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  1. Medieval age

    Do you mean light mission as in the Tesla quest? If so, that quest is just during the transition period between stone age and medieval. You start it by getting to the electricity perks in the tree.
  2. My best guess is there is some action you're performing every game that is breaking the nugget AI. That, or just after playing for so long, the AI starts to degrade. We're trying to figure it out, but I don't know what to tell you in the mean time
  3. Hunters don't carry the food

    Okay, was able to reproduce this inside a build, but not in our editor, which is very strange. Will send it to our AI guy
  4. Tesla Mission

    I've been trying to reproduce this, but I've been having issues. Has it only happened once?
  5. Hunters don't carry the food

    And this continues to occur even immediately after you load your saves? Like if you load the saves you sent me earlier?
  6. Nuggets colors?

    Yes, I believe there are only those two abnormal colors
  7. Hunters don't carry the food

    Hey etermes, Tried to repro this from your save, but when I observed all the hunters, they would hunt and properly picking up food. That's what the bags they carry are for. However, it's possible there is an issue where animal deaths are spawning food baskets, and that's what you're observing them leaving? Could you confirm that or no?
  8. Nuggets colors?

    I'm confused by your question. Do you mean from the spaceboxes? They have a limited palette. However, if you have the clone center, you can make far more colors however. Does that answer your question?
  9. Hospitals not working

    Was able to reproduce this in your game, but not in my own. Going to study this more. Thanks for the info.
  10. @CTSengeUpgraded warehouses hold more resources, just as a heads up. I'm looking into this stuff, but have been coming up short in trying to reproduce the issue. Anytime I've had this occur, it's entirely been because I placed many buildings at once, and the nugget AI seems to get confused about what to prioritize. I'll talk to the AI engineer about if there's anything that can be done, but in the mean time the best way to avoid it is to place only one or two buildings at a time.
  11. Can't click off the fishing pier

    Yeah this seems like something caused by an NRE, which is more likely to happen the longer you play. If it happens again, update this topic and I'll look into it again
  12. Hunters don't carry the food

    Could you send me the save file. I can't reproduce this issue on my end, so something must've happened and broken in your game specifically. The files can be compressed and uploaded somewhere to the cloud, like Dropbox or Google drive, whatever is easiest for you. Then just post the download link here so we have access to it. Savegames folder C:\Users\<user>\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc\The Universim\Saves
  13. Prioritize Upgrades

    This is a UX Quality of Life feature we have in the backlog, but has been deprioritized often in favor of new content and systems. But it is on our minds!
  14. Please submit a NEW TOPIC for EACH problem you encounter if a current topic does not already exist. DO NOT LUMP MULTIPLE BUG REPORTS TOGETHER!! Make sure you post your bug in the CORRECT VERSION SECTION!! New sections will be added for each patch so make sure you're in the section that MATCHES the current game version number. Current Version: V30 For all bug reports please only make a post if the issue is very serious and you have a save file relevant to the issue, or you have reproduction steps and can fill out the below form in its entirety. For filling out the form: Text in Bold should remain when you copy and paste the form. All other text is to explain or give examples of the bold text, and can be removed when you use the form.
  15. Nuggets disappear after using telekinesis

    Are you throwing them or just dropping them? I've noticed it is very possible to send them through the planet crust if you are holding the mouse and throwing them. I have never seen it happen with just dropping them though.