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  1. bridges?

    when is the new patch?
  2. April Update

    the patch arrived april 6
  3. loading the game

    anybody have problems loading the game suddenly? i cant load my save game, it just load forever...
  4. bugs and crash

    sometimes the game loads forever (when you load a game)
  5. Doing Nothing

    same here, my nuggets just stand still...
  6. bugs and crash

    1. The boat sometimes goes from horizontal to Vertical (The Nugget has his/her back in the water. 2. sometime when i pick up a corpse I cant drop it :/ 3. when I was going to exit the game my whole computer crashed
  7. New Residential Block

    my huts get upgraded by the nuggets automaticly sorry if my english is bad
  8. Tips System

    you are not alone I too just pushed skip and wondered if that was to smart of me
  9. April Update

    looks great when does it come?
  10. April Update

    will there be changes in buildings when you get to a new age (medievel age, industrial and so on) in the new update?