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  1. Crash on Startup: Linux Users

    So with the steam release they made an experimental version that allows us to get within the game and play! Enjoy! Just make sure you opt in on steam for experimental version...
  2. Research Prototype Panel

    I loved your view on my idea. Its truly what I was trying to capture. I'm hoping they bring end game soon after steam. I'm worried they are getting stuck. We have yet to see diseases.. True infrastructure... True wrath of god type crap.. Ohh we still havent had a hint of ALIENS 👽...
  3. Research Prototype Panel

    It can be natural. That is fine. However, Nuggets can currently harness fire before its taught to them. Harnessing fire should be a taught skill, a means of survival. Imagine how insane fire would be if you never knew of it before, but saw it for the first time as a natural event. It would bring a feeling currently not in game.
  4. Research Prototype Panel

    I simply request that the nuggets litterally learn from the tree. I want them getting hurt because they don't have shoes. No fire until fire is researched any where in the game.. Make the nuggets act like cavemen poking it to find out its hot. Fire feels like a joke right now. Please if we give them huge muscles.. Make them look.. A little more machoy or something.
  5. review of beast hunter

    I agree about the Engineers. I had way more engineer huts then I could deal with, yet for some reason my Nuggets couldn't stop a building from collapsing. I feel as if some nuggets refuse to do their job. Cemetery is another thing giving me problems. I will have 3 cemeteries running. All of them are not doing their job, and I end up having to throw bodies into lakes, or space..Very annoying. It appears you and I are having nearly all the same issues. This game has a long way to go! However, it still is very beautiful, and very much fun! I hope they push on Automation more, and soon!
  6. I am an old website backer..35 bucks!! <3 Ill throw down more with out a problem! Love you all
  7. I don't know if this bug will be resolved any time soon or not, but I ran into a weird one. I placed my nuggets next to a beach. The beach was very close to two bodies of water, and they formed a kind of wedge with the land. Making a very small strip to the forest on the other side. Instead of my nuggets walking across the beach to the Forrest, they decided it be better to walk all the way around the dang lake, and then start building. This lead to the death of many of my poor nuggets. I know they are stupid, but this is a little..beyond dimwitted. I deleted that game since this occurred, but please let me know if you had the same issue or something similar.
  8. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    Hello, I do not know if my opinion is worth much however I feel as if in the early parts of the game the micromanagement is perfect. I am more concerned with another issue entirely with the early parts of the game. I feel as if my nuggets shouldn't use things like fire unless they learn how to create fire. Hence the reason we have to study the fire in our knowledge thing. I do not know if this would add to micromanagement or not, however it would make the game be more logical. You could also have nuggets getting hurt when stepping on a rock, or some vicious bugs, maybe a porcupine, or a cactus... I feel like we truly need to have stupid nuggets first, and watch them learn intelligent things. I am a little concerned that as our populations grow, the micromanagement system does get a little out of wack. Its hard to jump around from here to there, and make sure that our nuggets aren't committing nuggetside (suicide). I am concerned that late game when they start adopting the entire planet, we may have a nightmare to deal with. Further, as stated before. I wanted a God game. Automation is key. We should decide what they learn. Let them have free will, but at the same time, let us only guide them. Point them in a direction that teaches them what they need to learn, and not telling them every little detail.