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  1. Screen 1 Wow Details! Of this patch! It seams the Exile Cities Works as it should! Good job Developers! Now it's not the wolfs or Tornadoes now its Exile Cities destroying my village progress! Seams like working so far so good!
  2. Impatience

    It's a free world just relax LOL?!
  3. New Update?!

    I guess the new update is coming out later today?? Very Excited! Will try it after I get back from my job later today or tonight!!! I'm normally on EST US Time.
  4. Treedeath?

    Just few more days!
  5. Suggestion : You make your world

    I know Plant Trees coming next Oct 1st update, that be like planet editing at the early stage!
  6. Buildings not Building or Upgrading

    Human Error Wrong Kind of Information Post Withdraw...
  7. Buildings not Building or Upgrading

    I'm one those lucky ones just Unlock the Creator Mode to, Maybe I will too do a round of upgrading see what feedback it dose, I guess the upgrading is bit different in Creator Mode.
  8. Severity 2 Update: User Error Maybe. I'm Stuck in the Winter Mode with no Water! Please Advise or Help Me! I try different saves and reload nothing... Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/amgck9jwrk4f8nq/Sep03-18World02AT01a.zip?dl=0 And I guess I forgot about the thread.... Sep03-18World02AT01a.zip
  9. Ok have to re-post this in a new post, Everything seems to be working! And I am keeping it Balance as well with Water and Food. This game has a very deep Learning Curve it blows me away every time!
  10. Now it's working thanks to fokes thanks! My nuggets live threw there first winter with Water so placing them in the desert dose help!! Have to place farms now for food next winter LOL!
  11. V26.19673 BUG: Winter gets "stuck"

    I just use Spring for the first time as well, I have no screen shot or proof sadly. If It happens again I will give my save file.
  12. Severity: 4 The Heat and Wind maps always been missing since v25 Huff and Puff. I am not sure how to reproduce the heat and wind maps maybe a little guide to how to? I hope theses will be fully function by the Space Age at the final of the game it be neat see how hot your planet gets or Wind. https://www.dropbox.com/s/perqaq5sssw50g5/World01AT01a.zip?dl=0 Extra Note: For Bug Report File Error Save Link.
  13. game will not save universim glitch

    Are we trying this On the normal version or the hotfix? 2hotfixes been out on the test branch. https://steamcommunity.com/games/352720/announcements/detail/1692679423636146620 The autosave timer has been limited in order to solve some of the issues with autosaves. You can still press F7 to autosave (quicksave) at any time.
  14. Stuck on "Saving in progress"

    Things are ready it's called Early Access!
  15. Can't save the game.

    Same I thought I was going crazy, Yep save is not working.
  16. After a Few Trys I guess it was just how the game works. I place the reservoir with the temperature selected in the mountains it dose says frozen I guess it dose make a deference where you place the Reservoir. FYI - This game has a very deep learning curve!
  17. Reservoirs can get Empty quickly when its below freezing of 29F and the Season is 8F Degrees. And then Causing the Nuggets to get Thirsty then when winter Comes It feels it self up again in first place it should be stored not empty. Not sure if that is normal gameplay the last update it was not that bad it gotten worse. Severity on a scale 5
  18. Dust Clouds spinning like a Ball? Should be more Smooth and Flat? Severity on a scale 5
  19. When you click on the buildings with a ToolTip this one with a ? Button as showing in my screenshot it shows with theses symbols %words%. Severity on a scale 2
  20. Bug report: Wrong spelling of Believer

    Oh did not think of that! LOL 1. a person who believes that a specified thing is effective, proper, or desirable. "a believer in ghosts" 2. an adherent of a particular religion; someone with religious faith. synonyms: devotee, adherent, disciple, follower, supporter "a cause with few believers"
  21. Oh I see what happen @TallBear If your in Window Mode you can't hit Escape but if Your in the Full Screen Mode you should able hit ESC right at the Voice Intro. ESC in Window Mode dose not work at the Voice Intro, Only at the Full Screen Mode at the Voice Intro ESC Button Dose work. The Window Mode has some bugs that you can't hit esc button. Full Screen Works Just Fine for the ESC Button.
  22. It's back online! https://steamdb.info/app/352720/depots/ I will backup my game this time LOL! @Onyxlights @TallBear @Toraina Last Record Update 7 minutes ago (August 28, 2018 – 23:14:43 UTC)
  23. A Human Error I guess... I guess someone hit the Delete button on Steam Depot. Looking at you @Alex Koshelkov someone needs a Hug LOL!