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  1. Some suggestions

    Hey all, finally getting back to you. Appreciate all your suggestions. Shifts is probably the most important and it's something we're looking at solutions for, but are still working on, so any ideas are appreciated. Emergency food: The closest thing to this is using the rain power on a bush and continually harvesting the fruit. That being said, it requires a fair amount of CP in order to do, so make sure to save up beforehand. Message log: Is something we very much want to reform somehow, but has been in and out of priority. We do recognize it's a bit of a mess right now. The transition to the next era is also something we want to smooth out, because you are correct that the nuggets place nearly all priority on upgrading their houses before much else A map is actually not something we have in the pipeline, though we're looking at other solutions for getting around and finding things more easily
  2. Suggestion for Lazy & Weak Nuggets

    Hey Manamoo, they're not bad suggestions, but they are intensive compared to the problem. So first off let me say, you can absolutely play the game without paying attention to nugget traits and micromanaging their genes. Your outcomes may be different, but they certainly aren't exempt from success. That being said, if you're uncomfortable with killing the nuggets, there are a few other options such as just making sure they don't reproduce (sounds like more eugenics since Nazi's literally did that) but you can do so in ways that may not feel as grim. The primary one is mating them to nuggets who also have bad traits, and giving them both intensive jobs so they mate less, or rolling the dice and mating them with a nugget whose traits you do want and see if you can't get more positive than negative traits out of the kids. Another way is mating them to a nugget of the same gender (Not a social commentary in any way as some people on Steam seem to be suggesting ) so that they can continue to live life with a loving partner, but will produce no children. And finally you can just do your best to make sure that the nuggets who have positive traits mate far more often than those with negative ones. While the negatives won't disappear, they will make a smaller percentage of the population. But if all of these are not suitable to you, like I said you can absolutely just ignore the traits entirely and focus on other aspects of the game. Making more food, keeping happiness up, and so on. It's up to you!
  3. Game crash and unable to load savegame

    Yeah, with the same access violation unfortunately. Like I said, support is your best avenue for getting this solved.
  4. Crash Report

    Hey Waffle, you're gonna have to take this one up with support@crytivo.com. Your error log looks like an access violation, so something on your end may be blocking the program and the best place to deal with situations like that is with support. Cheers!
  5. Graphics Freeze and crashing

    You've got an access violation, so something on your computer may be blocking the universim. Best to email support@crytivo.com about this. My wheelhouse is more in game bugs but support handles technical issues like this. Hopefully he can help, but link him to this thread so he knows you already updated and rollbacked your drivers.
  6. Game crash and unable to load savegame

    Hey all, these look like access violation errors. So something may be blocking access to parts of the Universim. This is an issue best taken up with support@crytivo.com. He handles technical issues like this.
  7. Crash Report

    Thanks for the crash file Waffle, will have a look at it
  8. Potential Buyer Questions

    Hey Manamoo, lots to respond to here So for things that you mentioned that are in the game and maybe you didn't understand or weren't clear enough. Using the hunt button should indeed make the hunters go and hunt that exact animal. So if that's not happening, it is a bug. It may just be taking a while, but if for sure they're not doing it, let me know and I'll try and figure out why that's happening Just want to make sure you know about the flags that will indicate if a building is falling apart. Even so, in a super large civilization, it's hard to search for just one building amongst dozens. If you could also let me know how exactly the engineers and gravediggers are being lazy? It's something we've been working on, but want completely understand the issue you're having. If you feel it's a bug, please post a separate topic with the details. Thanks! A lot of your suggestions are really good. Expanding and deepening the exile's mechanic is something that we want to do, but isn't a priority at the moment. Things you mentioned that do seem broken and bugged There's no trick to sacrificing the nuggets. It should just be to grab a nugget, hold them over the temple, and click to drop them. They should fall the short distance, and land for a second, and then disappear and you get the points. If that is not happening, it is broken. One last thing, can I ask if you have any specific suggestions for graphics features to change that would reduce motion sickness?
  9. Crash on New Game

    It seems like you have an access issue where something on your computer is preventing the game from running. For something like this, you should email support@crytivo.com. He'll have ideas on what type of programs might be blocking the game and what you can do to fix this. Also sorry for not replying sooner. I wasn't checking the forums over the weekend.
  10. mammoth gathering

    Huh, I have never seen anything like that before. Can you send a save file?
  11. Immune...or is it?

    Thanks for the heads up Jesse, will look into it.
  12. power outage?

    That definitely sounds like a bug. Can you supply a save file please? Files can be compressed and uploaded somewhere to the cloud, like Dropbox or Googledrive, whatever is easiest for you. Then just post the download link here so we have access to it. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  13. nuggets suiciding in lake

    Yeah the reason they're ending up in the lake is the main thing we're trying to figure out. And if the resources are caused by them ending up in the lake, or are themselves the cause and if so, how did the resources end up in the lake if not the nuggets moving them. Thank you for the save, hopefully we can pin this down and get it sorted. Just got back from the holidays and this issue is a priority for me.
  14. Biome interaction is absolutely something we want to have in the game, but is currently not a priority and we'll need to work on it so that it's balanced and helpful. But don't worry, it is on our minds
  15. Potential Buyer Questions

    Hey Manamoo, I saw your questions were already answered on Steam. Sorry for not getting back to you Just got back from the holidays. Are there any other questions I can answer?
  16. Nuggets stop moving

    Yes, I would recommend zipping it and then trying. If you still can't upload, put it on dropbox or google drive and send me a download link.
  17. Nuggets stop moving

    Yes, so the File path is Users/"user"/Library/Application Support/Crytivo Games Inc/The Universim/Saves
  18. Neverending load screen

    If a save takes longer than 5 minutes to load, it's almost definitely bugged and will not load ever. There is some error occurring during the loading process, likely caused by a bug from the save file. The best you can do at the moment is send us the save file so we can look at it, and then try and load an older save of your game. I know this is super frustrating, but there's still a lot of stuff we're fixing while in early access and getting these reports will help us decrease it happening in the future. Files can be compressed and uploaded somewhere to the cloud, like Dropbox or Googledrive, whatever is easiest for you. Then just post the download link here so we have access to it. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  19. Button

    This is currently a function filled by the Town Hall
  20. Just a creator wheel request

    Yeah the opaque symbol is something we've had in the past, but I believe was removed because it looked bad. It's something we've considered putting back in though
  21. Nugget Pathing into water to collect resources

    Hey thanks for reposting to make sure we saw it all in one post, it was helpful. We're working on trying to get this solved
  22. Hey Bryan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. A creator power to deal with tornadoes in an interesting way is something we've thought about and would love to implement. I am not at all sure on what timeline that will be coming, but it's definitely something on our minds.
  23. nuggets suiciding in lake

    Yup that works. Thanks for the save file!
  24. Refund please

    You should email support@crytivo.com about this
  25. nuggets suiciding in lake

    No worries about the forums. What would be super helpful is if you could post the save file where you experienced this bug? I'll leave the file path below. Just compress them and upload them here to a cloud repository. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves