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  1. Screen Freezing bug

    It is clearly a pc issue as it works on your laptop. I have had no issues with freezing at all. Check to see what your memory and CPU usage is when it "freezes". Also check your graphics card temperature and clock speed. When you try to close it does it say not responding? Also when the screen freezes does it let you click on anything on the game?
  2. I agree with Panda, I have no had any issues that you describe. In fact this version runs better than the previous.
  3. v.25 Huff and Puff Bugs

    I have come off a number of bugs and have no idea what causes them lol. 1. For some reason a white outline "box" will happen when using creator power or when placing a water pump. 2. Nuggets will stop bringing materials to the wood and stone refinery and eventually stop bringing them to any building to upgrade or even build brand new ones. 3. Nuggets still get stuck on trees and mountains and die of thirst and hunger (however not as bad as before). 4. Defense towers seem to be hit or miss as in the work only sometimes (seems like the range of the tower is wrong). 5. Can't build buildings where you destroyed one. 6. Sometimes building plans get stuck on other buildings and lag the game really bad until you exit the blueprint screen. This causes the building it got stuck on to turn a pinkish red color. 7. Nuggets will randomly stop doing their jobs and show "Doing Nothing" even though there is work to be done. (Replacing the nugget either sometimes works or doesn't work at all). 8. Prioritization of buildings still doesn't work properly. 9. Sideways fishing boats (this is already a known issue, only a graphical issue). 10. Gravekeepers sometimes only pick up 1 body at a time, even though they should be able to get 2. 11. Nuggets will not replace their stone huts with Tudor Houses if there is not enough room. 12. After so many nuggets (usually after 110 or so) they stop reproducing regardless if there are things to do or not. (This doesn't happen every time, not sure what triggers it). 13. To go with the one above nugget population drops like a rock for no reason when they get up high as well and don't recover. I'll post more if/ when I find them.
  4. Hello, game is fun, a little buggy, but that is to be expected.