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  1. Research Prototype Panel

    Hello, I'm looking forward to his game and I would like to make a few suggestions. About the "Fog of war" idea, I think it's very interesting : it already exists in the legacy thingy in Cookie Clicker, and give you a great feeling about always wanting to go further to discover what you're going to go for next. About Hermes' idea I like this one, but It can be tricky to implement. Although you could add some "event requirement" to some technologies before they can be researched. I'll take the fire example, if you manage to create some more small events for the nuggets ( which will bring even more life to their world ), you could demand that the fire technology to be researched (in addition to what already is needed) that 5 nuggets live the " fire is hot " event, which would be a quick animation of 5 or 10 seconds where the nugget is running around because it caught on fire. These event could be random decision of nuggets to play with the fire that happened to be there, or you, as a god, could approach them to the fire in order to push them to play with it. You literally make them learn from experience, these experiences that aid your nuggets to get those technologies. You don't need to add this to every tech, but it could be with a bunch of them, Mining could require nuggets to play around rocks smashing a pebble against a boulder, "accidentally" dropping a snack on a firepit could bring on cooking, etc... I don't know if I was very clear, sorry if not Auto research (particulary) and a waiting line like in civilization kills it for me if you're gonna have a fog of war like feature in the tech tree. Could be an option for future playthrough as you know the tech tree by heart, but meh. Although you could pop up on the side of the screen when a reasearch is complete, and eventually pop a few more bubles to let know the player what other technologies you made available with this reasearch completed. And if some technologies are available to reasearch, a simple click on the bubble to launch it would be fine. Another option is like in Civ V if I remember correctly, you could have a side panels with all available technologies to research. Looking at the tech tree should be mostly for planning your next moves and tactics, and the side panels (or bubbles) are there to as shortcut to launch a reasearch you alreayd knew you were gonna launch. (Auto reasearch is not the same for me, as you don't have the push of a button to "congratulate" on your next step) To answer the original question, I like both 2 and 3. Keep up the great work