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  1. Still A God Game Or A Buliding Simulation Strategy Game

    When talking about the evolution tower and all the related things, I still wonder why the player has to place it. If the tower is supposed to be some sort of shrine, than the nuggets should build it: With the perception of their god/ the emergence of their spiritual consciousness they should create that place on their own. It still would be possible select a starting location though, but also add some depth to the currently one-sided relationship.
  2. what do you think about this new mechanics to the new medieval era?

    Exactly! The reason why I was supporting the Universim was the idea of an over-outstanding revival of that genre after being cheated by THAT british game designer.
  3. Patch Notes to New Update

    Erm, hey. Was just reading these patch notes again and I can't help but just ask if there is actually someone looking at them before their release. ( "someone" as in " someone who was NOT writing them.") Sorry, if this seems to be rude, which isn't intended to be, but some parts of that notes are a absolutely structureless mess, imho. Especially the part with screenshots and text are confusing. I was recognizing this in prior notes already but didn't bother to tell you about my oppinion. Could be that you or whoever is typing them was in a hurry due to other things which had to be done though... Just saying,yeah.
  4. Questions

    Good call. (Was there an announcement somewhere I haven't seen yet?)
  5. Tips System

    I know there is a tutorial video for how to use the god powers in the game, but some impatient/overeager people (eh,me.) may skip it but unfortunately there is no tip anywhere else to find (or is there?). Anyway, I think, when you are going to use a god power there could be a tip, how to do so. There is a thing I've been thinking about for quite a while now, when talking about intuitivity. Highlights. Things we are able to interact with should be highlighted when moving the cursor onto them, be it a nugget, a building, a tree or an GUI element and whatnot. You could use the highlights also for tutorial purpose sort of guidepost.
  6. What do you think about research?

    Em, no? You don't think that there could be a spectrum from "godly" to "secular" in a fluent way? As for the way you behave, the complexity of your society and thus the possibilities you have to do research? And why should the nuggets always do the things you were aiming for? In the end they are nothing more than kids and sometimes kids are doing really stupid things even though someone was telling them a hundred times to just not do this. I only see gameplay possibilities here,heh.
  7. What do you think about research?

    I know what you did there,heh; and it's quite genius to take them into account, it also makes your whole idea so much more interesting. I'm absolutely fine, if someone would take the one way or the other, but honestly I would like to have access to the whole scope, all the possibilities at all time. So I wouldn't say that changing the playstyle has necessarily be triggered by an expensive miracle or so. Maybe some weird scenario is happening and I'll have to change my playstyle for quite a bit, and once things have calmed down, I can switch back to my original settings. Another possibility could be that out of my research-actions consequences may arise, I haven't thought of in advance. Just think of the singularity add on... What if my " godly-influenced" civilization is not prepared for such a "secular" technology? In combination with different free-will settings this is going to be veeeeery interesting! As for research, there surely have to be limitations. Example: You shouldn't be able to research mainly-secular technologies, when having a mostly godly-influenced civilisation and vice versa: Research according to the ratio of the "godly/secular" mood. Even when your original intention was to cover up the different playstyles, the combination of both could lead to a very diversive gamplay around research/society, with a huge replay pontential. Most probably it wouldn't be possible to play the game two times in the exactly same way. And that's what I'm hoping for, heh.
  8. What do you think about research?

    Ahh. It seems I haven't seen that correlation while reading yor post,heh. Sorry about that. See, I absolutely like what you have been posting here, just a thing: Still I think it's too "polar" . Take our world. There are people out there having a very spiritual life ( the Hindus) and people being more oriented towards the secular aspects of existence, such as the "western people", as me,lol. So there is a huge spectrum, not just black or white, at the same time. Both could be within. It just has to be dependant on the amount of nuggets that are believers and which are not; and if you want to research a "believer" or a "non-believer" technology. Let's say there are not enough non-believers around, then researching a believer-tech could take longer or need more resources to unlock. And if you then would like to speed it up, you would have to discipulize some of your nuggets ofc. Also there is no conflict to this: Offers a lot of gaming possibilities, I would say.
  9. What do you think about research?

    A kind of once-in-a-lifetime decision? I could rather imagine that we are always able to decide, if we want to use the "secular" or the "spritual" resources for research/progression. It could be a modern equivalent to Black&White's "being a good god" or "being a bad god". Just think of your nuggets faces if you keep on using their resources for research all over the time,lol.
  10. What do you think about research?

    I'm with the idea of adding more options to the evolution tower, whatsoever. It's the main link to the nuggets, so : As for the logic of "research" in the game: No godly wage, no research! Without treating them, either good or bad, I can't gain "power" to do research. That's what god powers are for! Research should be based on logic ; example: without tools the nuggets can't hunt, so they can't get leather/fur, so they can't make clothing,... I think having sperated tech trees would be good, according to the era specific demands. In the stone age there could be "Tools", "Water", "Food" and "Comfort", each offering ways of either researching new techs or upgrading existing ones. Both of it is likely going to expand when progressing through the game. Oh, and happy easter, everybody!
  11. What do you think about research?

    Hey. I really would like to know what the others are thinking about the way we do research in the game. That's it,heh. See, I was playing Stellaris a lot and the game is absolutely amazing, there's just one thing that doesn't seem right to me and that's how you do research. I'm more the kind of guy who likes to see where I am, where I'm heading to and what I have to do to get there. But choosing from randomly popping up techs makes me feel like sitting in front of a slotmachine, pushing buttons for an unseen jackpot. As for The Universim I feel the same way, but with more "frustration". The research as it takes place right now actually offers no proof of progression. When selecting a certain perk and researching it, I can only imagine which opportunities may arise afterwards. The game deserves more.
  12. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    It's not a matter of "should", the new responsibilities will come as soon as we progress further in the game, I would say. So in a more flowing way the old responsibilities should need less and less attention, while establishing the new ones. Funny, the whole discussion reminds me of arguing with my wife, we keep on talking for hours maybe and in the end both of us are realizing that we've been talking about the same thing, just different in phrasing. But anyway. I'm not saying Crytivo should turn this game into a self-building game. I just think that the nuggets could have a certain degree of independence when it's about building their structures. So, why shouldn't my nuggets be able to create a whole city on their own? This hasn't to be a good thing necessarily and offers new gameplay opportunities.
  13. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    I can't quite comprehend how the people imagine the game, when we are able to leave the farms and cities and in the end our own planet behind. The nuggets should be able to meet their basic needs on their own, otherwise all that space exploration and space colonization doesn't make sense,imo. I wouldn't want to travell to another planet, when my folks aren't able to manage their lives and survive. As for additional buildings, sure there will be. Yet there is no high tech,there are no trains, no cars, no airplanes, no powerplants; there is still so much lack in the game, which can be filled with tasks necessary to be micromanaged. It's just time to think about the planet management part of the game.
  14. Let's talk! About micromanagement in The Universim

    Nice topic! Most people certainly agree on the point that the nuggets should be more independant at all. And so do I. But it's not just a single aspect of the game that has to be considered, it's more about the entire gameplay/ sequence of events. Let's say I've just reseachered "farming", so I surely would have to build a farm and assign a nugget to it and also would have to choose the crops; but there shouldn't be a need to do this more than once, atleast not as often as right now (there's an assigned nugget, which learns and spreads the word, yay!), except for intervening. So, I'm not just researching the building and the abillity to assign a nugget and to do all the necessary micromanagement, I also research the farming-handiwork for my nuggets which they now can build upon to. And by trial and error (micromanagement necessary or not) they are learning how to do farming as efficient as possible over time and on their own. Since I'm not a fan of the building aspect of the game, the scale of it respectively ; I would also say that they should start building the relevant buildings on their own, when needed, at a certain point of their learning ofc.) That way researching/building/assigning/micromanaging/learning would be an evolutionary process. And see, that's just an example but I would say it applies to all the other nugget related researchable things as well.
  15. Make me smile again

    Well, yeah. The roadmap. The matter about the Kickstarter-roadmap is: It's there. And some, if not many people were supporting The Universim just because of said roadmap; after watching the trailer and thinking how awesome and complex this project is (the complexity was high from the very beginning! ) and wondering how good this indie studio is managed . Because the roadmap was indicating that there have been a lot of your systems working already. Bare bones ofc, but nevertheless, " a good portion of features", remember? Just sayin'. No I really respect your post ,that you've found the time to put all that together, eventhough there a little bit too much screenshots imo,heh. (Sure, it's good to see how the game has changed and that there were changes at all.) As for my example of how I think PR could be done is Astroneer. They are, just like the guys around stonehearth, posting their kind of video log every now and then. What I really like about those vlogs is that I actually can see someone working on something. A programmer glueing some lines of code together or testing an upcoming feature and what not. Vids are a good medium to give the community the feeling that they are a part of the development. Another thing what I think is missing, is an up to date Trello board, like this one here. Would be a great opportunity to show off what the studio is working on right now and in the near future, also good for time management,ofc. And please: Stop polluting this forum which was supposed to be about The Universim exclusively with any of the games you are working on next to The Universim. It's way too confusing and makes it less and less appealing to me and most probably many others too. One more thing: Maybe some of your full time members could be around here more often and respond on occasion.