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  1. Steam key

    Hi @JackSkeletron Your key for the crytivo launcher will also be your steam key. on steam go to Games> Activate A Product On Steam..> enter the key and it should activate your steam copy. If this does not work, please contact our support team through the help chat on Crytivo.com to get the key issue resolved!
  2. Lost Download

    Hi Upthedubz. Are you trying to download through Theuniversim.com or through our new store Crytivo.com? We migrated all the old website accounts over to the store, so your download should be available on https://crytivo.com/ using your old login and password (you may need to use recover/lost password) If it's the old website you're having issues retrieving the game from OR the new site please utilize the support system and let them know that you've lost access to your game download. The support system can be located at the lower right hand corner of https://crytivo.com/
  3. Non-Steam token?

    depending on when you backed (either via kickstarter or the earlier website days) your game key code is also the steam key. you'll need to use the "activate a product on steam" option under "games".
  4. Can you please PM me the email address you used when making the purchase. It will be either the address associated with your kickstarter account or your paypal email. Please note that certain lower tier packages purchased on our old website (40$ and under) did not come with badges and none of the new website (crytivo.com) packages come with badges.
  5. Suggestion : You make your world

    The planet creator/editor is a planned feature and was one of the stretch goals met via the kickstarter campaign. Thats all the info I can give you at the moment though!
  6. Updates

    Hi Toralundin As long as you have the universim set to always download the newest update through steam's settings for it it will be sent the most current live, non experimental patch!
  7. Please submit a NEW TOPIC for EACH problem you encounter if a current topic does not already exist. DO NOT LUMP MULTIPLE BUG REPORTS TOGETHER!! Make sure you post your bug in the CORRECT VERSION SECTION!! New sections will be added for each patch so make sure you're in the section that MATCHES the current game version number. Current Version: V30 For all bug reports please only make a post if the issue is very serious and you have a save file relevant to the issue, or you have reproduction steps and can fill out the below form in its entirety. For filling out the form: Text in Bold should remain when you copy and paste the form. All other text is to explain or give examples of the bold text, and can be removed when you use the form.

    Celebration Time!! The steam version is now live! This includes the new updates and overhauls we've been teasing for the past few months. We know you're all excited to play so lets get right down to how to download! If you already own the game and used your game key on steam Restart steam- This should kick start the download process Utilize steams "verify integrity of game files" option in the event restarting fails. check to ensure you dont have the "opt into beta/alpha" mode turned on. If the above options don't work - uninstall the previous version and re download. If you bought the game via steam and it isn't downloading. restart steam. Utilize steams "verify integrity of game files" option in the event restarting fails. if the above options don't work please contact support @ crytivo.com If the game is not purchasable for you on steam and you did not previously purchase through one of the above methods Please contact steam support. FAQ Q. Can I stream the game? A.YES! Q. BUGS! OMG BUGS!!!?? A. OMG! SQUISH THEM HERE Q. Will the stand alone launcher be updated A. Eventually. no ETA. Q. Where are my backer goodies? A. coming soon ™ We'll have more info including patch notes asap.

    Regarding downloads with zero content- The issues is being addressed. Please try to re download/reinstall in a few moments If you already purchased the game via kickstarter backing or the crytivo.com store/old website store please head to https://crytivo.com/mygames you'll use the same key you've been using with the stand alone launcher to activate the game on steam. IF YOU PURCHASED THE GAME VIA THE ABOVE METHOD AND HAVE NO GAMES ON https://crytivo.com/mygames PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT VIA THE CHAT FEATURE ON Crytivo.com

    right click on the game in your steam library, select "Properties" then navigate to the "Local Files" tab

    We're working with steam as fast as we can to resolve this issue. Our only suggestion right now is to periodically check by validating the integrity of game files (which will force a re-install/update) once we have a better solution we will announce it.
  12. your badge should be applied. for crytivo store email questions you'll need to contact the support team. Please use the support chat feature on Crytivo.com to do this!
  13. 1st Post, some help please?

    I believe we currently have steam/fb shut off due to a spam issue, which is why those two aren't working. As for the validation email it will on occasion get sent to spam, but as you're able to post you you've already been validated! If you're having issues with the Crytivo.com account you'll need to use the support chat function on that page as the accounts are separate.
  14. Apologies for the delay, your badge has been applied.
  15. Sorry for the delay. you should have your badge! Can you please DM me any emails you may have used and I can check them against our system!
  16. Nugget Editor

    Hi Hameul The nugget editor isn't out yet!
  17. Forum interface

    Hi Serbanescu! We're also doing some more forum reorganizing and optimization so you might see a few features move around or get adjusted over the next week!
  18. Pardon the dust!

    Another quick update to this. We're adjusting things a bit more and adding a few new features. as we add and adjust you might notice a few things turning off/on or some of the feeds for new content/recent posts not functioning properly or going empty. Once everything is finalized these things should all return to normal!
  19. Hello everyone! As you may have noticed things are changing around the forums! While we re-structure and do a bit of clean up you might notice some sections becoming locked or even disappearing altogether! Some of these sections will become unlocked and return, others will not. For now, there are a few new key places for you to check out Under the new "Crytivo Store" section News an Announcements You are here General Discussion A place for discussion about all things Crytivo Contests, Incentives and Giveaways Game Suggestions have a game you think would fit in with Crytvio? Bug and Issue Reports For bugs relating to the store only. Under 'Games' The Universim The game that started it all! discussions, bug reports, fan art and much more can be found here Goblins of Elderstone Gather around the campfire and discuss tribe life with your fellow goblins Cefore EXPLOSIONS and puzzles. Prehistoric Kingdom Life..uh... finds a way! Other Games Games we are still in the process of publishing or setting up! Under 'Community Discussion' Forum Rules and Important info keep your self up-to-date on the latest happenings around the forum ind the rules and code of conduct along with other useful tidbits. International Communities Off-Topic Discussion We've also changed a few settings and altered how the form works Crytivo staff will now have their responses and posts highlighted so you can be sure you're talking to a staff member. Removed a lot of the clutter polished the shiny stuff cake? We'll continue to polish up the forums and make your experience here better in the coming weeks. So be sure to check back, and if you find anything amiss, let us know! ~ CM Mirror Want more Crytivo? Follow us @Crytivo on Twitter Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Crytivo/ Join the Crytivo Discord
  20. Current badge requests should be up-to-date
  21. Unfortunately, Coelacant does not come with a badge. I apologize for any confusion. Your email on your profile isn't showing up in the system. Can you please DM me with the email you used when purchasing and let me know what package you purchased!
  22. Game Guide

    Hi Maeda. the digital PDF guide is not complete yet as the game is not complete. We'll be releasing it once the game has been finalized.
  23. updated Universim design/store page

    Thanks for catching that! We'll have the nugget web design team sort that out asap!
  24. Pardon the dust!

    a vast majority of the content that was locked/removed was severely out-dated and no longer relevant to the current state of the game (older build threads, community labs for content that no longer exists in the game etc). the forum needed a drastic clean up and reorganization, this was done to facilitate that.
  25. Patch Notes to New Update

    the most recent patch notes can be found here: https://crytivo.com/en/news/the-universim-huff-and-puff-update