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  1. Review of Gameplay

    I had pop boom from 50 approx to 150 plus then death and famine as I could not build required infrastructure. My pop crashed to 40 and eventually recovered to 150 pop after a long micro management labour. Then game totally crashed in same manner. (sorry deleted files) Small bugs & issues I encountered -dead nuggets sometimes hidden in buildings -worshippers quests UI was a bit confusing - I only encountered 1 tornado after hours of play Some areas to consider from my experience -Death can become a problem real quick. (maybe a certain term of sickness or max age/health buff/ tech could help. OR nuggets try to make home or hospital etc.. so cemetery & gravediggers can be placed strategically ) -pop boom rate slowed or mechanics to control -my thoughts are more about the transition form using basic wood, stone to refined and once a tech improves or advances a building it instantly means that you now require refined mats which you don't have and on top of that; prior to this you can't actually control stockpiling as the stone mine and lumber mill are available after the refineries. ( my personal preference would be to start with a basic building that you can manually improve/ upgrade to enable the management of current stockpiles and more control of the development of infrastructure etc..) P.S. Some attention paid to resource management (graphs etc...) and organization (easier to find nugget details etc.. without exiting menus and so forth), but I would much prefer to see age progression over fine tuning UI as generally it was pretty nice to play. All in all was a real pleasure to play and I can only hope that the devs can drop a whole lot of new content in quick increments so I can feed the beast.