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  1. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Are we ever going to find out who won the switch?
  2. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    Honestly some improvements to the management of these tiny little broccoli looking people would come in the form of simple stuff. things like removing the decay on stone huts so that engineers don't waste time with garbage buildings when you need them to focus on upgrading your important ones. I mean it's a hut made of rocks ya? Job systems that are effected by the weather IE:Fishing and winter should become intelligent and automatically switch to labour class when winter sets in. The graveyard is neat but never really feels effective in providing the service. maybe actually giving us like 2 workers there to start and 2 each upgrade would help? or just have that system implemented in the next era and have the cave broccoli just bury there own dead in rock piles or something.......they could even get dug up by archaeologist broccoli later. OH or just give the grave guy a cart? because then he can pick up a few dead people? and then add one new guy with a cart each upgrade? The Currier Nuggits need to come into play a bit earlier and let there building be built and upgraded just like the engineers. A bit more control over marriages would be cool but only if we could breed for stats and also have those stats affect different tasks. Lastly Screw GodMail, you can keep it as a fun HAHA thing where the nuggets send us dumb fluff jokes but truly i never click on that building because like a real god i don't care if my people are happy or what they think. also this system is just dumb, i don't want to play wheres waldo for some stupid little nugglet that at the end of the day will just die of old age and be replaced any way....
  3. Sneaky fisherman

    Hello everyone i'm new to the forum here and i thought rather than doing the usual "Hi My name is Joe" thing my first post would be more in the direction on contributing helpful insight and possibly a bit of fun. Any way on to the bad fishermans. SO the fisherman and his fishing pier seem a pretty essential part of this game especially for early game food production, However I've found a few interesting quirks with this system. First there is Bad Elu here. Clearly it is winter time and we find Elu here a the pier "Pretending to fish" when in fact she is DOING NOTHING at all. I have since learned from this and when winter hits I cancel all fisherman out of the piers and let them serve as labour for the early game. It would be cool if this could just be an automated thing, like fisherman just become labourers in winter i dunno. But it definitely sucks when your in early game and things are not getting built but you realize you have like 6 sneaky little labourers standing around on the fishing piers doing nothing. THEN ther was THIS! I was dismissing my fisherman for winter time and i guess i was a bit early with this one. I attempted to recreate the issue in another game and it happens specifically when dismissing a fisherman just before the onset of winter and hell sort of pause for a second and process his new orders trapping his boat in the ice the fisherman survives BUT the pier is now broken, the boat will not return to the dock in spring it just floats there and the fisherman will simply return to the pier and stand there DOING NOTHING. It did however give me a chance to snap this awesome screen shot of my poor boat all alone. poor little boat. also you know what would be awesome is if the fisherman pulled the boats up on shore during winter.....i dunno just saying it'd look neat if they packed there stuff in for the season kinda thing....and went BACK TO WORK!