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  1. Poll for you playing Universim

    Annoying bug to me is to try to help Nugs build and pick up a rock, hover over the building until green circle lights up, drop item and it doesn't count towards the building material in the building.
  2. Nuggets don't move

    Same thing here, frozen nuggets, except the two that are trying to upgrade the well, but they're not actually upgrading it, they're simply making the hammering motion. Save uploaded. frozennuggs.zip
  3. Disasters?

    So, I'm notified that a tornado is coming up, I rush to build 2 more bunkers so that everybody has a place to be safe. The countdown shows up and at 1 minute before the disaster is supposed to hit, I hit the alarm bell. Everybody runs (umm, walks) for the bunkers. Eventually all Nugs are in bunkers. I wait and wait but no tornado ever appears. I never get any sort of all clear notification or even an "we're Nugs, we misjudged the weather, sorry, no tornado approaching" message. Are disasters not yet implemented, or this is a bug, or this is game design that maybe the tornado will come and maybe it won't.
  4. What do you think about research?

    I'm torn on it to be honest. I like knowing and deciding where I'm heading as in traditional research trees, but I kind of like the randomness of this and having to make a decision on the moment to which is going to better benefit my Nugs from the current options offered me and hoping that the other research options will be available to me at some point after the current research is finished. However with that said, the research option feels less like a God game and more just sort of random. I could see research being based on a belief system and a sort of list of items that you can buy with belief points so you can either save up points to buy the more expensive research item first or spend them as you get them and can afford and work up the list. Which in a way allows you to steer the course for your Nugs.
  5. I asked on the steam forums why I could not post in the Steam bug reports forum and a developer told me that I must post in some topic with the title of "Welcome Creators" to cut down on the amount of bot posting. Which I thought a strange answer since there is not a topic on the steam forums (which by the way, do have a sub forum named bug reports that do have posts in it that tells people they must own the game to be able to post there, which I do as I have the mouse icon by my steam name) named Welcome Creators.
  6. Guess I'm posting here so that I can report bugs on the Steam bug reports forum. Craziest thing I've ever heard of. Never even heard of bots posting on steam forums.
  7. Fisherman bug

    Fisherman dies at work, boat stays out at lake, new fisherman can't fish. https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/0/3288067088097365930/