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  1. Tips System

    In the top right of the screen, next to your Nugget population, there is a question mark icon. The wiki is brought up by that.
  2. UI question

    Nuggets eat whenever they want, so having a number for how much food is needed wouldn't really make sense. They usually eat about 1 or 2 pieces of food a day, I've found (they are idiots and wait until their hunger is really low before actually going and eating lol). When you have a population of around 50/60 you ideally should have a hunters hut, 3 or 4 farms, and maybe 2 fishing piers. This is the amount I've found generates enough food to sustain them and have leftovers! Also Eateries provide Nuggets with better meals and so they eat less. So it's ideal to have at least 1 Eatery for every 10/20 Nuggets. It is a lot, but when you unlock the Town Hall they should start building food production buildings by themselves depending on their need. I haven't got to the Middle Age yet but that's what's supposed to happen XD Of course play style changes from person to person so it's all about finding what works for you and your civilisation
  3. UI question

    On the food bar, the white number is the amount of raw food, and the green number is the amount of cooked/prepared food in your eateries. So the above screenie shows 13 raw food, and no 'meals' (cooked/prepared food).
  4. Hetro vs homo rainbow graphics

    The big rainbow only appears on same-sex couples, no matter their distance the rainbow is always apparent and much more bright than the other one. I assume it was intentional. (Males and females get a more pastel rainbow) I like it!
  5. I wonder when we get all stages

    No problem
  6. Ask Us:

    Not currently, but would be a cool feature to add to the sandbox mode (if it isn't already there).
  7. I wonder when we get all stages

    You can now get up to Medieval, yes.
  8. My Steam Release Bugs/Suggestions

    Part 4 Suggestions Bugs Grammar/Spelling/Text Duplication Probably it for the night. My population had stabilised which was annoying me because I couldn't generate Creator Points quick enough to use Le Cupidon and they weren't breeding quick enough to replenish dying Nuggets. Will either continue later tonight, or tomorrow haha.
  9. Feedback: My very (un)fun experience tonight.

    Everything in the game is procedurally generated... disasters and planets alike. In my first play through I had no disasters except 2 wolf attacks. In this one I have only had a sandstorm where no one died and another sandstorm is a few seasons away. I haven't had any wolf attacks though and I've been playing a few hours. Much like in real life, things can go wrong at any moment. It's up to you to try and get out of the slump, or start again. I suppose some saves are just going to be cursed to fail! But a lot of planets that spark life probably fail, it needs to get lucky to succeed after all.
  10. a little help pls

    Yeah I have that issue. I have about 20 believers with a population of about 60!! Who do they think's dropping resources from the sky?? Healing them?? I kind of wish adults could be converted sometimes through word of mouth. I know babies can come into the world believing in you and it says 'Faith entered the world with your new follower' but it would be easier if adult Nuggets could be convinced to believe in you through their neighbours. Would probably mean more believe in you!
  11. My Steam Release Bugs/Suggestions

    Part 3 Suggestions Bugs Grammar/Spelling/Text Duplication That will probably be it for today... got to a population of about 60, survived my first disaster. Unless I feel like playing more in a bit!
  12. My Steam Release Bugs/Suggestions

    Part 2 Suggestions Bugs Grammar/Spelling/Text Duplication Off to play some more! My text document was getting a bit full so I thought I'd come and write up what I'd so far found and start fresh. If I find more I will start a part 3.
  13. Ask Us:

    When you go on your Crytivo account to My Games, click the key icon under The Universim and that key can be activated on Steam and let you download the game through there.
  14. Hello, I have started playing the Steam release of the game and I am loving it so far. Great job on the introduction, it's amazing! Anyway, I played through about 3.5 hours and noticed a few small bugs, mainly grammar and spelling mistakes. I took English at college so they tend to jump out at me. So, I am making this thread to keep all bugs, grammar/spelling errors, and suggestions in one place rather than having to make 3 separate posts. Easier for everyone to find the information, myself included. Please do move this post if it needs to go somewhere else! I will also edit it with more later because I am writing this up at 4 am before I head to bed. (I have restarted my game in order to go back to the beginning and find everything again so will play more later and add what I find) Suggestions Bugs Grammar/Spelling/Text Duplication I'll probably add any more I find in a comment below to avoid this post getting too long. I am off to bed now... finally... At nearly 5 am!!
  15. a little help pls

    Levitate is also known as Telekinesis. There is a bit of a change in the way they reference the power there... I'd think they'll eventually change it just to make it more obvious.