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  1. Research Prototype Panel

    Ok, so which of all the research prototypes you are working on is the most recent one? I'm kinda confused about this ,so:
  2. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Not ultimately. Think of a pie chart. The nuggets themselves are complex too and so their POVs/moods towards their deity, I think. It just seems somehow vapid to me, to just have some sort of "faith on/off" progression. Oh, and for me the kinetic generator is a neutral tech. You are able to put mammoths in it, or nuggets,I guess?! So a green tech, yeah, but only until you actually want the nuggets to produce energy with "run until drop" settings,lol, but also when you start using the mammoths as fuel. That's pretty much what I was thinking of.^^
  3. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    In the case you are refering to my post. No, I didn't mean it that way! Not faith through research, but through the actual use of a certain technology. The nuggets can't really "see" what perks we are researching in the tech tree, but they can "see" what kind of technology we want them to use. They can/should understand the advantages and disadvantages of it though and thus form an oppinion about their god and then generate faith accordingly.
  4. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    Ok. So I really wonder, what the heck is going on with this community? There are some very important topics around, crucial ones; but nobody bothers to leave any kind of feedback. I don't get it.. Are you people happy about the state of the game as is, so no feedback is needed or don't you care anymore? Don't you have any questions to the devs? Nothing? I'm not surprised that crytivo decided to concentrate on twitter more than this forum, when there is nothing going on...^^
  5. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    What really is missing, is the "feeling" of playing a god game, literally. I'd say the current foundation of the game is fine, but all the managing aspects have to be driven/ruled by the godly gameplay. Every god game is a rts, but not every rts is a god game. The idea of having different kinds of "faith", similiar to Fable's approach of gathering experience. Energy production is a good example: When choosing the wind turbine we could get "eco-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a "green" technology, which does not harm anyone. Therefor we can use that faith for "eco/good god powers" only and/or progress towards being an "eco god". When choosing the kinetic generator we could get "grey-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a technology, which does not really harm anyone, but they aren't happy about it either. Therefor we can use that faith for "grey/neutral god powers" only and/or progress towards being a "grey god". When using the gas plants we could get "issue-faith", because the nuggets understand it as a problematic technology, which harms the nuggets and the motherplanet. Therefor we can use that faith for "Issue/bad god powers" only and/or progress towards being an "issue-god". So it somehow depends on our research choices, ofc (Again, we can't just be "a" god.) and the way the nuggets understand them and then generate faith accordingly. And becasue of that I think we need a far more "complicated" and "far-reaching" tech tree,heh. Mooar choices! The god quests could be modified in the same way, so that the players/gods in fact experience the result of their choices and get the "rewards" accordingly.
  6. Research Prototype Panel

    Look behind you!
  7. [BRAINSTORM] Let's have faith and talk about it!

    I more and more think that the choices of technologies we make define what a kind of god we are. Either one using the alternatives and poducing/developing in a sustainable way or one exploiting the motherplanet and the nuggets without any mercy. The believe system shouldn't purely be dependant on the god powers or the god quests IMO, because so it would be possible to act "good" by using "good" god powers , but still we could use "bad" tech, so research is related to believe and the way the nuggets consider god's choices, isn't it?! Also we can't just be "a" god, there has to be a way to personalize ourselves: When using destructive technologies and god powers more often, then (a) the nuggets should/ could be more afraid of the "cursor" (b) the god powers that we may unlock should be even more destructive (c) even the god quests should go more into the destructive direction When using clean technologies and god powers more often, then (a) the nuggets should/could be more impressed of the "cursor" (b) the god powers that we may unlock should be even more clean (c) even the god quests should go more into the clean direction
  8. Yep. As the title says, let's talk about the faith/ believe system of the Universim and how it may look like, or not.
  9. Research Prototype Panel

    Trying a shot in the dark here: With introducing three ways of power generation they are trying to achieve exactly that, though I wonder how the choice in this particular case may affect the nuggets faith? And while I like the idea to have nugget's research seperated, I also hope that there will be something similiar for the god's progression, some "sort of" tech tree; maybe not to actively research godpowers or abillties, but to display the "way" of progression, the consequences of the choices we mad, the "uniqueness".
  10. Can't place buildings

    Heya. Well, it seems to me that you are low on RAM. For now I guess you'd need 6 gig at the minimum, also keep in mind that the game is still in development, so performance will be a thing even after the steam release. Maybe you should post the rest of your specs as well, so that the devs can figure out what else could be wrong. kind regards
  11. Ask Us:

    Since you have been hinting at the nugget customizer just recently, I wonder what are your plans regarding the planet editor and the object editor which both were features of the original concept?
  12. Research Prototype Panel

    I can understand that research will cover up the existing perks of the early ages first and in the best case you won't have to add additional ones of course. I didn't mean it that way, not really,heh, (BUT I WANT MOAR) No, I was thinking of the logic and how some perks may be related to each other, putting the choice aside, because in the stoneage there is actually not much to decide regarding the research, I think. As for the primitive waterworks. Sure the nuggets could walk to an ocean to drink water and there would be no real need for a well at the beginning, but to me it seems just logical that after getting tools the nuggets would like to dig holes to get the water under their feet, before they would like to supply their buildings using waterpumps. Another example is clothing. With the current approach it would be possible to research clothing without having hunting researched. How would it be possible to make cloths without leather or fur? You know what I mean?!
  13. Research Prototype Panel

    Progress has been made. Hm. Not quite sure about the sequence of the research though. In my opinion the well should be researched before the waterwheel and the resevoir. Also, regarding hunting,agriculture and fishing, why should the nuggets grasp cooking beforehand?
  14. Mail about the new uptade

    Heh! The activity feed is also very helpful if you want to see what was going on since your last login.

    Well, it's somehow human nature to deal with sensitive issues in a satirical / humorous way. But since it's a very present and also very delicate "global situation" with many different opinions of people who are affected by it or not, I'd rather suggest to avoid these, eventhough I like that,heh. Also if you don't want to have a split community with members *accusing each other of being ignorant*... Anyway, I'm not affected, so my point of view may be different...