't dating. I'm starting to think I'm not meant to get to the modern era. I had up to 270 and then by the time i got frustrated and quit i had 160. Hopefully this file can be used to fix these other bugs. Let me know if I need to make it a bug post by itself.
  13. Buildings falling apart

    Yea I was progressing still just didn’t go into the medieval era too quickly. But I’ll try not using shifts on them.
  14. Thanks! I definitely need tips and tricks. This game is frustrating the heck out of me.
  15. All my buildings are falling apart at the same time. Is there a reason they do this? Is it trying to tell me it’s time to upgrade to the next era? I’m still in the first stage, trying to progress slowly. I have plenty of engineers. And it seems like they’re doing their job. And it’s all AT THE SAME TIME. I’m making such good progress. 😭