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  1. how far along?

    196 views but no answers! wow it must take a while to say yes or no...
  2. how far along?

    can we go to the moon yet? still waiting for that
  3. how far along?

    so i havent played sinced the game came out, i wanted to wait until for updates. so how far along has it come? what is the end era? can we travel in space?
  4. Let’s talk about The Universim

    is it a web page where we can see when the next update is? and when is the next update?
  5. weird message

    getting this everytime the exile city building something...
  6. Ask Us:

    do we have to start a new game every time a new update arrives?
  7. how to update

    great thanks
  8. how to update

    how do i get the new update?
  9. New Update?!

    still nothing?
  10. next update?

    I hope we get a new era soon
  11. next update?

    when can we expect a new update? when can we expect new research options and new a new era? btw the game is great! love it
  12. game keeps crashing when i start new game..

    were do i find "verify integrity of game files" option?
  14. when i bought the game several month ago i got a key but where do i use it on steam? (game key)