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    SimGuy2020 reacted to JustABookworm in Audio Glitch in most sounds   
    On the newest version, V33, I noticed an odd glitch in the audio. All sounds for everything except wind sounded like distant grinding rocks or a growling wolf in the distance just a bit more robotic. Just trying to help the game out, I think it is turning out great. I figured out that it can be fixed by switching audio and back but I thought I would let you know, sadly I didn't get a recording of it. Me trying to record the sound fixed it haha. Well, I hope this helps some, keep up the amazing work.
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    SimGuy2020 got a reaction from Socks1w in Supporters and Builders not using Require Resources first. v33   
    Supporters and Builders not using Require Resources first. Build version: v0.33 final
    Severity on a scale of 1-5: 4
    Description: There at times where constructors will or would start building before bringing any required resources, like any buildings supporters should come first to drop off the required resources iron, glass, concrete to able build the building seams the required resources and supporters are some what broken. That was on the Steel Factory.
    Reproduction: For the Chemical Factory it did the same thing the Constructors Workers came first before the supporters workers or required resources workers. The constructors crew came first and start building those buildings right away. It has been happening since v32 I try so hard to reproduce on the last version and on this build v33. Not sure if this normal or not I have link to my save any other users or developers can help me out! You might want to catch this when rebuilding your v34 on path finding too fix the supporter and required resources game in-game issue! Of course I saw some loc_.  
    Picture #1

    Picture #2

    Download link to Save = https://www.dropbox.com/s/so30na30y8lnv9a/theuniversim-gamewiner87.zip?dl=0
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    SimGuy2020 got a reaction from Stronkie in Let's talk about broken promises, users that left long ago, big words, "but what do we know" and GODUS!   
    Yep agree placing down buildings is like playing SimCity all over again. I remember when EA left will wright and maxis. Good old days are long gone. I wonder what happen if Will Wright made this game?
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to AceOfSpadez in Let's talk about broken promises, users that left long ago, big words, "but what do we know" and GODUS!   
    Im just gonna jump in and say, even in black and white you had to place certain buildings, at least in the start. Eventually they would work on their own, but its just part of it. Now eventually I would love to see the AI become self-sufficient and build all on their own, would probably look better than my layouts . I am a backer for the biggest kickstarter game ever, star citizen, and it has been delayed, and feature creeped, and ect. However I still play it and enjoy it because it has grown in scope and is becoming more than we ever imagined. Now, I believe this game can level out and be more of a god game with little influence, but you still want a decent amount to keep you engaged or it would be like watching paint dry. Balance is the key to any good game, and that comes with time and work. Is the development taking longer than thought, of course, Welcome to open development. What I enjoy from these open development games vs closed (GTAV, FFVII, Gran Turismo),  is we get to see and influence the development. GTAV was delayed by 3 years, but most people didn't know because it was a closed quiet development by a large studio. I love that our ideas and opinions help to influence this game and make it better, however to implement everything and have it working takes time. Star Citizen just got Object Container Streaming set up so that items load in as you need it so not to starve your pc of resources, as well as Face Over IP, The tech behind that is so extreme and new, it was horribly flawed at first testing, but has gotten better. I will stick around and keep trying to influence this game for the better, citing references like B&W, SC, WFTO, and more to help give collective ideas, instead of just getting salted.
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Kerby84 in Let's talk about broken promises, users that left long ago, big words, "but what do we know" and GODUS!   
    I talk about broken promises now.

    (Copied from Steam)
    Somebody said:
    what happens when i stop building?
    If i stop building outward in my planet, will my nuggets eventually start building their own stuff such as engineering buildings and restaurants, etc.?
    I answered:
    this game was planned like this from the beginning in the kickstarter pitch you know. but the devs decided to go an easy way and let you place the buildings all by yourself and now the nuggets die from bacteria even if they know how to build wells. why? because they are stupid.
    Original Kickstarter trailer:
    Start: 3:10

    It was planned this way:
    You place the epicenter and guide them with godly intervention. give them knowledge and help them research new technology. have godly powers to care for them and help or kill them if they develop in a way you're unhappy with. like an ant farm Alex K describes it. You don't build things for your ants. They build things on their own based on their knowledge. But the dev team lied.
    You should have a living world that exists in its boundaries and is able to care for itself based on technology. What we have is a static world that awaits input. Without your input they do nothing and buildings collapse, they drink from the lake and they even can't handle the technology they already know. 
    it was planned as: you lead them the way and give them technology and they evolve around the epi center you placed. they build the things you tought them with divine inspiration. and you should have the power of a god and decide if what they are doing is good or not.
    And no. Ministers won't change that. Why? It's too late. It was promised from the stoneage. Big fat lie.
    I wanted the game in the Kickstarter Trailer. Not the game they are developing.
    PitchBlack wrote:

    actually this will be so cool!, like a real god, only intervene when you feel like it.
    I answered: 
    Yes. That's why so many people supported the game. That's the reason you called creator. They aimed to develop a real god game. But the devs decided to ignore the original pitch and did something different.

    What did the devs do? They saw the problem with the micromanaging. They introduced shifts... Shifts do not work well and make things worse for most people (look in the forums) Ministers won't work well too because 1. too late and 2. auto assign does not work well too... Because the game is designed as an input who**. Instead of giving the gameplay they promised in Kickstarter, they give tideous placement gameplay and you are reduced to maintenace things.
    @Alex Koshelkov @Magecoerlin @Sasha (especially only Alex, because you're the one responsible for it... Magecoerlin and Sasha came tho the team while damage was done already end 2017)
    What is your excuse? Would you please be so kind and tell me why there is no need to micromanage the nuggets as you promised it in Kickstarter 2014. I play a completly different game full of micromanagement. Starting with the need to tell them that lake water is bad... Although they know how to build wells on their own. They build stone huts on their own because they seem to be smart enough, but fail to use a technology they learned? Fascinating. The whole game design does not make sense.
    There is no need to worry about micromanaging your citizens as they will take care of themselves to the best of their ability. But, to sate your curiosity, you will have a handy News System at your disposal that will keep you updated about all major events occurring in the game. This is particularly helpful when your civilization spans across multiple planets!
    -Alexander Koshelkov CEO Crytivo, Kickstarter Update May 12th 2014
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    SimGuy2020 got a reaction from Magecoerlin in Adding a military   

    Thank goodness I have just try Age of Civilizations II series that game is too hard!
    Sorry for being Salty! I guess you don't blame us waiting for years for this game! We have been patient!
    When I hear the word “salty” describe someone, I think of a person who is unpleasant, highly irritated, and generally pretty angry. Salty people are those individuals who are hard to spend much time with, because before you know it you too are feeling a little salty for having to be in their presence.
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Magecoerlin in Adding a military   
    Hey SimGuy,
    to the best of my knowledge, this is not becoming a war game. War has never been the focus and never will be. I think most of the people asking for military aren't even wanting it to become a military sim (Did have one guy on Steam who I just told he should look elsewhere if he wanted a war game)  and are asking that it be integrated more. I don't know what exact plans there are, but I highly doubt the game will ever become an "order your troops to go specific place and wipe out the enemy" kind of game.
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to AceOfSpadez in Impatience   
    I have a feeling this will get deleted, but I was just curious to if there was a date set to when the next patch is going live? All I have been told was October. They use to drop on the first unless it was a weekend, so just curious because I'm impatient and want to progress farther. 
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Magecoerlin in Treedeath?   
    Already have fixes for this that you'll see in the October update
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Magecoerlin in Ask Us:   
    @Tattorack yes, rovers are planned to have a customization option, and possibly ships/satellites as well?
    @Salat You absolutely can help with the translation. We have a translation channel on our discord server where that is discussed if you want to hop over there.
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Mirror in Suggestion : You make your world   
    The planet creator/editor is a planned feature and was one of the stretch goals met via the kickstarter campaign. Thats all the info I can give you at the moment though!
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Jilocasin in Nuggets frozen after load in creator mode   
    Looking through the forum it seems I am not the only one with that issue. Hope my file helps fixing this problem. Thanx
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to NeroVice in Seems To be Working - Reservoir to Buildings To Operate in Winter Not Working - v26.19695   
    I had the same issue.....my civilzation is basically living in the desert because no water in winter time...I have 10 water reservoirs in the desert since water wont freeze, so my people can have water....very annoying....my pop is at 110, and have 4 stone and wood refineries and 3 iron mines.....they use crap loads of water.....if i didnt have the water reservoirs no one can work...
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Sasha in SAVE GAME ISSUE. Need your input!   
    It will deeply depend on the issue to be honest. If we won't have game breaking issues that everyone will experience all the time, we will still to a monthly updates + fixes. If we will have a game breaking bugs, we will fix them asap and upload to the experimental branch. So as you can see it will be based on the severity of the bugs.
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to TallBear in V26.19673 BUG: Winter gets "stuck"   
    Severity: 4
    Sometimes Winter gets "stuck."  What happens is the temp climbs. It can go as high as 95-100F and the temp bar above stays BLUE. Basically the calendar stops working and will no longer advance.
    The pumps start pumping as well as reservoirs unfreezing, but since winters is stuck the fish huts have a frozen flag up and will not work
    Temp work around: The player must cast the god spell and force it to spring (and most the time they dont have that many to spend)
    Happpens  RIGHT after the calendar research has completed
    I'll get a screenshot the next time it happens
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to BigSexyLumberjack in Stuck on "Saving in progress"   
    This game was not ready for release with the save issues, its impossible for me to progress through the game lost over 4 hours of game play due to multiple save issues
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Sasha in Stuck on "Saving in progress"   
    Right now we are working on a solution for it. Today / tomorrow we will be releasing a hot fix that will help to solve majority of issues.
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Crashnepula in Can't save the game.   
    If you wanna help the developers you can attach the log file. One of the admins asked for it yesterday in this post:

    Its the answer from @Magecoerlinyou need to look for.
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    SimGuy2020 got a reaction from Onyxlights in Grand Game Breaking Bug - Steam Break Down 0 bytes   
    A Human Error I guess... I guess someone hit the Delete button on Steam Depot. 
    Looking at you @Alex Koshelkov  someone needs a Hug LOL!
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    SimGuy2020 got a reaction from Onyxlights in Grand Game Breaking Bug - Steam Break Down 0 bytes   
    I was having too much fun! I have now 4 Achievements before the error!! Oh well the nuggets wonder happen to there God LOL! 
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to TallBear in Grand Game Breaking Bug - Steam Break Down 0 bytes   
    That's why I backed up the game when I got it earlier... then put steam in offline mode so the game can't patch
    The latest update breaks the game
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Toraina in Grand Game Breaking Bug - Steam Break Down 0 bytes   
    This just happened to me too. Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, uninstalling, restart pc, reinstall. nothing. When I open the folder where the game is suppose to be installed in, there are no files.
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Kerby84 in Question for Steam Release   
    How things should be in an ideal Universe and how they are in reality is a different topic. You have to pay your bills as well as any other person. We're living in a capitalist society. Everything costs money. Also the devs have to pay their bills. 15$ is an unrealistic EA price for a game whith this "promised" scale. Stardew Valley costs around 15$ which is okay for this type of game. EA is always a risk for the buyer. But a sellout for such a tiny price... Keep things real here. If you want a refined game, they need an steady income. They have been made huge development mistakes which consumed time and resources... But they have been changed many things for the better or at least promised it. 
    Granted, I'm going to judge them on the progress they made since the last patch which is a long time ago. It's fair and everyone can make his own decision on buying or not buying a game. But 15$ is unrealistic in any way if they want to develop the game to it's final state.
    The price will be around 30$ and € which is sadly "the same" for Steam most of the time but there's a difference in reality. This is a fair price for new customers. I personally do not care because I supported the game way earlyer to make it happen.
    So as conclusion: People unsure about buying or not for a fair price can wait for reviews and make a decision based on the released development state of the game today. 
    In addition to gog with gog galaxy, origin, uplay and many other shop clients to come from any bigger publisher? the new bethesda shop and launcher? I'm sorry but I disagree. 
    As far as i know gog galaxy launcher supports mods now. The Universim is releases on  gog as well. so it's up to the devs or a mod enthusiast to mirror the mods there. but we're talking about mods for an unfinished game. Mod support is far away...
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    SimGuy2020 reacted to Craysus in Wolves are coming   
    Hello friends,
    I play Universim a long time and it makes a lot of fun
    I see a lot of improvement which makes me happy thanks guys
    But one question
    This watchtower should defend against wolves or?
    By the first attack I had 50 nuggets and 1 watchtower. Watch tower is warning the other nuggets but they dont care. 10 nuggets died.
    My gravedigger gets stuck a lot so everywhere are corpses. I changed the nugget "hotfix" but they are to many (2 gravedigger)
    Second attack. I have 6 watchtowers. Nuggets get slaughterd. 15 nuggets dead
    Watchtowers did nothing and nuggets ran away when it was to late. So I clicked the panic button -> many nugget got saved but my watchtower guards got killed my wolves too
    For what are these towers?
    By the way after two attack there are more then 25 corpses around my village. Those gravediggers cant ceep up
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    SimGuy2020 got a reaction from KittHaven in Old Saves to new Game Version or Start Over?!   
    I think it will be worth it to start over anyways for Early Access, since the Spring Time Update had Tons of Older Issues.