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  1. Lighthouse

    Yes, the requirements for the lighthouse will be adjusted in the future. You absolutely can build it, though you won't be able to access the resources required until you get to later eras.
  2. achievement cant be unlocked

    Ah, we've had problems with achievements before. I'll look into this.
  3. 4 Issues

    Hey Rak, I couldn't reproduce a few of these things, like the telekinesis being more tempermental, or the nugget assignment panel moving around and not always being in the middle. The nugget hover panel is an issue that I've reported and will be fixed at some point. The LOC is also just a translation issue, and will be fixed as well.
  4. Cupidon park never builds

    Cupidon park requires refined resources. If you hover over the wood and stone, you'll notice the tooltip and icon are different than on other buildings. You unlock refineries pretty early on in the game, but it is an issue that you can unlock cupidon first.
  5. I'm getting attacked, nothing I can do?

    It looks like the reason telekinesis didn't work is because you have no creator points available (top left). There are a number of ways to protect your village, including your powers, guard towers, and other armed nuggets (Hunters and later on, police enforcers). Being attacked when you don't have any of those available is unfortunate luck But, we encourage people to play multiple runs and learn more about the games mechanics so as to better prepare for the unknown in the future. Also, you'll lose no respect if you just go back to an earlier save file
  6. Grad Students

    @Freeside while your complaints are noted and entirely valid, getting a civ to 600 is definitely high population end game right now. While we hope to improve that in the future, there are many many people who struggle to get above 150. To explain a handful of your complaints, the couriers are likely (Emphasis on likely) given their transportation requests when either the closer warehouses are full, or they're near full and the rest of the space is being allocated to other nugget's transportation requests, who just haven't arrived yet. I'll look into it to make sure everything is operating smoothly though. The metal walls of the modern buildings should not stop the pathfinding of the nuggets to clear an area. If that's happening, something else is going on. As for the limits, there are no hard limits on population, but certain natural and systemic factors will decrease the growth of your civilization, such as travel distance in your resource chain. This is something we'll alleviate in the future however with new features.
  7. Grad Students

    Just want to check, you have teachers assigned at the universities, correct?
  8. Grad Students

    It largely depends on why they're disappearing, for which there are two likely causes. They're dying, or they're becoming Exiles. It could also be both, since it's very odd if it's happening multiple times to you. If you're interested in tracking it down, you could go and follow one after graduation and assignment and see what happens
  9. Ambiguous: AI pathing issues - 3

    Currently there are no differences between the normal branch and the experimental branch, except that logs are written on the experimental (Which can actually lead to it being slower if there's some kind of infinitely repeating error the computer is having to write to the log file every frame), so main should actually generally run better. Pathfinding issue's we're not cataloguing at the moment as we're reworking the whole system, which should hopefully fix a lot of the problems people have been having. For issues like the one you're describing you'll unfortunately have to rely on in game tools to alleviate the problem. Telekinesis is your best bet, as you can sometimes use it to reset the pathfinding on a single nugget. However, it doesn't work all the time, is tedious to use, and uses CP that leads to nugget Fear (Which if you're doing a Fear run, is a bonus I suppose) meaning we recognize it's not ideal. Hopefully soon we'll have some brand spanking new revamps to fix it all, but until then we'll all have to get by with what we've got.
  10. farmers not harvesting crops

    It's possible it's a travel distance issue. Can you tell me what activities the farmers were doing instead of farming?
  11. Game very laggy after some hours of play

    Can you list your CPU specs and RAM?
  12. Zoom sensitivity setting not saved - 1

    We are aware that this is occurring, but have been unable to pin down what actually is happening or why, because not everyone gets this bug (I can never get it to occur on my machine) but we're working on it.
  13. graphic issue iMac

    Will look into this psy. The Mac Graphics software (Metal) gives us issues sometimes.
  14. Cant start new game after update

    For those of you experiencing the loading screen bug, try disabling grass in your settings and see if that does anything. If not, switch to the experimental branch on Steam and see if anything changes. As for the save games, they cannot be loaded after an update. We change a lot of things, and allowing a save game to be loaded often leads to corrupted data, and most often the game won't even load and will leave you hanging in the loading screen.
  15. Returning To UniverSim After Break

    Hey Daniel, wanted to take some time to respond to your post. You can find the keybindings in the settings under "Controls" Building rotation is bound to Q and E, which can be found in the Controls and changed if you prefer Quest panels have an Eye symbol in the bottom left that will zoom you to the subject of the quest, in this case, the nugget in need of healing Finding the Child largely relies on you listening to howling wolves. While we agree this isn't the best way to do it, it's the best we're willing to do right now. Children in general do not appear in the nugget population list, as they can't do anything in terms of work and employment Why the quest didn't show up earlier I can't say, and you are correct that it should have appeared. The conditions should be having a farm and then assigning a nugget to that farm. That being said, the mechanics taught in that quest work outside the framework of the quest, so you can bring new foods to the farm at any time Can you post what descriptions exactly are being cut off? It could be caused by a font size issue, or perhaps were just not size or written correctly for their space. Thanks! As for love, you don't have to! Every quest in the game is optional, which is why you have the option to reject it. Hope that addressed some of your concerns. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts, especially since you've been around a while. Hope you continue to enjoy the game!