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  1. next update?

    I hope we get a new era soon
  2. Stuck on Loading Screen

    i got stuck 30min
  3. next update?

    when can we expect a new update? when can we expect new research options and new a new era? btw the game is great! love it
  4. game keeps crashing when i start new game..

    were do i find "verify integrity of game files" option?
  6. when i bought the game several month ago i got a key but where do i use it on steam? (game key)
  7. do we need to buy it again?? i bought the game some while ago, but i havent got the update yet...
  8. i think steam got issues, but no i havent gotten any updates either...
  9. bridges?

    when is the new patch?
  10. April Update

    the patch arrived april 6
  11. loading the game

    anybody have problems loading the game suddenly? i cant load my save game, it just load forever...
  12. bugs and crash

    sometimes the game loads forever (when you load a game)
  13. Doing Nothing

    same here, my nuggets just stand still...
  14. bugs and crash

    1. The boat sometimes goes from horizontal to Vertical (The Nugget has his/her back in the water. 2. sometime when i pick up a corpse I cant drop it :/ 3. when I was going to exit the game my whole computer crashed
  15. New Residential Block

    my huts get upgraded by the nuggets automaticly sorry if my english is bad