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  1. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    This actually had around 100 peoples apply for testing. The current testing group is almost entirely made of community members who regularly tested for us during the monthly releases. We'll be adding more people pretty soon however, because we want to keep having new people see the changes.
  2. Ask Us:

    @digitaldroid Check it out here https://crowdin.com/project/TheUniversim
  3. New Trailer!

    Here is the link to the newest Universim Trailer! Enjoy!
  4. Black Planet

    Email support@crytivo.com and link this thread. They'll understand. And please, we'd love to have you back around if you get an upgrade and can play sometime soon
  5. Black Planet

    I'm sorry to say that your specs simply cannot run the game. My guess is your VRAM is too low, and it can't load the textures of the ground properly. Sorry to bring the bad news. We would entirely understand if you want a refund.
  6. Huge FPS drop when loading advanced save

    Hey Navisse, could you upload the save please?
  7. Black Planet

    Need more details about your macs. Can both of you list full specs? OS version, GPU, CPU, RAM, and the year and model?
  8. Dead constructor

    This bug has been fixed in the latest August release. thanks for the report!
  9. What do you think about research?

    Lucky for you @Elliander, the research system has been totally reworked. We except you'll like it more given the criticism you've laid out
  10. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    Anyone can, but we prioritize people who have already expressed support for the game by purchasing it. Even so, we are no longer accepting applications for testing I'm sorry to say.
  11. Defense Towers

    I can assure you they are there In your version of the game, they are still missing an icon, so the image that is there is a building covered in a white tarp. It is in the second menu from the right. Hope it helps!
  12. Calling All Testers for the Universim Steam Release

    Just wanted to let everyone know that the first round of testers have been contacted, so if you haven't already heard from us, you aren't in the first round. Buuuut, I'm planning to get more of you involved as I can manage it, so that we keep getting fresh eyes on the game all throughout August. So keep your eyes peeled for emails from me
  13. Can we rework the Grave digger mechanic

    Like I said, gravediggers have been reworked and in the August update will work more like you want them to, focusing on bodies near the cemetery and branching out. They've also just been tweaked a bunch of little ways, so that we have them not ignoring bodies, or leaving them in buildings.
  14. Wait, can you clarify. You can't play in fullscreen? Only windowed?
  15. Can we rework the Grave digger mechanic

    Gravediggers have been reworked and are much better now