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  1. Some bugs

    Play till medieval era with following bugs: - Bug report is buggy : massage appears "Failed to upload report / TRELLO API: Error 411" - Fishing boats move with the nose against heaven - crash during a pop up come that says, if I be sure, that I will replace this building by another - if warehouses are full, nuggets are not able to deliver there resources and dying of thirst or hunger!! Civilization crashes done from 130 to 70 nuggets! - after a while stone refinery doesn't work good. All workers sitting there and doing nothing all the time and I run out of refined stone all the time. all 5 minutes 1 worker will bring in 8 stones and then they work a while till these 8 stones are refined and than again doing nothing - All this happens when a full (100 stones) mine is directly beside and a warehouse with 150 stones also. But refinery workers do not go outside to gather that stones! - Audio was gone in medieval era after a while - not able to save in medieval era. Pop up appears that will say that saving is in progress, but nothin ghappend. can go back with ESC. some ideas and cosmetic things - no good information, what needed to upgrade to medieval houses or what it is good for (less eating?, less sleeping time? see no advantage in putting a lot of resources in the upgrade?) - no info if you prioritize a building. If you press the "prioritize" Button nothing happens. Would be good, if there is a visual feedback - would be good to implement a short cut system like in strategy games (strg+1, then if you press 1 you jump to that point) - in medieval era my nuggets build a Tudor house with a height of 4 levels. looks funny but more like a tower then like a house . Not sure if this is intended so? Nevertheless, the game runs smooth and looks pretty good
  2. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    First of all, thanx for asking us players! Some short ideas that came to mind, since I read the mail: - most of the people Universim pledge dont want micromanagement, but some do, so let the micromanagement after the stoneage be a usable option, like many other games have shown before (Sims, Civilization...) If someone wants to micromanage all his nuggets in the Spaceage, why not let him, so he/she will get a little bonus for optimizing it all, but not force all other players to do it as well. - why not intigrate some AI-Tribes on the starting planet, which will grow with our tribe threw the ages and then there will be alot more options what players can choose from (make war or trade or diplomatic things) (it would also reflect reality better) - look at the history of mankind. In the beginning there where tribes and the main goal was to stay alive, but then there will be a political system, why not put a political system in the game after stonage, which will be rising in complexity during the ages and give the player the possibility to choose from differnt options which will have pros and cons, but reflect his style of playing. Maybe it could also be a religous system instead of a political one to fit the style of the godgame/godsim - an idea to handle the needs of the nuggets could be to give them districts/ areas where they could build buildings of a special type if needed, to prevent wild and chaotic building. In the end there will be a mining district or a farming district and so on. - after stone age switch to give the nuggets a bandwith for what theyre doing , maybe with some control sliders to put in a range of possibilities (build a new farm if the food fall under x amount or something like that) - let the nuggets found new settlements, maybe with specifications (learning, trading, mining, farming, political, military...) and let the players manage the growing empire. Between the settlements you could need karavans to shift food and materials between them and if you dont have them your nuggets would walk to that settlement and grab the materials or food wich would cost time and recources that would give ships more sense if you built at the shore of an ozean or lake. also maybe have only a few spawning places fior recources like iron and oil ove rthe planet to make settlements neccessary Some additional remarks. First the style of the game is phantastic, you did a good job. Second, make the lakes more like ozeans ;).