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  1. Military Suggestion

    To revive this... It'd be interesting if there was some sort of a militia system akin to Dwarf Fortress or other strategy games within that nature. By this, I mean a set of mobile-Nuggets who would be able to mobilize during an event to defend the city against other hostile nuggets. I am by no means a programmer, but you could even program (of which I would think would be easy?) a hunting-lodge for people, right? When they attack, you merely click on one of the nuggets and click something akin to 'hunt,' and watch as they march out to deal with the threat. Oh, and threats from other cities would be cool... like nukes...
  2. My Experiences so far...

    Upon getting as far as I could within the Universim, I must say that I am, once again, impressed. The content that is offered so far is actually very balanced and incredibly enjoyable to the point where I was upset that when I had discovered that I had done all that I could realistically do. I had provided food and water to my civilization with no issues. The Nuggets went about their day with no issues and did their jobs very well, including the Engineers whom are now 'doing their job' successfully. Things seemed to work out fantastically, including the relatively new system of hunting. I was very impressed to see how the roads expanded out seemingly 'realistically,' and how the Nuggets, when building future huts, seemingly clustered themselves together. The only issue I had run into was 'upgrading.' What had happened was I had chosen too many building to upgrade which, as a result, saw no buildings actually being upgraded nor any buildings in that age being built as these new buildings and upgrades required new resources through the stone refinery and the... wood one. Of course, the only way to get out of this issue was to produce those two buildings and a lot of them. Even after I had constructed the upgrades and built the new buildings, I was surprised that with all of the buildings I had constructed their overall output was relatively low (I had 6-7 of each). A good way to fix this, I would imagine, is to increase the resource out-put of those buildings -or- add a 'prioritize' option for upgrades. My Nugget population exploded to 100 very quickly, but once their it seemingly 'capped' as a result of relying on the new stone and wood resource... Probably not a bug nor an issue, just thought I'd point it out. I also had no need for Watchtowers, but I imagine that is because that whole aspect is still new. Bugs: Fisherman that have the 'No-home' (the symbol of the house with the line through it) have a model issue. The front of the boat is in the water, and the back of the boat is in the air. A Tornado was on forecast, but it never appeared -- That, or it had appeared somewhere else and I had merely missed it. One of my hospitals was neglected from Engineers -- They would not repair it. Luckily, that God ability was around. --- Keep up the good works, guys!! Fantastic. What you have so far runs very well. The Exile villages will add a very interesting aspect to early game adding more enjoyment to an already enjoyable early-game. I am very impressed with the entire game so far and I am incredibly excited for future updates.
  3. Remove building durability

    Hello, I just wanted to voice my opinion regarding Engineers and building durability while also proposing that 'Building Durability' be removed (in lieu of nuggets 'upkeeping' their own homes or something along those lines). To make this quick and to the point, I firmly believe that Engineers should be more of a 'repairing' duty with 'events,' much like the ones that cause nuggets to break limbs, that affect buildings (Fires, accidents, etc...) As such, this will prevent the Engineers from growing overwhelmed and being unable to keep with all the buildings withering away. I understand that the game is in Early Alpha, but Engineers have an incredibly difficult time 'up-keeping' buildings, especially when there are a lot of buildings in a small area -- I don't really see how this issue can be resolved or fixed in the future, especially when you have so many buildings; the thought of forgetting to place down engineering-huts near a collection of buildings and, as a result, they all break is already stressing me out. Regardless, I'm really enjoying this game! :^)