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  1. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Im really only just joining this topic but I think one of the biggest inspirations for this can come from Lionhead Studios title: "Black & White (1 & 2). For example, one of the biggest things I see missing, even at the start of a game, is the introduction of a shrine to the player as a deity. I mean it'd be nice too see the Nuggets at least build, craft and erect something in homage to the player for their worship. Maybe an idol made of stone, a pyramid, obalisk, or even just a mighty shrine. Something that says "This is our homage to our lord and gamer" Ofc, being a deity in a game like THIS. You MUST have options of being Good or Evil. So why not have spells that reflect those? Like summoning spirits for good and evil. Or spells that can be considered as such. Even the concept of a spirit can have bonus effects. Like a good spirit can keep a building from crumbling longer than most. Give a Nugget harvesting bonuses at their job. Or even heal injured Nuggets at the hospital. Likewise Evil Spirits can make Nuggets go crazy. Go on murder sprees. Attack other tribes. Curse buildings or parts of the world and damage resources. Even some of the side quests could offer the choice of good/evil for players. One of the BIGGEST things I loved most was watching villages transform to suit my alignment. So what if any monuments erected to the player reflect good / evil? I know about the Tree > Fountain monument in tribe era. But what about things like pikes with skulls. Sacrificial alters. Torture halls. Gladiatorial pits. Witch doctors > Mad Scientists and so on.
  2. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Well I just submitted my take for the game in the survey I hope it helps you guys out. Personally, I would love to see more interactions from the Nuggets to the player as a deity. Even the Player getting more powers to use, i've mostly used the restoration on buildings. Even just things like having shrines, monuments, relics or even great monoliths erected by the nuggets to the player in worship would be a nice change of pace. Even an option too see them change in appearance if the player goes good or evil? I get the impression we may see opposing factions and tribes later on. Which to me means there will be soldiers and other military type buildings and nuggets. So what about an option too designate a Nugget as a Champion? If they survive the epic battles they in turn get a shrine and monument in their honor
  3. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    I think more Automation is going to be important, especially the rate the Nuggets reproduce. It might also be better to have them auto assign themselves to a building that needs Nuggets. Usually, with so many Nuggets, I have to micromanage my farms for food, wells and reservoirs. Followed by managing the construction of industrial needs from refineries to engineer huts. But with so many things being done, I forgot which buildings need/have Nuggets working. As a thought: To help control the population growth, why not have the Nuggets get 'frisky' during the Spring? But if you need more pop faster, the God player can designate a couple to 'couple'. Going back to Micromanagement for a second...the way Nuggets randomly place their huts. What about having their A.I. construct a new Hut that is closer to their job? This way they won't have far to travel. It can also add a new level of strategy for placing commerce, food and water. As they evolve into the Medieval stage, what if some of the Nuggets get together to start work on multilevel houses? That can be a new item to research in development. It could even be an UPGRADE option to pre existing Huts, making them a permanent structure. When I think of Micromanagement and the concept behind the game I think back to the title Black & White by Lionhead Studios. Where they assigned worshipers to a task. But more importantly, where the Player would get the resource for the people and deposit them. This helped speed up resource gathering and construction. So why not have somethign similar, where the Player as a God, gathers things from Stones, Trees, Water, Food, etc. and deposits them into either the warehouse, Silos or refineries for faster resource management?