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  1. What features are missing from Goblins of Elderstone

    Thanks, @SnorlaxRae Do you think the game needs more buildings or any specific features overall? Events, missions maybe?
  2. Hi Everyone, we spoke with devs and we would love to get community get a little bit more involved with the Goblins of Elderstone development process. We know you guys doing an amazing job helping with The Universim you have great ideas and suggestions that had been already implemented or will be in the nearest future. We know we have several great active members and we would like to ask you guys to check GOE out and share your thoughts about the game with us. Please PM me if you would like to get game key and would like to help. @Kerby84 @threeheaded monkey I know you guys have great energy and always eager to help, let me know if you guys would like to join us. Let's keep this as a general discussion and if you would like to talk about certain game aspects please create a new topic. Alex
  3. [SUGGESTION] GUI changes

    Hi @threeheaded monkey Thanks for the suggestion. That's kind of what we plan, some UI elements will appear based on your evolution progress. p.s. I'll check if we can have auto approval, we have this in place not because we don't trust you, but because we're getting spammed by Chinese spam bots heavily. Alex
  4. Error when sending bug report

    Hi @PandaLeaf thank you for your report. This feature is disabled at the moment. We've been getting tons of useless information, we implemented automatic bug report that collects issues that you might encounter with the game. Thank you for your support!
  5. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Hey guys, just FYI. The reason why we would like to have NDA is that we don't want you to spoil some of the new features. I have no idea why this is a bad thing for you. We value all our fans equally and don't want everyone has a great experience and to achieve that we would like to have an element of surprise. I hope you understand and appreciate this.
  6. Micromanagement in the game

    Hi all, as we develop into Modern/Industrial Age. What do you think we should atomize in the game? Anything in particular you think is not fun to manage at this stage? Thanks!
  7. Unable to Install game via Launcher

    Hey guys, sorry about this trouble. You'll need to wait for a bit longer. Also @Greendq do you think you can drop us new launcher here?
  8. Closed steam pre-release. Yes or no? [EDITED]

    Hi @threeheaded monkey yes we plan to run some closed test close to that time. Let me know if you would love to be a part of it. It’s going to be highly NDAish we want add some surprises and don’t want spoil them
  9. Research and Evolution

    Hello dear friends. Thanks for the time and suggestion, as always, we're reviewing them internally very carefully. It looks like @Kerby84 requires attention to his persona that our team is not capable of providing. We gather feedback and our community managers very active on the forums and respond in a timely manner. We share things in our devblogs, a lot of things change as we develop based on community feedback, we share ideas and mechanics that we know that will make to the game 100% We refuse to false promise something that we're not sure we will be able to introduce to the game, the only thing we can say is that we agree that there is an issue with certain mechanics and we're reviewing it. We have an active community on a discordant, twitter and Facebook that we are actively working with as well. If there is anything we can do better, we're happy to hear constructive criticism, we don't have a dedicated person that will run around our forums to satisfy mr @Kerby84s needs. We respect and value his feedback, but he is been very demanding for attention that we can't satisfy at this stage mainly because our team is not big and we'd rather invest our time developing what we promised then trying to satisfy one person. I believe our team doing amazing work by sharing everything that's been done in the studio during the month and blogs about the most important features we plan to add. Please reference to our news section for updates: https://theuniversim.com/news Thanks again for great ideas and suggestions @Lissa Gloom & @threeheaded monkey. We're reviewing research system and your feedback is very influential for us.
  10. Edition Rewards

    Hi @Un0rthodox. We're working on the same system that will be available in our store. It will be added to the website sometime next week. We also have new perks that you guys will get, more info on that a bit later. Thank you for your amazing support!
  11. bridges?

    @Cookie yes, we plan to add bridges to the game. Might be in within next few patches. Alex
  12. When are Kickstarter rewards being sent

    Hi @banksie most of the rewards already been sent to Kickstarter backers. I would say, please go ahead and send us info to contact@crytivo.com. Alex
  13. Questions

    There will be announcemnt in a day or two regarding this.
  14. Questions

    Hey @Izar_Morghuliz, thank you for joining our community. The first giveaway will happen in a week or two from now. We just needed to tweak the rules and export all our fans so we will make sure that everybody who qualifies will be included in a drawing We're doing just fine, it's for sure challenging process and we started our Publishing journey with very small projects. No funds from The Universim spent on Publishing. We're not financing any publishing projects at this moment. Next update is scheduled for August, we're preparing The Universim for Steam launch and implementing several big features and revising Ai. We are planning to add quite few big systems and would like to revise ai to make sure it's doing what it should. With monthly updates, every month we're losing close to 10 or sometimes even more days before the release on preparation for the launch and bug fixes. We would like to spend more time on a development before a big release, we hope you'll support this decision. Thanks again for your concerns and questions, welcome to the family!
  15. Tips System

    And we don't have this in the list! Thanks a lot @Eapple1145 I will go ahead and add that.