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  1. Ask Us:

    There already is a basic government system in the game via elections. Or are you asking about something else?
  2. Medieval era

    Alright, a save file would probably be best to get this one solved then. Zip it and upload it here or send me a download link for where you've uploaded it elsewhere.
  3. Healer

    Could you upload a save where this is occurring?
  4. Exiled Tribes People Stay Dead In Streets

    Already reported and fixed. You'll see this in the next update! Thanks
  5. WAYYYY too many stone huts...

    Is this happening that they're just building new stone huts or does it only start after tudor architecture and they start building the medieval houses?
  6. Medieval era

    Well for the epicenter and stone huts, they're simply upgraded as the supplies are available, and we removed the banner because people were confused why they couldn't upgrade them manually. I do see that you have tons of refined resources, so that shouldn't be a problem necessarily. Two questions. How long after finishing researching the perk have you waited and nothing has happened, and do you have iron which is also required for these upgrades.
  7. Medieval era

    An important part of upgrading your buildings is refined resources. If you don't have those, you won't be able to upgrade. If you do, then you have a separate problem and if you could leave as many details as possible, that would be great!
  8. Nuggets don't move

    Yeah, so I meant make a new post so it's easier to track since this thread is about frozen Nuggets @Madmike883
  9. Nuggets don't move

    Sure, thought please post a new thread with that save so it's easier to track.
  10. Nuggets don't move

    Hey Mike, can you supply a save file please. Compress it and upload it here, or upload it to a cloud repository and send me the link.
  11. Nuggets frozen after load in creator mode

    DM means Direct Message. If the file is too big, I would upload to a cloud repository like Google Drive or Dropbox, and send me the link so I can get the save file. Otherwise we can't guarantee we'll be able to fix the problem.
  12. Slight visual glitch (not mac)

    Yeah, this is a bug we've run into and are trying to figure out exactly how to deal with this. But thanks for bringing it up.
  13. Nuggets frozen after load in creator mode

    You can try DMing me with the save file, and if that doesn't work, upload it to the cloud somewhere and link me the download.
  14. No Sound since update.

    You're running on our native launcher, not on Steam, correct?
  15. Bridges?

    For the time being, the best strategy is to not place your epicenter too close to a lake, especially a long and thin one. Remember that all the houses will be built in a circle around the epicenter.