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  1. Major Lag Issue

    I believe the next update is suppose to help with those issues. It’s suppose to be a big one. I haven’t been able to play for months because of the pathfinding issue and such. So just hang on till the new update. That’s all I have for you sorry. Lol 🙂
  2. Unlocking parks

    Somehow I missed all the quests to unlock the parks, except the small one. Are there other ways to unlock them? Or are you just forever cut off from ever having them? If so that should definitely be changed.
  3. My nuggets still freeze up as I’m progressing to medieval stage. They stop eating and drinking and just stand there until they die. I had a pop of about 300 then it dropped drastically. I gave up once it hit 85 and they still weren’t moving. I’ve played in both creator mode and story mode. I don’t believe it’s my computer because everything still moves smoothly. There’s no lag, so I don’t think it’s that. I try not to overdo it with upgrades and make sure to spread it out, so that it won’t cause problems. I stopped playing the game for awhile hoping it’d get an update that would fix this issue, but no luck so far.
  4. Wait what’s this about holding left shift? im gonna have to try that. Lol
  5. Buildings falling apart

    Sorry for the late reply. And no I never use my town hall. Maybe I’ll try it.
  6. My run through in creator mode, I took my time, made sure all resources had 100 or more materials, placed one to two buildings at a time. Game still broke. At least we see it must be a bug.
  7. No problem. As long as my post helps in some way. I’ll just wait for a few more updates before I play again. Let it get polished up a bit more.
  8. I’m sorry this is so long. I just wanted to make sure I gave all the info I could since this is technically game breaking. This could completely be my computers fault. So I made sure to add the save folder to see if it’s just me. (if I did it right). Thanks for reading! This happened in the last patch also, so once again maybe it's my computer. I get to the medieval stage, I have plenty of every resource I need, and then my nuggets stop building. They all start to get hungry, my population deteriorates drastically and all my buildings start to fall apart. Only a few nuggets are still walking around but a lot just stand at the warehouses and some just stand in random spots. I was doing creator mode and i was for sure that would work out. But twice in CR and Story mode they stopped working. I'm not sure if i did this right. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bnxtlhxyf3w9bkw/buggy2.sav?dl=0 This is the beginning when I had a pop of 103 that’s about the highest I got. This you can see my pop dropped to 81 and the nuggets in the eatery are all thirsty and hungry. But they weren’t moving. I left my game running while I was trying to straighten this post out and my pop dropped to 3. 😂 and it won’t even let me find them. I have no idea what is goin on. Either it is my computer or a bug that keeps haunting me each version that I play. (Sidenote: sometimes the box for the nugget comes up and won’t go away, restarting the game gets rid of it.) Thanks for reading!
  9. I had that same exact problem. You’re not alone. I can’t even get past medieval era.
  10. Exile Orators

    Yea I found out that they are wearing masks.
  11. I’m just trying to put them down. I always get as close to the ground as i can so I don’t accidentally kill them and then they’ll just disappear. Sometimes it looks like they went through the ground. Once I was trying to pick up a dead body and as soon as I clicked on it, it just disappeared. If I knew how to record in the game I’d try to catch it. It’s only sometimes.
  12. I’ve noticed this bug a few different times in different games, when I pick up a nugget and then put them down they disappear. And after awhile, wherever they go, they always die. I use the little pin point option and it moves the camera to look down at the ground and it’s shaking like they might be falling from the sky. So I definitely failed the “Find my lost nugget” challenge. Lol
  13. I’ve noticed this also. Quite frustrating.
  14. Buildings falling apart

    Me too. It’s a problem. That’s how I am with Sims too. Lol Ok, I’ll let this die now. Haha
  15. Buildings falling apart

    I never thought having too many wells or engineers could actually not be beneficial. Lol Thanks. I’ll probably just start a whole new game. For the 50th time. 👍🏽