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  1. So far I like this game as well to! Yep I did almost forgot Black and White was that way too! I am a Kickstarter backer and I just join the Test Squad Team! I been pretty positive person that's why they choose me for the Test Squad looking forward to be Q and A Tester for the future patches! Thanks @Alex Koshelkov! They do need our support!
  2. Yep agree placing down buildings is like playing SimCity all over again. I remember when EA left will wright and maxis. Good old days are long gone. I wonder what happen if Will Wright made this game?
  3. ******** Hides in the Corner another unhappy post. ********** Theses developers are making a wonderful game looks like it's hard to make any one happy! And there trying there best with a Small team Remember that. Where still bashing? No Personal Attacks please or it be reported. And btw I have over 200+ hours in-game The Universim on Steam come on! Anyways it's a free world after all! ================= https://steamcommunity.com/app/352720/discussions/0/1734338354738161573/ Alex [developer] Sep 5 @ 3:37pm Long Development Time Concern We think it’s time to address the mammoth in the room. We’ve seen a fair amount of negative comments and reviews regarding our development time, which we want to discuss in this open letter. Yes, the game has been in production for 4 years, which is certainly longer than initially anticipated. We announced release dates on Kickstarter that seemed achievable, but quickly realized that we didn't leave ourselves enough time to achieve our ultimate vision. It would have been a complete mess to release a rushed game, especially considering this is our first title as a studio. We want to make a huge splash in the industry. The Universim is a project we have loved and believed in from its very first moments, and we know that’s something we share with all of you. If any of us lacked that faith, we wouldn’t be here today. The Kickstarter would have failed and The Universim may never have existed. Our fans offered us a unique opportunity to make something great, and that’s what we intend to do. We didn’t want to be another Kickstarter flop. We have far too much respect for our fans and the trust they have placed in us. There are quality standards we have worked enormously hard to achieve, especially considering the size of our team. It has killed us inside to keep everyone waiting, and even more so when we read comments like “too little, too late” or “this is all you’ve done in 4 years?” on features or updates that the team has put so much effort into. The truth is, game development is a very complicated and challenging process, especially when developing a title that requires so much new technology to be built. We had to rewrite physics systems and AI pathfinding (shift from typical planar movement to a fully spherical, procedural solution that also performs well with large unit counts); construct and optimize a system that procedurally generates planets, simulates weather (everything related to natural systems), and handles all AI-related tasks; and build an engaging and enjoyable experience that bridges the gap between indie and AAA. This is where 4 years went -- building tech and systems that will be used throughout the game (including procedural alien worlds). Everything we showed in the Kickstarter trailer is still coming, and it’s going to be great. We’ve read comments mentioning that we have somehow cut content out, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, we have pushed the quality well beyond anything that the initial trailer showcased, but that takes time. We hate to drag money into this, but it’s been another topic that is brought up constantly. We received around $400,000 through Kickstarter back in 2014. That seems like a ridiculous amount of money, and many of us wish we could have just 10% of that sitting in our bank accounts, but it doesn’t amount to much when you’re making a game. Once you deduct 21% for taxes, remove the Kickstarter fee, remove the Amazon processing fee, and fulfill physical rewards, you’re lucky to be left with $150,000. That makes it very difficult to pay just 4 full-time programmers for a year, let alone freelancers, contributors, and more for 4 years. Continued sales through our website saved the project and got it to where it is now. There are so many tiny things that add up and extend delays, but it’s been an amazing journey of learning and discovery. We don’t want to give you the wrong idea; we love what we do so very much. All of the setbacks, technical hiccups, and hair-pulling problems have certainly caused frustration for both us and the community, but all of the knowledge we have gained has made the team stronger and more capable than ever. Sometimes, the road you travel can be rough, but the wisdom gained will lead to greatness in the future. To all of our supporters, past, present, and future, we can’t thank you enough for your contributions. This project wouldn’t exist without you, and we are truly sorry for the delays. All of us here at Crytivo will continue to do our absolute best to make this game something phenomenal. We are proud of everything we have achieved so far, and we can’t wait to show you what’s coming. The major foundations are now present in the game, and it’ll only get better from here. Thanks again for sticking with us! We hope this clears things up. All of our love, The Crytivo Crew ======================================== ***hides**** Here comes a flame post ***hides**** https://twitter.com/theuniversim https://crytivo.com/en/news/the-universim-hot-patch-notes-v0-0-29 / Coming Soon Alpha v29 Patch Remember I don't speak for the developers or work for crytivo only defending this game.
  4. Screen 1 Wow Details! Of this patch! It seams the Exile Cities Works as it should! Good job Developers! Now it's not the wolfs or Tornadoes now its Exile Cities destroying my village progress! Seams like working so far so good!
  5. Impatience

    It's a free world just relax LOL?!
  6. Treedeath?

    Just few more days!
  7. Suggestion : You make your world

    I know Plant Trees coming next Oct 1st update, that be like planet editing at the early stage!
  8. Ok have to re-post this in a new post, Everything seems to be working! And I am keeping it Balance as well with Water and Food. This game has a very deep Learning Curve it blows me away every time!
  9. Now it's working thanks to fokes thanks! My nuggets live threw there first winter with Water so placing them in the desert dose help!! Have to place farms now for food next winter LOL!
  10. Severity 2 Update: User Error Maybe. I'm Stuck in the Winter Mode with no Water! Please Advise or Help Me! I try different saves and reload nothing... Download Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/amgck9jwrk4f8nq/Sep03-18World02AT01a.zip?dl=0 And I guess I forgot about the thread.... Sep03-18World02AT01a.zip
  11. V26.19673 BUG: Winter gets "stuck"

    I just use Spring for the first time as well, I have no screen shot or proof sadly. If It happens again I will give my save file.
  12. game will not save universim glitch

    Are we trying this On the normal version or the hotfix? 2hotfixes been out on the test branch. https://steamcommunity.com/games/352720/announcements/detail/1692679423636146620 The autosave timer has been limited in order to solve some of the issues with autosaves. You can still press F7 to autosave (quicksave) at any time.
  13. Severity: 4 The Heat and Wind maps always been missing since v25 Huff and Puff. I am not sure how to reproduce the heat and wind maps maybe a little guide to how to? I hope theses will be fully function by the Space Age at the final of the game it be neat see how hot your planet gets or Wind. https://www.dropbox.com/s/perqaq5sssw50g5/World01AT01a.zip?dl=0 Extra Note: For Bug Report File Error Save Link.