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  1. Nuggets stuck in a cycle of walking in the lakes

    You can compress and upload the files to the cloud or directly to here. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  2. nuggets pick up objects in the sea

    Yes, I've been unable to reproduce it on my end after many attempts. Something else must be going on. Could you please upload your save files where this is occurring? Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  3. Saved Game does not load

    Let me start by saying thank you for two things: 1) Following the full reporting guidelines to a T. Truly, you are a hero amongst humanity 2) Your ability to report helpfully and with humor The problem is caused by an error during loading, likely an NRE that occurred inside of your game and transferred to the save file. While we can fix the base problem, an error must have occurred earlier during play that initiated this issue. You mentioned that you had completed the Tesla quest, so you were entering the late game of what is available. If you could answer some questions below to help, that would be great. - What year was it (Located at the top of the screen next to the weather) - How many nuggets did you have - Do you have any save files from before this one, including auto saves. And if so, please upload them. I'll check those, see if they are loadable, and if so, do some more testing to try and see what error in the game caused this.
  4. MUST READ: Bug Reporting Guidelines

    Thanks for the files bboy. It looks like a kernel related issue, so this may have more to do with your computer than our software. However, we'll look into it and get back to you about possible solutions to prevent crashes like this in the future.
  5. MUST READ: Bug Reporting Guidelines

    Bug reporting: For all bug reports please only make a post if the issue is very serious and you have a save file relevant to the issue, or you have reproduction steps and can fill out the below form in its entirety. For filling out the form. Text in Bold should remain when you copy and paste the form. All other text is to explain or give examples of the bold text, and can be removed when you use the form. Title: the title of the post should describe in a short summary what the bug is Build version: The version of the Universim you are playing. The current version is V29, which will be displayed in the top left between the creator points and time UI elements. Severity on a scale of 1-5: 1 is a small bug (text issue) with little to no impact on gameplay and 5 is a gamebreaking bug Description: Be as descriptive as possible while detailing exactly what happens, what the bug is, and any possible implications the bug has to your game. Reproduction: In bullet point form, detail every single action you take to have this bug show up consistently. Even the most minute bit of information may reveal you doing something we never thought to. Relevant images and saves: Simply include any extra material that may help us. Save files are especially important, as we can use them to find errors and situations to kill the bugs. For this, please host the image or file somewhere (Remember to protect your privacy while doing so) and link in the bug report to that location. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Below are the save game file paths. Only post the save file that is relevant to the report. Save game folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\ Saves Settings & Log file folder C:\Users<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim
  6. Mouse don't do anything

    So to be clear, this occurred when you used telekinesis to move a dead nugget onto a cemetery. Was the cemetery full? Did it have empty spots?
  7. Eatery UI stuck

    Hmm, this is an odd one. Several UI elements are broken (Overlapping worker, no list for eating spots, 123 local food, and there's no water requirement) which makes me think there may be something else going on other than Shifts. Can you please upload your save file? I want to have a look to see if there are any code errors causing this. Files can be compressed and uploaded somewhere to the cloud, like Dropbox or Googledrive or directly here, whatever is easiest for you. Then just post the download link here so we have access to it. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  8. Just a creator wheel request

    This actually did use to be a feature and may be reimplemented. It was removed because we added several UI elements where it existed (The top left bar) like Crime and happiness, and it started to feel crowded. However, we've talked about adding it back in and I think the main reason we haven't is because we felt there were more important things to work on.
  9. Population help

    Don't apologize! It's all about balancing, so it's important to get all the information we can about it. Another player also complained that it was getting difficult for him to feed his population. Can I ask another thing? If you sort by age, what is the oldest nugget you have? One player on the Steam forums reported having nuggets over 100.
  10. Population help

    That would be great yeah, and let me know if the pop drop happens then. It may indeed be that Shifts is the issue. We're looking at balance changes for it, but the more information we have on it and the more problems we can address, the better.
  11. v29: god power wheel not displaying

    Hey, I was able to reproduce this. Hopefully we'll get a fix in a hotfix.
  12. Population help

    That's possible. A lot f people have been complaining about Shifts recently, but it was hard to tell how much the population drops were being affected by Shifts and how much was just coinciding with hitting the population cap. @Socks1w did you research shifts before reaching 300, after, or at all?
  13. Population help

    Well I believe the soft cap was increased with the most recent update, so if you're seeing population drops in the 100s it shouldn't be caused by that
  14. Adding a military

    Hey SimGuy, to the best of my knowledge, this is not becoming a war game. War has never been the focus and never will be. I think most of the people asking for military aren't even wanting it to become a military sim (Did have one guy on Steam who I just told he should look elsewhere if he wanted a war game) and are asking that it be integrated more. I don't know what exact plans there are, but I highly doubt the game will ever become an "order your troops to go specific place and wipe out the enemy" kind of game.
  15. The Universim Launcher will not start

    Glad to hear it got solved. Sorry I couldn't be quicker on the reply, but I was indeed asleep Let us know if you have any other problems
  16. Adding a military

    Hey Lissa, appreciate the feedback and just wanted to let you know we saw the post. I'm not sure what design decisions are happening at the moment, but we'll take your view into consideration.
  17. typo

    Thanks for the heads up! The typos sneak in from time to time
  18. No Sound since update.

    Hey Erencius, could you give some more details please? What happens when you tweak with the audio controls in the settings? Does sound not exist at any point in the game? Menu? Loading Screen? In game? Sound effects? Music? Could you please start the game, and then upload the log folder that is created. It is located here: Settings & Log file folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim Just compress and upload the whole log folder. Hopefully that will give us some insight. I would also recommend you verify your systems cache integrity by right clicking the Universim in the games list on the left, going to properties>local files> Verify integrity and see if that does anything.
  19. Universal Ideas :)

    Hey Koen, the file didn't load. Are you sure it uploaded correctly? Try compressing it and then uploading so we can have a look.
  20. Feedback and suggestions

    This can actually be done by finding the nugget in the nugget list and clicking the go to button. And as long as you don't move, then the camera will follow the nugget
  21. "New Game" Major Graphics Error (after update)

    Well this is a rather extreme issue. Please post your computer specifications. Can you place the epicenter? If so, what happens? Can you place and build an Archive? Can you save? If you can, please upload it here. Does this occur every time? Does it occur in creator mode? Last thing is I want you to start the game, get to the point where this happens, immediately quit the game and go grab your settings and log folder and send that here as well. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves Settings & Log file folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim
  22. Crashing in unityplayer.dll

    Looking at it now, this is the same error that a couple people are reporting here Hub Admin Store Page The Universim All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos Workshop News Guides Reviews The Universim > Bug Reports > Topic Details just die already Oct 3 @ 7:54pm game will not start I have never been able to get thet game to launch. Have verified integrity of game files and also tried to run as admin. I have also accepted all updates. What can I do? < 1 2 3 > Showing 1-15 of 37 comments Alex [developer] Oct 3 @ 8:10pm Can you please let me know what is happening when you are trying to launch the game? Also can you please let me know about your PC configuration ? #1 Colt Burkhardt Oct 6 @ 12:56pm Same thing happens to me. I bought the game before it's release on Steam and it worked fine. Like the game a lot! However, I haven't been able to play the game since the steam release as it always crashes after the loading screen. The narrator starts to tell the "creator" to "wake up" and then it crashes. Happens every single time. I even uninstalled the game and reinstalled, still keeps happening in the same spot. Last edited by Colt Burkhardt; Oct 6 @ 12:56pm — See post history #2 salom67 Oct 7 @ 12:02pm I have the same problem, after I bought the game reinstalled, but not working. I using MAC, are you using MAC? #3 Colt Burkhardt Oct 7 @ 12:08pm No, I'm using PC. I bought the game during the crowdfunding time and have had it for two years. It has worked fine. Now that I have tried to run it through Steam, it won't finish loading. I even turned off the narrator comments to see if that was why it was crashing, since it always crashes when the narrator tells the creator to wake up, but it still crashes. I do like the game, but am annoyed I cannot play it anymore. #4 MageCoerlin Oct 8 @ 3:05pm Hey guys, can you please post your specs so we can see the machines you're working with? Also, please link to the crash file afte rthis occurs. It is located here: Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves Settings & Log file folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim #5 Colt Burkhardt Oct 8 @ 7:36pm My specs are... Intel Core i7-4720HQ CPU @ 2.60GHZ 16GB RAM 64 bit Win 10 Home In regards to the crash file. I can locate it, but I cannot attach anything here on Steam, so I'm not sure how to post it. The Universim [version: Unity 2017.4.10f1 (f2cce2a5991f)] UnityPlayer.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module UnityPlayer.dll at 0033:bab03391. Error occurred at 2018-10-08_182344. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\The Universim\The Universim.exe, run by <user>. 59% memory in use. 16278 MB physical memory [6564 MB free]. 18710 MB paging file [5056 MB free]. 134217728 MB user address space [134209150 MB free]. Read from location 00000348 caused an access violation. Context: RDI: 0x99fd1780 RSI: 0x86451ef8 RAX: 0x00629ce8 RBX: 0x00000000 RCX: 0x9bcc7d68 RDX: 0x00000000 RIP: 0xbab03391 RBP: 0x00000000 SegCs: 0x00000033 EFlags: 0x00010206 RSP: 0xb2bff4f0 SegSs: 0x0000002b R8: 0x86451ef8 R9: 0x99fd1780 R10: 0xbb794ab0 R11: 0x003fff01 R12: 0x00000000 R13: 0x86451ee0 R14: 0x00000000 R15: 0x00000000 #6 Colt Burkhardt Oct 21 @ 8:58pm I guess I just won't be able to play the game? #7 MageCoerlin Oct 22 @ 11:39am Hey sorry Colt, we're still trying to figure this out. #8 Colt Burkhardt Oct 22 @ 6:39pm Okay, thank you for the response. #9 MageCoerlin Oct 29 @ 4:34pm Hey all, can you post some details about your GPUs and graphics drivers? We suspect they may be an issue #10 MageCoerlin Oct 29 @ 4:38pm Also, if you can, please post a google drive or dropbox link to the actualy crash file after this occurs, as well as the output.txt. Again, they're located here Settings & Log file folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim Colt, thanks for posting the text #11 elliotmck88 - Deleted by elliotmck88; Nov 3 @ 11:35am - Show Colt Burkhardt Nov 3 @ 7:23pm NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 2GB memory. My computer has an additional 16GB of installed RAM. #12 MageCoerlin Nov 5 @ 12:36pm Hmmm, okay. Your drivers are all up to date, right? #13 TheGodlike Nov 5 @ 5:04pm Same issue. Ever since the latest update I'm unable to start the game anymore. When hitting Play the window "Preparing to launch The Universim" appears but it keeps closing and reappearing, while it shows "Syncing" and "Preparing to launch" in the library next to The Universim. I was able to play it before and nothing has changed in my system besides the The Universim update. I did a complete reinstall and it is not even creating the AppData folder now. So I have no Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim folder out of which I can send you the logs. Verifying integrity didnt help. Last edited by TheGodlike; Nov 5 @ 5:10pm — See post history #14 MageCoerlin Nov 5 @ 5:09pm @godlike, this has occurred today? I believe this was a problem that we thought we fixed on Friday, but if you're still having it we definitely need to know #15 < 1 2 3 > Showing 1-15 of 37 comments Per page: 15 30 50 REPLY The Universim > Bug Reports > Topic Details Date Posted: Oct 3 @ 7:54pm Posts: 37 Subscribe to discussion Start a New Discussion Discussions Rules and Guidelines Moderator Tools Delete Thread Lock Thread Pin Thread Move topic to another forum Merge this topic with another YOUR FORUM ACCOUNT Post History ADMIN TOOLS Manage Bans Manage Group Members More discussions 4 Bug- not serious but it should be fixed 1 Crash (graphical) 9 Games freezes in late game 0 Not a bug, but it bugs me © Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames.org. Privacy Policy | Legal | Steam Subscriber Agreement Well this didn't post the way I wanted it to. I just wanted the link https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/3/1730963192534411253/ Some research I did seemed to indicate it might be a program called Citrix?
  23. Major Glitch In Tessla Dream

    Hey Scarecrow, I've been trying to reproduce this, but I've been entirely unable to. Could you clarify a couple things and maybe put your repro steps in a bulleted format. When you say fail the quest, do you mean you accept it and fail because it times out? Because some other thing fails the quest? Or do you decline the quest and fail that way?
  24. Healthy little people :)

    Yeah we're working on solutions for how exactly the planet colonization will work with the populations, as we don't want to be simulating all of the nuggets in the same way on multiple planets, since that would be very performance intensive. But we'll figure it out I believe it's the next big system we're working on after crime.
  25. Rest House [suggestion]

    I do like the idea of rest houses. It may be something that could be implemented in the modern age, and would be a good way to actually cut down on the number of nugget models. Thanks!