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  1. Feedback and suggestions

    I'm playing the version alpha and I would like to suggest that you set production options on the information panel of each building. Or those commands that are on the building table and allow you to choose Auto Assignment and the number of assigned. I ask you this because I have noticed that often I update the buildings, too many people are employed in that building. Practical example: I have a building block with 4 buildings in the control area, I don't need 6 people, 2 or even 1 are enough for the buildings around. And I find 5 uselessly used people who could serve me as generic workers. So I find myself manually changing the number of employees in each building and therefore I also have to deactivate the automatic assignment. That is why sometimes it would be more convenient for me to have the controls on the single building, because with 36 pages of buildings, as soon as I change an option in the number of employees, they move from page to page and mess up my view. I can't filter only for buildings with employees inside. And anyway they would move to a page anyway. It would also be nice to have the Auto command assigned to the number limited by myself. Example: 6-seat building. cars assigned only 3. instead of cars assigned all 6. It is a real questioen of practicality. I forgot, even the search by name of the building could be convenient, since I rename them to remember their position by jennychan
  2. Bug report new pach (of today)

    please, arrange the bug report command on the game. if not for 3 lines of bug report I have to open a discussion every time. and maybe even add screeenshot or video. let's move on to the bug reports -as soon as I created the game, even if I lost a few minutes, some nuggets became waterless. there is not yet a well of water or another construction to quench one's thirst. well one of these has pearly gone back and forth into the lake to die soon thereafter. another was without aqua, and even though there was a well near it ... he went around like a fool. then I gave him a job at the restaurant and he recovered. Is not that the new water research system still has some problem? or did you want to give an idea of "going crazy for thirst"? -I saw a fishing canoe go forward in a vertical axis instead of a horizontal one, arrived on the spot it was re-stabilized. -when you select the watchtower it would be nice to see the circle, so one can place them in the right distance -you took off the launch in the nuggets' space ... bad guys .. -I do not know how to tell you. see a restaurant chef, who goes to drink in the restaurant on the other side of the huts instead of in his or in the nearby well .... it seems ridiculous. -I was stuck to the mouse a dead nugget I picked up. I can not release it
  3. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    this is an important question. not easy to answer. In fact I created a really long answer, illustrating my ideas and concepts. In the end I think that's what you want, ideas and ideas to create the game. __ PLAY FROM GOD OR PLAY FROM MANAGER Let's start by talking about the type of game: you say you are a game of God, but most of the game is management. I refer to a style of play as "Age of Empire". I think that doing a mixed game between management and divinity is fine and is a choice that touches different types of players. Currently the Manager game is quite adequate. there are possible improvements that we will look at later. The game version from God is a bit limited: let me explain. A God must not waste time telling his believers what to build and where to build it (the Manager's gaming system). A god must keep his faithful believers, he must make himself offers, he must have fun at the expense of his faithful. and more. In the primitive age, a god governs the elements and is good or bad. And I'm fine that you put the tree type, but I'm not good that I pass from good god to bad god because the system of collecting corpses is INEFFICIENT, even though I myself to dispose of most of the corpses and trying to make them happy . So as god I would like to see them pray or praise me. (maybe to see nuggets standing in front of the altar, and they could approach religion (pray) whether it's a benevolent god or a scary god. As God, I would like to make them happy, or to punish them. you have made this possible with godly powers such as healing or moving or falling in love. (but some costs are too high 20 points to make them fall in love too many! And also the cost to make them all happy (but everyone becomes happy or just a little man?) For the tornado calamity and more I think the cost is plausible. As god I can want some gifts. in these primitive beings usually the gifts are of food, a dead hen. if I were a god of death, a beautiful virgin girl ... At the same time, if I were a good god, I would like to give some gifts. And in times of famine grow a bush of flourishing food ... (FOOD). o SPEED plantation growth. or REPEAT a lake that has lost fish. __ QUEST prayer requests from the Nuggets I really like the idea of prayers by post. But do not make it gmail style, please give it a religious and divine style !!. I saw that you put 2 of them. One is the missing child. and the other is to punish the enemy. Good idea. But there is a technical problem: the child is not on the list of nuggets and knowing where he is without a name in his head is impossible in a camp for 50 people. you should make these requests feasible. I like it as an idea but give it a red halo that is clearly visible to this child. While for the punishment of the enemy, how should you punish? you should help us understand what we can do to punish it. I tried to destroy the house (it was difficult to find his house of residence), I tried to make it fly. and finally I also killed him. but maybe there is a bug where all my actions do not complete the prayer quest. So you could make us play god by giving us different prayers from the nuggets, and if we grant them we will be devoted servants and "efficient workers". But beware, do not oblige us to resolve prayers at certain times. at least not all. I believe that a prayer is worth the whole life of the nugget and depending on the case the nugget can be satisfied after several years or rather disappointed because too late. (killing or giving poverty to the enemy can be satisfactory even after several years of prayer). Keep in mind that the God must also deal with the management and therefore may not have much time to make god in those minutes of updates to the age of the Middle Ages; but having so much time in the dead period. __ RELIGION AND CHURCH FUNCTION, and the power to influence the village through those who speak with God Moreover, a God should have ONE WHAT YOU SPEAK WITH HIM. a priest in the medieval era, a shaman in the primitive age. In short, a henchman who influences the ideas of the population. I believe that in the early and middle ages the God can have direct influence through the figure of the priest. Technically a place of worship will be created (the church) and assigned to a nugget. When the nugget has started you can have different commands (like for archidio or in theory the meteorological tower). You will have commands like: "daily life must be based on hard work" "daily life must be based on latin idleness" "daily life must be in balance between work and well-being" "Behave well for paradise" "Behave badly that you die so young" (I would use a slider bar from absolute work to total idleness where there are 0 in the middle which are balanced neutral parameters 0 is how the nuggets are now, or how you have planned them basic). In this way, God will give directions to how I want my nuggets to live. And like every church and religion there will be a level of church importance. In Roman times the Christian church did not have much importance (indeed they were prosecuted), but in the Middle Ages the church had a truly absolute importance. So here too a level of the number of faithful; the level of power of the church over the decisions of the village, the level of respect for the church and its rules (how many faithful are correctly practicing the church's rules). Hard work can be a rule, but we can also add: make more children, take more wives, or be vegetarian! Certainly a God who leads to the extreme of work at the beginning will increase the productivity of my village, making them work will increase production (of course only the religious nuggets, while non-religious will behave normally, but in the primitive and medieval era almost all they should be religious!). But after a while 'time there will be a rebellion to too much work and there could be a religious revolt: that is masses of nuggets could show disagreement and even get to burn the church (and inside his priest). In this way, I God should erect another church and choose another priest. (This cycle should represent the changes in religion that occurred over time, such as the change between the Roman gods and Christianity). But be careful, if I create another church and immediately arrange for it to be extreme workers again, the church will have practically no followers, its power will be 0 and I will not find new believers. At the same time if the new church preaches the Latin ozium, it will immediately have a lot of faithful happy to embrace a different religion! But at the same time the production will slow down! Let's jump into the future. Now, in the modern era, religion has lost some of its power over the state. And even if you can still give the religious directives we say that we will not have absolute control? It is also true that in the modern era atheists are very rare, which is very rare in prehistory and in the Middle Ages. So, your power from God is reduced ... BUT, we can see the world differently. Meanwhile, there will still be the role of Manager and not just of God, but then you can influence the individual in power. In the modern era there will be nuggets at the head of entire structures. There will be the nugget at the head of justice, the nugget at the head of agriculture, I imagine that create a building with the tasks of government divided by type (justice, environment, productivity, science, medicine ...). And each task will add a nugget. Now imagine you have the power to bribe the nugget like God. In this case I imagine a bad God, a god who wants to subdue them all and make them go back to a medieval mentality (modern technology but power to the church); certainly in the game usually the player wants to grow his village, but if the game is from God, he must also foresee a bad god. So a bad God (it is not excluded that in a complex phase of the game you God John, you intrude on the planet of the God Roberto and try to influence the social structure of the nuggets of John, corrupting with money and perversion the heads of government so that make the system malfunction, maybe in an online game version where you put your own planet into play); I said, a bad god will corrupt the single nugget with money and other things and will make sure that governments misbehave, leading to the downfall of civilization. Either a benevolent god infuses light and justice into the nugget and will make the nugget that governs that sector work the best. Or we put our Lord God very good and succeed in holding a Church with great power over civilization and keeping it in the modern era when atheists spread, but the church is so well balanced and God is very active in the miracles that the faithful remain many. __ PLAYING FROM MANAGER improvements the first important thing to say is that the nuggets are too stupid. I'm sorry but the parameters are not worthy even for a primitive. _ Cut trees and stones away from the place of construction to which they are putting. _ In spring and summer they do not collect food from plants around, and there are times when they are dying of hunger. _ There is no basic food from restaurants but they do not collect it. _ Instead of repairing the most damaged buildings, the engineers repair the less damaged buildings and let the serious ones fall into pieces! _ The lumberjacks are in the building doing nothing if the trees are too far from the building. _ too many bodies and do not hurry to get them out by leaving them on the road years! But sooner or later you have them decompose these bodies? Honestly the nuggets can not be so stupid as not to get food supplies for the winter while having bushes handy ... So first of all you have to fix these bugs or wrong statistics. The nuggets, logically speaking, having the right buildings available should self manage themselves. And you created this self-management, you see, but it is also true that small details like those mentioned above make the system unbalanced. _ THE MANAGEMENT OF THE VILLAGE I find it right to choose the buildings to be built and their position. I find it right to decide how many buildings of what type to build depending on how I want to create my village. The basic management structure is fine, but there are no additional elements. _ Food management in fact If for the water I know how much I need it and how much they consume the buildings being able to build a precise number of pumps for every need; I do not know how much food my nuggets consume. The management of food must absolutely be improved. I can build restaurants, fishmongers, farms, but I've seen that sometimes the food is less than a following winter. I believe that the Village Manager has the right to create and organize it as he wishes, but workers must follow his directives. I have difficulty explaining this point. I try to make a description anyway. If I were a good village chief, I could tell my men exactly what to do. I could tell my men that they have to collect 10 food for the winter because we consume 8 food as a village. As a village chief I could know that wanting to build a hospital will take a lot of stone and so I want to tell mine that they have to get more stone that year than wood ... In theory this administration is done automatically when I build a hospital that requires stones and woods. But perhaps it would give us a way to be more efficient if we could tell our nuggets how many stones we want to stock stored as soon as possible. I as a Planet Manager know that the medieval era with the upgrades of the buildings will involve a lot of wood and lots of stone. I could think of wanting to collect it in the dead times of the primitive era. _ WAREHOUSE SYSTEM I believe that Warehouses should be organized as well as individually, even in a total manner on the interface of God. To see the available places of all the warehouses and the places occupied by type of object. And to be able to decide the quantity that is required to be kept in STOCK (to be kept in stock and not to be kept for example in a restaurant that is not a warehouse). This is especially useful for building materials that are used in all ages. _ AGRICULTURE SYSTEM I think agriculture is good, even if I do not really understand how cyclicality works. I think that putting a mini-calendar style seasonal tool in which the type of culture is studied for each season, could be interesting. _ THE MIDDLE AGES and future ages I'm already imagining the mess of an era in which the whole planet is populated. I already have problems managing 4 restaurants, 4 farms 10 fishing boats, 10 factories etc. It is problematic, for example, if the city center is far from the factories, I see several nuggets that make a long journey between the house and the factory. And even if I put restaurants and wells near the factories, there's still a lot of going away. I believe that in the Middle Ages it is necessary to start building real, structured cities. I have already tried to be schematic in the construction of the buildings, arranging the fishing areas together, placing the repairers all in a row, etc. But with a medieval age I have to be able to use a grid scheme better and bring buildings closer together. I built 8 refineries between wood and stone, but anyway I had to position at a certain distance. These refineries do not look anything like an industrial quarter of our 1700 style style. I also think of the fact that with 8 refineries I have to check that they all have a little man who works inside. And in situations of social problems I have to activate or deactivate the men in refineries. Let's take a practical example: full medieval times. The population rises too much and lacks food. I absolutely have to devote myself to gathering food and closing the refineries. So imagine 20 refineries and I hand one by one I have to remove the nuggets from the list of refineries and put them in agriculture. Then the food problem is again contained and I have to put the nuggets back into the refineries. It would be much more practical to shut down the refinery and immediately have the unemployed nuggets available, and then when you restart the refinery, again the same nuggets or if they are busy recalling new ones automatically. Do not have to do it by hand. If you think of a modern era, I should not have 10 refineries as in the Middle Ages, but have a refinery park extended on the potion of 10 refineries that with one interface manages all the employees. Another very problematic fact is the request for a nugget to be included in a construction from the list of nuggets. The list with 100 nuggets is already a bit slow. If the number of nuggets has to start to increase a lot until the modern era, you will have to start evaluating the macro management of the nuggets. First phase divide between unemployed and employed. Furthermore, those who collect construction material should have a registered job and not on the list of those who do and do not. In this way I can have the list of those who do not have a job and assign it to the new factories, but without going to affect the group of collectors and builders who are vital as labor. Now I do not know if a Laborer is idling or is collecting material. The best thing for the future, considering even a population of 5000 nuggets, is to have automated assignment. _ WORK MANAGEMENT OFFICE for the modern era A building, for example, that opens a window with certain commands: first of all, every sector of work is identified (refineries, farms, fishing, catering, repairers). For each sector, the available jobs are displayed in relation to the buildings of that sector built, and depending on the needs all are assigned or dismissal people in the case of too much production or need to work on a specific request. The buildings that now select 2 or 3 minors at a time will be managed by the automated system and prepared by the system described above. For example, if I can have a 100% refined iron production, but I have collected enough, I can lower the production to 50%. the nuggets will lose their jobs and will go to work in those situations where men are needed on the occasion (building example, when you build something new). While if we have 10 iron refineries as buildings or a single refinery park, then it could be that half of the park sectors or half of the refineries are turned off automatically, consuming even less energy. And if they are still separate buildings, it would be better to close the most shabby and worn building, so you can have time to rearrange it. If you think about it with 5000 nuggets we can not manage the occupation of each nugget, but we will have to have automatisms that allow self-organization of work. Obviously you should still leave the possibility to change the single nugget from the workers' list, this to optimize with more efficient workers for that job, and then also for the first speech of a corrupt system in which specific nuggets are put to power do what you want. _ ROADS. AND URBAN PLAN I think it is necessary to have a mechanism of roads to optimize the city. As well as making our people evolve it is also nice to create refined and elegant cities and this can also start from the Middle Ages. Being able to design an urban plan for the future could be interesting. In practice, do not build immediately, but create a map drawn (technically a virtual map above the surface of the planet and even above other buildings) and start saying that you want a road, that of a rectangular area you want the district of the factories; but also to say that in that little square between the main road and the factory district you want a prairie bed, or a group of trees. Do practically urban furniture, preparing where to build things in the future. I would not mind telling my nuggets to create a new residential area near the factories, and obviously make sure that the workers assigned to that area go to live nearby. _ CIRCLE OF LIFE FAUNA AND FLORA this theme seems a little ignored, but I think it's fundamental. I left the day for about 600 years and I noticed that an area of trees has completely disappeared and the fauna has totally disappeared from the planet. Now, I do not know if you have already implemented the system, but you can imagine that you can not leave a planet in the primitive era with zero animals and trees that do not grow back. I understand that in the city areas plants do not regrow them, but do not grow back even in remote areas! Of course, it is right to say that the resources are not infinite. But let's talk about fauna and flora and water, which are recreated in the system. So you really should get them to regrow and repopulate, and rightly put a rate of regrowth. Then if the nuggets consume more than they grow back then they will rightfully become extinct, but I do not think it can happen in a primitive period .. Also I would like to be able to plant plants as trees and fruit picking plants, I am an artist and I would like to have a village full of greenery, but the system currently brings me to a bare primitive town. Full of braided logs still visible .... _ OTHER SMALL IMPROVEMENTS buildings that are destroyed or destroyed by push-button should be recycled by recovering some of the stones and wood from the rubble. It seems to me sensible because there are actually residues! _ the hunters should put the traps themselves, not you as God. It is OK to choose the type of beast and type of trap, but do not let us do the dirty work. _ I believe that in a Renaissance or modern era, cataclysms like sandstorms and tornadoes or fire damage buildings less. Certainly the nuggets that took a walk will be swept away .. but a building will not be completely destroyed. Also you should put evolutionary tools for building resistance to hurricanes and storms. And if you want a bit of an earthquake, a volcano for the planet. And obviously a God who saves the situation in drastic cases ... like if the volcano is about to erupt, use god points to delay 10 years. _ it would take in the construction work (such as refineries) that indicate how good the worker is, and how regular the work is. In this way if you work badly or little I could choose to replace it .. _ it would be the case already in the Middle Ages and then in the modern era, to have the first construction companies, because the repairers of buildings are not exactly construction companies. But in this specific case these companies will automatically take the nuggets (a bit like now) without a fixed job and use them to build. I think I've already written so much. I hope you come quickly to the medieval era. I have been following you for several years, and even if I enjoy trying every new pach ... we are + - always in the same position ...
  4. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    I forgot. NUt list the population filters. as you did for education and characteristics, do it for employment too. Especially divide Workers and Employed, because with 120 people the list begins to load slowly, also when I have to look for an "educated" nut and laborer, I have a bit of a mess to make a filter with these 2 combinations. List buildings The list of buildings, has the people who work there displayed in the list. But if the building is empty, you do not see the empty circles. It would be nice to see the free seats in the buildings. Especially because the carterllo on the building that says there are no workers, appears only if all workers are missing. If one field is empty and the other is full then a lack of a worker is not reported. So, putting empty places on the building list available would solve this problem and allow us players to see what is missing in each building. Watching that the game continues without any intervention makes you understand many things. For example that nobody in the system thinks of collecting sufficient food for the population. I left a fishing system, farms, restaurants, hunting that managed to collect 200 raw materials of food. And I come back after 2 hours or so that this population has only 10 food doses. It does not seem to me to be sensible if they still have the buildings that should make food. first of all there should be a CAPE VILLAGE. the village chief chooses how to manage the village. Yes, it's true, I say where to build and what to build. but I do not seem to have the commands to say what to hunt and what to collect. and singly I can not know how much nut eat and make calculations. So, a village chief NPC who decides and orders his nut to: collect food before the winter arrives. it would be a good thing. or if we really do not want to put one that organizes the life of the village, let us visualize the number of food stocks that are needed for the winter (so we players know what we need to cost to reach the goal food or make us command something to increase the food reserves. The village chief could also decide the state of Pestilence with type a 100 corpses around the village and get serious cleaning. It could do other good things to make a civilization self-balancing. For example, what makes you decide to have children or not to the nut? because with the famine of food, perhaps it would be appropriate not to let them have children ... another bizarre idea: a god ... should be able to resurrect.
  5. Patch Notes: Beast Hunter (v 0.0.24)

    I searched for a section of the forum for bugs or technical problems in the game. The general one is empty, so I try to post my evaluations on the pach in question here. I want to give you some thoughtful insights on the problems I've encountered. I guess alpha is for this, try playing and see if there are any problems. The various adjustments and new creative ideas are very good. (as always). 1_update buildings The first real problem is in the UPDATE of buildings. Apart from that refining such a quantity to create the new buildings at the beginning is DRAMATIC, the buildings do not update! I thought it took a lot of time for the nut that did not have the materials. But no, they do not just update. This is a sly problem when the population rises. I had to rebuild the new buildings already updated. Having little refined material. So, please fix the update bug as soon as possible. 2_ Buge report does not work I do not know what you will receive, but when I send you a bug from the game, this is the wrong API, or it disappears while it says sending .... I still do not understand if you receive them. And I did not understand if you see the screen or the game situation when you receive them. it would be useful to show you the fact with a screenshot. 2_Raffineria too slow. I created about 5 wood refineries and 5 mineral refineries. And despite having created practically a refinery industry ... they are always dry. Perhaps it is to be considered to create more by structure since the future is the raw material. 3_Whareouse I never understood who fills them and why. It would be nice to understand how they decide to fill them, or make sure that they always start to get them back if they are free (or at least 50%). I do not know where to build them, I do not know if they will use them .. 4_restaurant lvl2 the updated level of the ristonrante does not accumulate food such as lvl1. I have not yet been able to see any food in the reference circle. It seems they NEVER collect it. And they cook without food. on the contrary, they cook continuously but do not accumulate food in the circle that shows accumulated cooked food. On the other hand, a completely empty building filled with food, but you did not have cooks. but should not the cooks collect? at least when food is missing .. 5_ingegneria. I have 5 buildings of lvl2 with 2 men and almost all "educated". yet there are buildings that fade away because they are not repaired in time. I saw a 95% well of life repaired. And not a 10% life refinery. If you allow, I do not seem to have instructed or nourished these nut. Now I understand that with so many buildings they are slow to repair them. But if the priorities are the least damaged, you want to fix them !!!!! I lost the observation tower disasters because they did not fix it. I can not repair the buildings because I waste a lot of DIO points. 6_cimitero I saw the improvements in the cemetery. But we still do not have enough activity. I'll explain, I have a lvl1 cemetery and a lvl2 cemetery. And a population that has gone from 50 to 120 units. In this period of time they have not yet collected all the bodies that have been left around. there will be at least 30 corpses and pools. Fortunately, the mallatia system has suspended it, but imagine if it was active ... Sincerely? I MAKE STATUS OF EPIDEMIA AND MAKE A COMMON FOSSA WITH AID TO THE CEMETERY BY EVERYONE. If they have to be intelligent men they must understand that they have too many bodies in the city. 7_ Animals and hunting the new hunting system is interesting. I did not understand why we must put the traps (I would put them to the nut). And then the animals ... do not multiply? do they disappear forever? small animals are very few and I do not see any more around .. and even the big ones have disappeared. Then I had only two hunting buildings, it seems difficult to extinguish an animal race .. whales? but do they hunt them ?? 8_lumbermill. Optimized wood collection is definitely not very effective. it is not clear to me but practically the nut enter the building and do NOTHING. it's normal? the mines do a lot of work and reach 100% in a short time, while wood is almost always zero. I think it's a BUG. it will be that they are too far from the wood and these do not go to collect it? It is not clear to me. For now I conclude here. please adjust the problems of building updates and the dynamics of this population. Thanks, I really like the game. I hope to see one day the launch of the first planet planet missile. (P.S. sorry for bad english)