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  1. Ask Us:

    an odd question (and if it doesn't fit here, please delete it and i'll make a new thread for this): are all steam keys simply for the standard version of the game? i find it somewhat odd that i boought the bronto version of the game yet i don't have the collector's package for steam. i don't really mind having to come to the site to get the extra stuff, i just find odd, that's all. also, something you might consider implementing: a filter not only for buildings (which was previously talked about) but for the moods/needs of your population (like which ones have finished school, the ammount of happiness they have, hunger, so on and so forth) that doesn't actually need me to open the population panel and have to select each and every single person but shows them all with the color going from strident (for full mood/need) to almost faded (close to 0). it would really help when you go above 100 population, which tends to take anywhere between 3 and 6 hours.
  2. Nuggets Not Moving

    @Ben Morgan in relation to your first post: don't attach CE to the game with mono activated. if you want to know why exactly, go look on the fearless revolution forum. it takes longer to get proper values but AOB or scanning for values at each game run is your best bet if you want to avoid freezes. in relation to your second problem: every time the game version changes, save games always stop working. it's been said and explained since version 17 i think (or maybe earlier). PS: sorry if i came in too late with the explanations. hope this helps though
  3. got the bronto tier on the new(?) website some 2 months ago. was i supposed to get a badge?
  4. Hmmm... guess i missed this thread when i joined this community. Well, hello to everyone from Romania
  5. minds posting a DxDiag export or something that would help the devs to actually analyze the problem? i'm asking 'cause i had the same problem with my old laptop, an X556UB from asus untill i found out i had to disable NvOptimus, make it so the game only starts with the nVidia GPU and that i play in full screen alone (i'm talking about the missing structure meshes). something to do with the integrated intel gpu that can't properly render the buildings. also, i had to uninstall 3D vision to make the game run somewhat faster (no real clue what seeing 3D videos has to do with it but meh, i use a BR player for that anyway).
  6. Download and buy game

    do you mean universim? it's 'cause it's not released on steam just yet. so far, the game is an alpha, not beta, not early access (which is what's needed for steam)
  7. What has happened to the Sandbox Mode??

    awww shucks! was hoping to test the hunters and see what made them tick in a "safe" environment. oh well, better it gets balanced than having it make a mess of thing.