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  1. impossible de chargé ma sauvegarde

    Parlez-vous Anglais? Si non, ce n'est problème. Je connais un peu le français, mais je vais surtout utiliser traduire Google. Pouvez-vous nous en dire plus? Quelles sont les spécifications de votre ordinateur? Est-ce que cela se produit à chaque sauvegarde, ou seulement une? Merci pour l'aide et pardonnez ma francais.
  2. My journey in Universim

    Hey @KittysGameCorner , as Serbanescu said, several of these issues are already fixed, or will be fixed for the Steam release. However, the one that I don't believe I've ever seen before is your cemetery issue combined with the bunker issue. If you have any more details or can reproduce that exact problem, that would be fantastic for me to look into it more.
  3. Can't place buildings

    Hey @NikkiBikki98, Monkey is most likely right. We currently are having an issue with Memory usage, even with people who have larger amounts of RAM. It's definitely something on our radar, and we are working to get it solved for the Steam Release.

    Well, I can promise you'll have your wish answered in some way in August There's already a system in place that will allow a more direct and godly approach to defending your nuggets that will undoubtedly be in the August release.

    Hey, are you saying that you want guard towers and bunkers explicitly tied to God powers and questing? Because they've been in the game since the last release. They weren't working the greatest to be fair, but you'll see an improvement on that come August
  6. *Solved* Poor graphic quality

    Glad you got this solved. We were scratching our heads over it a bit Feel free to post any other bugs you experience here however.
  7. Archive stops working

    That's why we've had trouble tracking it down because we can't figure out what exactly the repro steps are. I've done the same thing as you and reloaded an older save from a game that bugged, and played muuuuch longer and more intensively past the point where it broke and still was not able to reproduce it. Glad that I'm not the only one that happens too. Thanks again for the heads up.
  8. Grave digger problems

    This is something that's already been noted and dealt with and you should see it in the Steam release
  9. Archive stops working

    Hey @Caliban This is a known issue that we're still working to solve. It's been noted that occasionally after quitting out of the game, one of the autosave files will appear and can be loaded, but this isn't consistent. We're still trying to track down what exactly is causing this. Can you tell me if your saves appear from the pause/load menu? Also if you know the year and population of the last time you were able to save. Thanks for letting us know! I don't think we'd seen the save appearing and disappearing aspect of this bug.
  10. Memory Leak?

    So I ran a test of my own that more or less corroborates your test. My stats essentially came out this way: Memory use: Main Menu: 540 MB Pre-Epicenter Placement: 2.7 GB 36 min post Epicenter: 3.07 GB 1 hour: 3.59 GB 2 hour: 5.6 GB (Compressed 3.34 GB) After that, I killed everyone, which took a bit of time because I had built up a rather large population. 30 minutes after killing my nuggets, memory remained almost exactly the same, ending at about 6.73 GB (compressed 4.6 GB). I then reloaded a previous save (Though it was much earlier than I meant it to be) from the same session, which had memory use of about 4.67. Interestingly, the compressed memory use was only 705 MB, much lower than the ratio of compressed to uncompressed prior to that (I unfortunately didn't record compressed memory the whole time), which may mean that there is quite a bit of memory that is used once and then not again. May be able to cut down on that. I then exited the game, and reloaded the same save, which gave me about 2.67 GB used.
  11. Memory Leak?

    Hey TallBear, just wanted to get back to you before the end of the day, though I don't have any specific news right now. The test you ran is definitely helpful though because it almost definitely means that nuggets/AI or Pathfinding is the issue. I haven't been able to confirm the issue myself because I haven't had a solid chunk of time to just let the game idle, but hopefully I will tomorrow. Brought it up to an engineer already though, so hopefully he's looking into it because several other team members were noticing similar issues, though I don't know how many were as severe as yours. Haven't had a chance to look at the save (Today I ended up very busy with several different and unexpected problems), but given what your test turned up, you're probably right that it won't help. My guess is that whatever is happening is tied to general nugget management and not to any specific job they might have, like the hunting pathfinding. Still, I appreciate you providing it. Unfortunately, I can't use resource manager or task manager, because I am working from a Mac currently. But, I'm sure there are third-party utilities that will get me the same functionality. Anyways, thanks for bringing this to our attention and all the help. Were you doing QA work in the past or more of a software engineer?
  12. Memory Leak?

    Alright so just so I make sure I have a handle on everything. 1. You've experienced the memory leak while playing the game normally (Or abnormally depending on what stress testing you're doing) AND by just starting the game and letting it run without doing anything. Not just one or the other? 2. Could you upload the save to a Google doc, dropbox or something and share me a link at cmagerle@crytivo.com? Or just send an email like you said. Also compressing it first would be super cool, and may get you under the forum limit. You're right that the save itself is probably not the problem, but if it's something to do with a particular way you go through your building management, maybe it'll help. Unlikely, but it's a data point none the less. 3. You're right that the game shouldn't be starting with 4 gigs of RAM taken up. When I start, I usually am using about 2.5. That in itself may be the telling point. I'll talk to the engineers, direct them here, and see what they think. I assume you've never experienced something like this in any other program? 4. Appreciate the stress testing! Especially with a problem like this which we've never seen before. I am personally thankful for anyone willing to put in time to try and help the game along. 5. Could you run a test where you check memory, and play the game, but try and keep your population down? Either killing nuggets, or not adequately managing food, water, etc? You could even try playing normally, and after 30 minutes, kill everyone but let the game keep running and see what happens. Obviously that may be a time commitment, so I understand if you can't do it right away, but it may shed some light while the engineers try and dig into this a little. Thanks for the help in trying to solve this. I appreciate any fan who cares enough to work on these issues. Hopefully, we can squash whatever is causing it quickly.
  13. Memory Leak?

    Hey @TallBear could you let us know what state the game was in while you let it run? Population size, how many assigned buildings, and so on? If you have a save game that would also be amazing. Directory path is C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  14. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Alright, so a couple things to cover here. We're working on getting the twitter feed to aggregate right here, and will be trying to route people to the forums in official anouncements. That being said, the role of the forums is community discussion, which we're happy to have in paragraph long style as exemplified here. The social feeds will still be largely for announcements as there are more people there to the best of my knowledge ( @threeheaded monkey I appreciate analysis, but I'm not sure where you're pulling 40k from when the KS was backed by 11k. Is that all combined sales?) which goes through the Universim page, but also all the Crytivo pages, the Twitter alone has 24k followers. The fact is, we're already struggling to cover those announcements and every moment I'm typing this is taking away from my actual job in development. Now, the size of the forums is not to be disregarded, as it is absolutely notable, so like I said, we are working to get more announcements and attention here, for discussion on new and old features, the direction of the game, and so on. Like Ace said, forums in many ways are the best for this sort of discourse where people can write out their thoughts in full, and aren't stepping all over each other in a texting spree. As for NDAs, I understand you're upset about this, but we've previously had testers in the past who put down their time to help us make the game better prior to releases, who signed NDAs, and who would presumably be willing to bug test under the same circumstances. @AceOfSpadez I appreciate the insight into SC, and I want to point out that what we are talking about is that first round of bug testing, to make sure the game isn't broken and we don't have situations like you seem to be experiencing. (If you'd like to email about your particular bug, or just forward me whatever correspondence you already had, I'll look into it and see what's up since a bug like you're describing is absolutely something I want squashed. My email is cmagerle@crytivo.com). @Grapplehoeker to explain better, the NDA is not about reviews. We know that our steam launch is super important, and when we launch, there will be thousands of people who already own the game and have an opinion who will give their review. The NDA isn't about that. Whether on Steam or elsewhere, once the game ships, or even before, anyone who has already seen it and has loads of experience can make their voice heard and let people know. Baseline, when this thread was posted, a number of people responded after Alex mentioned an NDA, affirming that they would be interested in doing testing for us. This testing would only be for bug testing prior to the August release. Everything before then, anyone who has contributed to the game already has access to and has many avenues where they can make their thoughts known. When we launch in August everyone in the community will be able to voice their opinion just as well. Prior to that, the community is already making its voice known. Hope this has helped elucidate some things about our plan. I think if we want to continue this conversation we can, but should have it in threads marked individually with each topic, as the conversation around testing has splintered into a number of topics that are valuable, but irrelevant to the original thread. Hope everyone had a good weekend.
  15. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Well of course we respect that so many of you contributed your actual money to make this project happen, and that's not something that will be forgotten. In terms of testing and an NDA though, that's a group that encompasses Kickstarter Backers and those who have joined the community since then. Threeheaded Monkey suggested at the start of this thread that it be random, and while we don't really have the luxury of an abundance of people willing to test, I want to pull from all aspects of the community so that we get a mix of perspectives and opinions. I can guarantee that the voices of backers would not be lost in that, and would probably be elevated to an extent, since you were all in before anyone else. We would be pulling people from interest polls from every medium, the forums, social media, Discord, and the mailing list. That's why an NDA is important, since we won't just be trying to pull in KS backers. With the most recent devblog, we focus on the buildings and mechanics more because that's easier to show. We can pull up models, screenshots, and concept art and have a visual reference. The god powers and quests, there's less visually to show, we can only talk about it. And by talking about it, we pull away any awaited suspense. That being said, we are planning more blog posts prior to the August release, and I would bet that they will focus on the god aspects of the game. We are really trying to pivot and correct that, because we've heard across every outlet that people are unhappy with the state of the game as a god sim. I do want to point out though that while The Universim is a God Game, it's always also been a planet management game, and though the God aspect has been underdeveloped, we have to keep vigilance that the management aspect doesn't fall to the wayside as we do. As for the polling on social media, I believe it's just largely a matter of numbers. The forums aren't as active as those platforms (Which is strange because we're constantly directing people to post their bugs here), so if we want a lot of responses, we go there. Granted, we could probably be doing more to divert some traffic here, and I'll see what I can do about that. What other things would you suggest? Obviously trying to get more people on the forums is a big one. What else? We will be loyal to our first supporters, but certain aspects of this I do feel are out of our control in terms of things like where people want to hear our news.
  16. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Hey Kerby, Can you explain more why the NDA bothers you? It's a super standard thing for testing like this and absolutely not meant as a slight against the community. It's just the normal thing to do, so that everyone understands they're working on a licensed project. We just don't want anyone talking about any new features until they're set in stone and in the hands of everyone. I've seen dev teams as small as two people make testers sign NDAs, even for their friends. To be clear, I think something that's being miscommunicated is this wouldn't exactly be a closed beta. It's more likely that we would get a group of testers together, send out a build, get feedback, do some fixes, and then send out a new build, wash, rinse, repeat. Anyone testing would be seeing multiple iterations of fixes, and for stuff like that, we need everyone to kind of keep quiet until the Steam Release. Is there a specific part of that that you disagree with? Or is it a broader dislike of NDAs?
  17. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Hey all, My names Colin, I'm running QA for the Universim right now. Just wanted to pop in and say yes, we will definitely want to get together anyone interested in doing testing for us sometime in the next couple months. Most likely, we wouldn't need you actually testing until early August (Maybe late July), when we plan to have our build for the EA release and just need to stress test every single feature. We obviously really appreciate the help (Especially me!) and would set up some guidelines around that time to make it as easy as possible on you. Glad to have people sound off on this thread if they're interested and then I'll make a post probably in a month or so to gauge the interest and start signing people up.