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  1. Names and Last Names (Suggestion)

    since searching is a key way to find nuggets, and traits are passed down to offspring, this would be very useful in many ways. I often try to breed nuggets together that have desirable traits, and let the ones with undesirable traits fend for their own. I also use last names to help locate nuggets near an area, so I can assign them to buildings nearby. Related nuggets often live near each other, so if they inherited the last name, it would save a little bit of manual naming I currently do.
  2. How do you upgrade the Evolution Tower?

    the upgraded huts require lots of refined materials, that's why everything seems to just stop when you complete that research. I recommend ensuring you have TONS of stone and wood refineries, and at least 2 couriers before allowing the nuggets to upgrade their huts. Otherwise you'll just get stuck waiting for resources, and then watching them mysteriously vanish (because nuggets immediately stole them for their mansions)
  3. I've managed to get a stable population of 120+ with multiple towns. Managing what nugget works in what building is very important for efficiency. It's also crucial to keep around 10-20% of your workforce as unassigned laborers at all times. If you drop below that percentage, unassign nuggets from some jobs until the population recovers. Laborers reproduce more often, and are responsible for delivering resources to buildings (stone refinery for example), at least until the courier can be built. For the food supply, it's important to have all 3 food sources, so you can have year round production, and you won't need to deplete resources as much (fish, wild animals, water). Also, if you have one hunter assigned to the hunter's hut, it can go out and kill large animals all by itself. You don't need to assign 6 nuggets to the hut. If you have more than one nugget assigned to the hut, they will wait for their co-workers before they go out to hunt. This can lead to a LOT of downtime for the hunters. So I recommend sticking with just 2 at max. oh, and I only use the cupid and the speed up god powers. If you don't worry about healing sick nuggets, and just concentrate on setting up a hospital before things get bad, you'll be fine.
  4. Grave digger problems

    I found that often, when a gravedigger has stopped working, it's because they've gotten stuck behind a rock or other structure. All you have to do is use the telekinesis power to move the blocking structure, and they should resume duties. It's also important to have multiple cemeteries placed in different parts of town, so they can optimally reach corpses. Also, if you notice a hunter has died, it's probably a good idea to use telekinesis to retrieve the body, rather than making the gravedigger run halfway across the world.
  5. Tips System

    I haven't seen a tip that covers the strategic placement of homes, or nugget assignment. Once they sprawl their town out a bit, it's possible for nuggets to live very very far away from where they work. This reduces their efficiency, and wears them out a lot faster. Another thing I've noticed, is that if all of the nuggets have jobs, the birth rate drops. So it's always important to make sure that you have at least a few nuggets around for general labor and reproduction. I understand that the upcoming change to allow work shifts, will likely tackle this dynamic and change how it works, but I'm sure there will be something useful to say about this either way. Oh, another thing that has bitten me a few times. If you start a town on the shore of a body of water, they will often try to build homes on the other side of the water. Who wouldn't want a secluded home to get away from it all, am I right? But this goes back to my first tip about how important it is to ensure that nuggets live near where they work. All too often in this scenario, the nuggets form a 'trail of tears' as I call it, littered with corpses that fall to the bottom of the ocean... it's very sad...
  6. Hi, this game is fantastic. Having some trouble (of course) but it’s working swimmingly for the most part. Unbelievable that it’s still in alpha but is THIS good. Absolutely tickled.