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  1. Disease is too OP

    Thanks again Christopher your great! heres another question a Dumb one but I click on my god power and I see it pop up in the top right corner but I cant figure out how to use it on specific items or people?
  2. Disease is too OP

    I would appreciate an answer for this as well. I don't know if it's too O.P. or if we just haven't figured out how to combat it yet
  3. I just answered my own question. GG the first post states he has to manually adjust the forum permissions.
  4. yeah I read that too. that's why i'm confused. because I did buy it on the official websight. I don't know maybe i'm using the wrong email?
  5. Thank you for the quick reply. yes I posted the right thing right? I read the instructions it said to leave your email letting them know to give you a badge. i'm all set? Are there any settings in place yet to alter controls?
  6. My Email is *** I donated $60.00 on the universsims homepage, and I can not access the forum. Ps. I've heard the way to rotate buildings are , & . however these keys do not work for me any suggestions?