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  1. Yeah a wiki rework is something we have on the backburner. There's a lot of small text issues, image problems, and wrong icons that we'll probably all fix at the same time once it is a good time for us to do it
  2. Confirmed and reported. Thanks!
  3. Zoom sensitivity setting not saved - 1

    Hey Rudolph, I was not able to reproduce this. You're positive that you hit "apply" after changing the settings, correct?
  4. This guideline will continue to be updated throughout testing. The Most recent update was on: 9:08 AM EST 29 January 2019 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ QA Tester Guidelines Hey everyone! Thanks for choosing to help us out and make this game we all love to be the best it can (Yes, it’s PR talk, but it is legitimately true) and I am absolutely grateful for the work you will do. Now, for some serious business. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU READ THE GUIDELINES BELOW Bug Reporting: Every single bug report should include: The Title should include the Version (Currently on QA Build 1) ex. (QAB - 1) Nugget won't stop eating and explodes 5 A detailed description of the bug Buildings, behaviors, player actions, and the outcome as they relate to what went wrong Images, video, and audio when necessary Including a save when needed is very helpful To upload a save, you will have to zip it beforehand. If uploading still does not work, put it somewhere (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.) and include a link to download it Reproduction steps that anyone can perform to get the bug (Please please please if you can) When you see a bug, try and reproduce it yourself. If you can and you know the steps, then post the bug so others can confirm it I know this is a bother, but having reproduction steps makes it infinitely easier for us to track down the issue and solve it. Without your steps, I will have to personally go through every report and try and get my own repro If you need to make a report without repro that is still better than nothing! And later if you find repro steps, all you have to do is update the report. Moreover, if you see a report without repro, and you find out the repro somehow, comment your steps and let the OP know! Teamwork is the best work! The severity of the bug on a 1-5 scale IN THE TITLE 1 being unimportant/doesn’t affect gameplay 3 being a bug that causes issues and may adversely affect gameplay 5 being gamebreaking The OS you tested in This is mostly important for Mac and Linux users, but Windows users also include this please. It will take no more than 15 keystrokes Bug reports should be limited to things you absolutely are certain are not intended. If you find something that isn’t working the way you would expect, or you think may be an unfinished feature, contact me or a dev on discord privately (Not in a general channel) and we’ll work to figure it out. As a general guideline, it would be great for all of you to communicate with each other about the bugs you find. If someone posts a bug and you have free time, go ahead and do their repro, and comment that you have confirmed the bug happens. If you can’t reproduce it, comment with details about what you did. Working together as a community will help lessen the load for all of us. Example Report: Title: QAB - 2 Nuggets Animate eating around rocks (Severity 2) Severity: 2, doesn't affect gameplay too much Description: I keep seeing nuggets animating their eating animation around stones. Seems to happen when they are mining, but only in specific cases. For example, it only happens with loan rocks, not stone piles that change the terrain type. See image provided. Also, it seems like if you use telekinesis, you can knock them out of it. Repro: Start a new (Normal Mode) game Build an eatery Once an eatery is built, observe nuggets mining They should now be doing the eating animation instead of the mining animation (Optional) use telekinesis while they are animating this way Fill in the Blank Report Form (Copy and Paste): Title: the title of the post should describe in a short summary what the bug is Build version: The version of the Universim you are playing. The current version is V26, which will be displayed in the top left between the creator points and time UI elements. Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 is a small bug (text issue) with little to no impact on gameplay and 5 is a gamebreaking bug Description: Be as descriptive as possible while detailing exactly what happens, what the bug is, and any possible implications the bug has to your game. Reproduction: In bullet point form, detail every single action you take to have this bug show up consistently. Even the most minute bit of information may reveal you doing something we never thought to. Relevant images and saves: Simply include any extra material that may help us. Save files are especially important, as we can use them to find errors and situations to kill the bugs. For this, please host the image or file somewhere (Remember to protect your privacy while doing so) and link in the bug report to that location. Features To Be Focus Tested: MINISTERS (MOST IMPORTANT) Minister of Water Minister of Architecture Minister of Power Minister of Defense Minister of Education Minister of Agriculture Minister of Entertainment Minister of Medicine Glass Works Chemical Factory University Clone Building Movie Theater Hot Air Balloon IMPORTANT: Anyone who is experience the nuggets frozen or any other save load issue such as infinite loading, PM me the save, along with a link to the relevant forum post detailing your problem. More likely than not, you're getting an error during load that will help us track it down. As bugs get reported and updated, I will do my best to keep this list updated. Before posting, please check this list and the rest of the forum, to make sure you aren’t double posting. If you find out that a bug you just found has already been reported, add your report to the comments of that post. You will still get brownie points Known Bugs: Winter fog disappears abruptly at the end of the season Winter ends abruptly If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here. I do want to keep this particular thread pretty clean though, so if you ask a question and I answer it adequately, I will likely then hide your comment so it doesn't clutter the thread. Any questions you want to have discussion about should be carried out in other threads. Thank you!
  5. Hey eternalazure, I've been looking into this, and yes we're having RAM spikes, but from my testing it doesn't seem like a leak. I've gotten to very high usages, but then usually had it let go of the memory after a while, including the tree power, which is a known issue (Used to be much worse), but probably won't be looked at right now.
  6. Too Quick Gameplay?

    Resource requirements of some type are planned on being added back in, but were removed because we're still making so many balance changes to the game. And anytime we do that, the value of the resources may change, affecting the estimated time it takes to finish a piece of research. And that would go for every single research. So while having it be timers is definitely unideal, it's the best way right now because then we have a hardcoded amount of time it takes to finish something in the game that's very easy to change if we need to, but is affected by very little else, so we rarely do.
  7. Ennemies included

    Hey @eeddow you definitely start the game with powers that can counter an Exile attack. Instead of raining on them, why not grab them and toss them into a lake? Or into space? Or dash them against a rock! We definitely encourage you to be creative with your powers
  8. Unable to place buildings

    Are you able to get the ghoster? The transparent building and can't place that? OR can you not select the building. If it's the latter issue, make sure your game is not paused. Buildings can't be selected from the construction panel or placed when the game is paused.
  9. All my nuggets are dying

    Hey Offshore, unfortunately it gets solved and then comes back up. The AI system is super complex and anytime we make changes to it, things can break. We're doing our best to keep up with it, but anytime you see this happen, it would be great if you could send us a save file both before and after the error occurs. The files can be compressed and uploaded somewhere to the cloud, like Dropbox or Googledrive, whatever is easiest for you. Then just post the download link here so we have access to it. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  10. The universim Soundtrack

    Hmm, that's strange. @Alex Koshelkov can you clear this up? Is there any other way to purchase the soundtrack than through the Steam DLC?
  11. Population

    Hey Harv, did you have Shifts active?
  12. Hey Sabre, I can't say whether or not we'll be making these changes, but I'll bring them up. Otherwise, just wanted to let you know there are a few other bindings for camera control and the power wheel. Tab will also open the wheel, and holding down the Spacebar will throw you into free look just like the right click. I doubt it will change your opinion on it much, but just wanted to let you know!
  13. The universim Soundtrack

    Hey! Glad you like the music. I believe all the music that is currently written (Stone age and medieval) is available in the Collectors pack DLC, which also includes an art book and renders of our models. You can get it on Steam right now if you're interested
  14. The power of minestery ?

    Which ministers do you have equipped?
  15. graphic bug V0.0.30

    And it's only after being hit once, correct?
  16. graphic bug V0.0.30

    "Working as intended" I've looked into this and haven't been able to reproduce it unfortunately. How often does this happen to you when you use lightning to kill an animal?
  17. V30, Wind "sticks" at red after a tornado

    Hey Tallbear, I tested this and did not get the same results. I noticed that occasionally the wind would stay high for a while after a windstorm, but Tornado makes no change to wind speed. Can you comment again and confirm the wind staying high longer than 5 minutes?
  18. [Suggestion]After playing latest patch

    - Most buildings don't have an effective range, which is why there is no overlay - Already in the game actually! If you go to the building menu, you can sort by number of workers - We've actually talked about an era notice as well, so I can't promise anything, but it's on our minds at least - Based on the design of the game, I believe we are considering you as god choosing when to advance as when you research the tech to advance to the next age, so I wouldn't expect to see this soon - I've brought this up about the parks, but I think it's meant to be by design. I would take that up with @Sasha if you feel strongly about it
  19. v30 Crash to Desktop

    Sounds like it might be a memory issue. When you use that power it can take up a bit of RAM. It should let it go, but if you use it too quickly, it can build up in a short period of time. Someone else mentioned a possible memory leak, so if that's also happening, then this probably was just the breaking point. I'll check this out.
  20. v30 Upload of sav File not possible?

    The forums have been acting weird for a while. We're not entirely sure why. Best thing to do is upload somewhere else (Dropbox, google drive, icloud, etc.) and then putting a download link on your bug report.
  21. To the best of my knowledge this was not changed at all. You can update your mouse zoom sensitivity in the options though if you think it moves too fast.
  22. Nuggets Don't move bug

    Can you clarify which perk you mean by industrialization? If it's happening every time, it would be great if you could get use a save file or two from around this point. Best if you had a save file from right before you queue the perk, after you queue the perk and before it finishes researching, and right after the perk finishes researching. The files can be compressed and uploaded somewhere to the cloud, like Dropbox or Googledrive, whatever is easiest for you. Then just post the download link here so we have access to it. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  23. Wolf Quest Bug

    Hey Grevious, can you asnwer the following questions please? Did the child survive? Like get up and walk around once you dropped them? Was the timer still running? Had it run out after picking him up, but before dropping him? What behavior did the child do after dropping him? Did he grow up and perform a normal job like everyone else?
  24. Wolves appear in spring bug

    This is actually intended. Once winter starts, you risk the wolves showing up, regardless of if you skip to spring or not. To avoid the wolves, you would have to skip from fall to Spring, which would cost more points.
  25. Did you use the QA password?