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  1. Nuggets stuck to cursor

    The nugget was dead and my gravediggers were taking waaay too long so I was going to release him into space but then he got stuck.
  2. Nuggets stuck to cursor

    See Ive even tried setting them on fire and that didnt work. lol Usually Im trying to get rid of the dead bodies since my gravediggers take forever and thats when they get stuck.
  3. Nuggets stuck to cursor

    Yea I’ve had to go back to a save or I’ve just restarted all together out of frustration.
  4. Nuggets stuck to cursor

    No I mean it won’t come off at all when I try to release it. Sorry I should have been more descriptive.
  5. Whenever I use my god power to pick up a nugget they stick to my cursor even when I try to let them go. And sometimes I can get them off by pressing the pick up commands again but sometimes I cannot and I'm just forever swinging a dead nugget around.
  6. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    Mine just randomly started updating the huts. I’m also at the end of the research and have all my resources. So I hope yours will start working too.