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  1. the nuggets dont like moving stone

    so i was watching the nuggets and i guess i have to say i was wrong, they do like picking up. just in the same spot over and again. two big groups of them keep trying to pick up the stone and put it back down and pick it back up. I have tried moving them and they just return it. i have tried scaring them and they just return to it.
  2. whenever i demo a building the empty space that it was in, is no longer available to put a new building in. i have only done this and experienced this with bigger buildings, couriers hut, lumber mill and stone mine.
  3. i have multiple buildings in the progress of building and there are multiple piles of material stone and lumber lying around but the multiple labor nuggets i have mostly ignore it. the lumber is all over the trails and the stone is full in the storage and all around the stone mines. when the nuggets do move material its like a 90/10 split between lumber and stone. i have fully upgraded my nuggets research but they only seem to be moving 3 material at a time vs 5-8 that they were earlier in the game.
  4. i get an error: failed to report trello api: error 411