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    KittHaven got a reaction from ChillSnap in UI question   
    Nuggets eat whenever they want, so having a number for how much food is needed wouldn't really make sense. They usually eat about 1 or 2 pieces of food a day, I've found (they are idiots and wait until their hunger is really low before actually going and eating lol). When you have a population of around 50/60 you ideally should have a hunters hut, 3 or 4 farms, and maybe 2 fishing piers. This is the amount I've found generates enough food to sustain them and have leftovers! Also Eateries provide Nuggets with better meals and so they eat less. So it's ideal to have at least 1 Eatery for every 10/20 Nuggets. It is a lot, but when you unlock the Town Hall they should start building food production buildings by themselves depending on their need. I haven't got to the Middle Age yet but that's what's supposed to happen XD Of course play style changes from person to person so it's all about finding what works for you and your civilisation
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    KittHaven reacted to Bolerro in Hetro vs homo rainbow graphics   
    I've never noticed any difference... now you're going to make me look harder for that...  
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    KittHaven reacted to TallBear in Hetro vs homo rainbow graphics   
    @Magecoerlin was this intended? Hetero couplings get a tiny linked rainbow.. homo couplings get this BIIIIG rainbow LOL
    I'm not complaining at all. I'm just very amused if this is the case

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    KittHaven reacted to Eliseth in a little help pls   
    I thought that's what it was since you can essentially pick up stuff, but I was so confused as to what it wanted me to do. They didn't get their hut built right away and now I'm on the one for the farm using that same God power. Thank you for clearing that up though!
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    KittHaven got a reaction from Eliseth in a little help pls   
    Levitate is also known as Telekinesis. There is a bit of a change in the way they reference the power there... I'd think they'll eventually change it just to make it more obvious.
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    KittHaven reacted to Fumpis in My Steam Release Bugs/Suggestions   
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    KittHaven reacted to SimGuy2020 in Old Saves to new Game Version or Start Over?!   
    I think it will be worth it to start over anyways for Early Access, since the Spring Time Update had Tons of Older Issues.
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    KittHaven got a reaction from SimGuy2020 in Old Saves to new Game Version or Start Over?!   
    After every update the old saves become incompatible so, as this update is the steam release and therefore is quite a big one, I would imagine your saves would still be incompatible and you would need to start over again. 
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    KittHaven reacted to threeheaded monkey in [TRELLO] The Universim Roadmap   
    I'll just post the link to the Universim roadmap here, so that everyone is able to enjoy all its glory.  Maybe one of the community mods could pin this thread though!
    Thx for the link, @Kerby84
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    KittHaven reacted to SnorlaxRae in Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]   
    Just popping in to say that not only am I still massively on board for testing, I am fine with an NDA if there is one. I don't have an intent to say anything but understand the want to keep the new features under wraps until ready because hype can help make or break a game.
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    KittHaven reacted to Caliban in Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]   
    I'm not going to take a stand on the whole NDA needed/allowed discussion here, but it seems interesting that people who are loudly advocating against an NDA are totally fine with the idea of a closed pre-release [alpha] ...
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    KittHaven got a reaction from rraccoonn in Research Prototype Panel   
    This is exactly the thought I have reading some of the slightly aggressive comments sometimes haha... 
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    KittHaven reacted to Sasha in Kitt's Suggestions   
    You have to catch them all
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    KittHaven reacted to Sasha in Kitt's Suggestions   
    Hi Kitt, 
    Thank you a lot for such a detailed feedback / suggestion. I liked the idea about the aliens. I think it is a pretty cool idea. Not sure if we will be able to implement something like that in a timely manner, but we will think about it. 
    For the building auto assign we already implemented a feature that will allow you to do so. It will be called Administration Building. That specific building will be also responsible for the shifts that already implemented as well
    Tech-Tree will have diverse ways. Some parts will lock your choice and you won't allow you to select a different path, but most of the tech tree will be available for you to go back. 
    Nugget Autonomy is something that in our plans to work on. The Fisherman will be the first to change. 
    Thank you again for your support and feedback. 
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    KittHaven reacted to rraccoonn in Research Prototype Panel   
    It's called iteration? I'm presuming they've tested several things and because of programmability/aesthetics changes had to be made. Obviously they will be picking whatever they think is best for the game, and when building the one that was "picked" by the community they might run into problems that require changing things. I think this is what you sign up for when you support a game from the start to be honest. Just seeing this progress for me shows that they got us involved at the very start of the design process of this technology tree, rather than showing minor adjustments and asking for a vote on that. Getting to vote about one of the earlier iterations gives you a lot more power as less is set in stone yet. I agree that some features of the game still require some major attention at this point (maybe more than you would expect from a game that they have been building for so long) but sometimes we should also acknowledge that this is a very small team trying to build a very big game in a very small amount of time. Just cut the designers a break sometimes and trust that they know what they're doing! Judge when you actually experience the thing.
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    KittHaven reacted to Antiglow in Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]   
    Dependent entirely on what the NDA says and how long it is, I am interested in being a tester. 
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    KittHaven reacted to Kerby84 in Research Prototype Panel   
    FYI this seems to be the newest research prototype.
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    KittHaven reacted to Bolerro in cant submit a bug report in the game.   
    Sorry, this is being worked on. For now, please submit bug reports via the forum. Thanks!