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  1. V24 Status Bugs and Issues

    I have two problems: 1. At a particular place were there is a collection of stones the nuggets dies for some weird reason. I've tried to take away what can cause this with telekenesis, but the stones won't even nudge. 2. At another place there was one small stone "trapping" nuggets. All the trapped nuggets paced back and forth and got more and more hungry and thirsty, and they ended up dying. After 5 nuggets had died there I tried to look for the cause, and after removing a small stone it was fixed. Are (small) stones supposed to "play" a such big role for a nuggets well-being? Or is this a bug? Other than that I'm very impressed by the game, so keep up the good work guys! Looking forward to see how the game will evolve!
  2. Hii everyone! I'm Nathalie and originally come from Norway, but I'm studying in Sweden at the moment I love strategy games, but have missed a good God game, the last one I played must have been Black and White 2. Nice to meet you all!