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  1. Tips System

    Hi everyone, we're working on a new Tips system and we would love to learn from you what you think we should help players to understand better. There will be tips for camera controls, Water Well and Pump. But I really would love to know if there is something that is not really intuitive and easy to understand. Alex
  2. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Hello Dear friends, We’ve been super busy working on new features, balance changes, and a whole host of improvements over the last few months. However, as you know, we always want to hear from you about what you believe we can improve on. This topic was created to get your thoughts on the current state of The Universim. First of all, we would greatly appreciate it if you fill out this survey. Here are some of the most important things we want to know: What do you believe is the Number One feature we’re missing right now? How would you imagine this feature to function? What do you like most about The Universim? How can we improve upon it, and what should we avoid changing? How can we increase the replay value of the game for you? We want you to enjoy The Universim for as long as possible, so we’d love to hear your suggestions. Are there any features from your favorite games that you feel could be adapted into The Universim to improve your playing experience? What is your opinion on the current level of micromanagement in the game? Would you like more or less of it? We are trying to minimize micromanagement, but we don’t want The Universim to turn into the world’s most expensive screensaver. Should The Universim be a more challenging experience? We want to make the game accessible and enjoyable for all players, no matter their skill level. Let us know if you want a more relaxing experience or one that will offer a bit more challenge. How would you rate the game in terms of bugs? What are the most annoying issues you have found in the most recent build? Is there anything, in particular, we should focus on? Lastly, what would you like in terms of future rewards? We are always looking to add something extra for everyone who supported The Universim from day one. We are enormously grateful for your help and continued support. At the moment, we are adding everyone’s names to the game in the Rise of Evolution Monument . You’ll be receiving another small survey at www.crytivo.com requesting the correct name you’d like to use. However, another little something is being added to the game just for you. An early support skin is on its way for everyone who purchases the game before August 28. You’re on our VIP list, so expect to receive a whole lot more in the future! Thank you to everyone who continues to help us address all of the issues with the game’s design, balance, and bugs. Your feedback is essential to making The Universim better every day. For daily updates and all the news about The Universim, be sure to follow us on Twitter , Facebook , and Reddit . We’d love to see you there.
  3. Hi Everyone, we spoke with devs and we would love to get community get a little bit more involved with the Goblins of Elderstone development process. We know you guys doing an amazing job helping with The Universim you have great ideas and suggestions that had been already implemented or will be in the nearest future. We know we have several great active members and we would like to ask you guys to check GOE out and share your thoughts about the game with us. Please PM me if you would like to get game key and would like to help. @Kerby84 @threeheaded monkey I know you guys have great energy and always eager to help, let me know if you guys would like to join us. Let's keep this as a general discussion and if you would like to talk about certain game aspects please create a new topic. Alex
  4. Unhappy with a purchase? Let’s fix that.

    Kerby, we will no longer tolerate your hostile threats. We don't need your ultimatum. Your goal is to annoy us to earn money, after you've been playing the game for several years. As per Steam policy, you've played over 100 hours more than the maximum allowed for a refund, and we can only assume that you have just as many hours before we launched on Steam. Most people consider to have paid $1 USD for an hour of gameplay to be the idea exchange, and you seem to have even beaten that rate. Because of this, our team will stop engaging with you on all fronts. You are an attention seeking individual that's been given polite and reasonable answers to your questions through this whole time. You've now become increasingly belligerent and we will not tolerate this type of behavior. From now on you'll not get any more attention from us, and if you continue creating useless posts on forums (Including the Steam forums where you have been just as belligerent to others), we will remove you from them.
  5. Unhappy with a purchase? Let’s fix that.

    You really need to stop spamming all over, we've been very nice and listening to your feedback. But you just spamming your personal opinion all over the places. If you'll not stop doing that you'll be banned. We're happy to hear what you have to say, but you keep posting the same thing everywhere over and over. Please stop polluting forums with the same negative comments you've been copy/pasting. Last and final warning for you.
  6. Hey there! Welcome, everyone! It’s been quite a while since our last coffee date. We’ve missed our talks about world domination and cats. Most of all, though, we missed hearing your thoughts on The Universim. We want to hear your opinion on how we can improve a certain little feature in the game. Let’s talk about micromanagement. What do you think should become more automated as your civilization develops? How much micromanagement should remain? We are already halfway through the Medieval Era and have begun working on concepts for the Modern Age. Should Nugget assignment to the buildings be automagic? How should we prioritize who is assigned and who is not? Which buildings should be prioritized when there aren’t enough Nuggets in your civilization to keep them all running? These are the kinds of questions we would love to hear your thoughts about. We need your suggestions and ideas doesn't matter how wild they are. Also, to make your wallet a little thicker, here are some Crytivo Coins. 500 Crytivo CoinsClick Here to Reedem Learn more about Crytivo Coins Here This will help gravity to keep you locked down as all of the new changes distort the world around you. If being consumed by the infinite void of space doesn’t bother you, you can also redeem them for discounts on games in the Crytivo Store. These are the Rewards that Matter! Alright, you may now begin smashing your keyboard over on the forums. Impress us! With love, Crytivo

    Hi everyone, just FYI we're still working on features and will continue polishing experience all August. Our plan was to work on the features by August and most of the August we spent on optimization, bug fixes, improvements and etc. So, be advised that we know that you will come across the bugs. To help us, please provide detailed information about how to reproduce the bug, what can we change to make the particular feature more entertaining and what is not intuitive and etc. We have a lot of work in front of us and we hope you guys will help us.
  8. Where do I find the download button

    Hi @Martiny you'll find your game in your "My Games" section at www.crytivo.com https://crytivo.com/mygames. If you never logged in, you probably will need to reset your password, use your original KS email. If you'll continue having issues feel free contacting support[@]crytivo.com Thank you for your support!
  9. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Great feedback, thanks. We are working on features that will allow you to chose to make your Nuggets build important buildings when they need them and you will just back them up if needed. Check out this update https://theuniversim.com/micro-to-macro-nugget-automation. Through the Townhall, Nuggets will be able to elect Ministers that will be responsible for certain city infrastructures. For example, Minister of food Nugget will be trigger Farm and Eatery constructions based on the city demands. And as a player, you'll have a choice if you'd rather have full control by yourself over these categories by simply locking a spot or dropping a bolder on the guys head. Overall great points and the good news is it looks like we're on the same page. I think the issue is that we left all the god interaction for a later dev time, while we were highly concentrated on the world and main core mechanics implementation. Our goal was to build a technical sandbox, tools for us, that will allow us implementing these "Fun-God Actions" to the game with no limitations from the technical side. Thanks again for a great constructive feedback, I'm happy to see great new ideas and suggestion that will help us make The Universim better game.
  10. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Hey @rnramos thanks for your comment. Can you elaborate on this, please I think they're very optional at the moment and we actually developing ways to make them a bit more useful. It's Planet Management - God Game. It's like saying I don't want have cars in your racing game, no? GodMail - going away. Quest system is going to be more informative now. Thanks for your comment!
  11. Let’s talk about The Universim

    hey @Gabbo1313 thanks a lot for your time and feedback. We're working on improvements for the expansion system. We want it to be more condensed and organic. Thank you, we will spend extra time on the hunting system. I'm myself not a big fan on how it is working atm, we will definitely work on improvements This hopefully will be fixed in V26. Farm will have updated functionality, you might like it a lot. What if... ? :S Thanks a lot for constructive feedback @Gabbo1313 <3
  12. Let’s talk about The Universim

    You guys are responding really fast. I'll do my best to respond on everybody's comment. I might step away at some point, but I'll be back chatting with you friends.
  13. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Thank you for your love @Unforked We will continue working hard and we hope The Universim will be the best Planet Management/God Game out there <3
  14. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Thanks @Stronkie and this is the main reason why we're running a survey and asking for your feedback. The main goal is to get constructive feedback, doesn't matter if it's positive or negative. Negative feedback is extremely important and I'm happy to see you're taking your time explaining what can be done better. We're moving our development towards you as a player being more influential rather giving direct commands to your Nuggets and we will have few updates soon that will address that. This is on the way as well. And it honestly will be like that. We worked on a game engine that working with all the simulations in the world. Now we have Faith system on the way, temples and choice to be a good or bad god. Please continue letting us know what we can do better to make The Universim better game and meet those expectations we set with 100% precision Thanks!
  15. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Thank you for your comment and feedback. I would love to learn more about this, can you please elaborate on what is not being developed as promised. Sorry that we keep you waiting. We needed extra time to implement big features based on the community feedback. Such things as improved Research system, God Quests and Missions, Srory and etc etc. It's definitely a huge challenge for us to release updates on a monthly basis and we're hoping to get back to this schedule right after Steam Release. Most of the core mechanics/game engine are developed and it's much easier for us to add new FUN features since game can support them. Development will move so much faster now. Sorry that we're not meeting your expectations with the development speed. Our team is still relatively small and I think they're doing an outstanding job. If you can check out our monthly patch notes enormous amount of work done on a daily basis. Ah as much as I would want that, unfortunately, it's not going to happen. We still plan to add many more features and work with the community very closely to make sure that The Universim is the game you guys expected. We're listening very closely and your feedback is extremely important for our team. I really appreciate your honesty and constructive feedback, we will do our best to meet your expectations. I will put this as my number one wish as well Thanks a lot for your comment!
  16. Let’s talk about The Universim

    You will have options to Automize your civilization as we develop the game. We're trying to please our fans and understand that there are two type of players - ones that enjoy managing their civilization with the details and others that would like to just sit and observe Nuggets development. Please check recent survey stats below: Thanks for your response. We're still on track with all the features. We didn't cancel anything, we're actually adding more. Thanks for the detailed explanation We're trying to have balance, our goal it to make it entertainment experience for you and not just make the worlds most expensive screensaver. I would love to learn a bit more about your comment here, from the beginning we planned to allow players to build buildings. You influence nuggets decisions with the building placement. Please let me know what can be done better with this aspect to make it more entertaining/fun experience for you. Consoles? There are no plans for consoles yet. The game is not fully developed, we've been working on a game engine and now adding Fun aspect/features. We're not changing our vision at all. If you can provide more details about changes that you don't like I would love to learn more. You can always contact our support@crytivo.com with this questions. It's really saddening to see you've got disappointed by the game when it doesn't really have full features at this stage. I would take that it taking us longer than we would want to develop the game, but I'm really happy with how it's shaping up, we have so much more cooking in the oven for you guys. I sincerely hope we can win your support back. Thank you for your comment and feedback! @Robert
  17. Let’s talk about The Universim

    Thank you for your feedback @Kerby84 We're working on Creator mode improvement and that mode might end up getting more hardcore experience for the player. Regarding 1-5: 5 - Excellent, 4 - Good, 3- Meh, 2 - Bad, 1 - Horrible We want to know what is most important to you. We know that you want them all and doubled, no need survey for that Thanks for your response Kerby
  18. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    Thanks, @SnorlaxRae Do you think the game needs more buildings or any specific features overall? Events, missions maybe?
  19. [SUGGESTION] GUI changes

    Hi @threeheaded monkey Thanks for the suggestion. That's kind of what we plan, some UI elements will appear based on your evolution progress. p.s. I'll check if we can have auto approval, we have this in place not because we don't trust you, but because we're getting spammed by Chinese spam bots heavily. Alex
  20. Error when sending bug report

    Hi @PandaLeaf thank you for your report. This feature is disabled at the moment. We've been getting tons of useless information, we implemented automatic bug report that collects issues that you might encounter with the game. Thank you for your support!
  21. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Hey guys, just FYI. The reason why we would like to have NDA is that we don't want you to spoil some of the new features. I have no idea why this is a bad thing for you. We value all our fans equally and don't want everyone has a great experience and to achieve that we would like to have an element of surprise. I hope you understand and appreciate this.
  22. Micromanagement in the game

    Hi all, as we develop into Modern/Industrial Age. What do you think we should atomize in the game? Anything in particular you think is not fun to manage at this stage? Thanks!
  23. Unable to Install game via Launcher

    Hey guys, sorry about this trouble. You'll need to wait for a bit longer. Also @Greendq do you think you can drop us new launcher here?
  24. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Hi @threeheaded monkey yes we plan to run some closed test close to that time. Let me know if you would love to be a part of it. It’s going to be highly NDAish we want add some surprises and don’t want spoil them
  25. Research and Evolution

    Hello dear friends. Thanks for the time and suggestion, as always, we're reviewing them internally very carefully. It looks like @Kerby84 requires attention to his persona that our team is not capable of providing. We gather feedback and our community managers very active on the forums and respond in a timely manner. We share things in our devblogs, a lot of things change as we develop based on community feedback, we share ideas and mechanics that we know that will make to the game 100% We refuse to false promise something that we're not sure we will be able to introduce to the game, the only thing we can say is that we agree that there is an issue with certain mechanics and we're reviewing it. We have an active community on a discordant, twitter and Facebook that we are actively working with as well. If there is anything we can do better, we're happy to hear constructive criticism, we don't have a dedicated person that will run around our forums to satisfy mr @Kerby84s needs. We respect and value his feedback, but he is been very demanding for attention that we can't satisfy at this stage mainly because our team is not big and we'd rather invest our time developing what we promised then trying to satisfy one person. I believe our team doing amazing work by sharing everything that's been done in the studio during the month and blogs about the most important features we plan to add. Please reference to our news section for updates: https://theuniversim.com/news Thanks again for great ideas and suggestions @Lissa Gloom & @threeheaded monkey. We're reviewing research system and your feedback is very influential for us.