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Status Updates posted by SimGuy2020

  1. 7:30AM on the EastCoast U.S. of course waiting on the New EA Release! I sure the Version 26 which ever number going to be great!

  2. Reminder Next Tuesday Early Access Release really soon!

  3. I guess there is 4 more weeks to the universim comes out not to far! Where the time goes?!

  4. Still Around Happy 2018!

    Nothing Bad Happen! I'm just looking around!!

  5. Just came back, for the next patch! So far it's been a busy summer.

  6. Looks like June is here!

  7. Waiting on Version-7 of the patch! :)

    1. KyloRen


      The wait is over! B)

  8. Celebrating my birthday today!

  9. Have A Happy Christmas!

  10. Testing starting this morning right now all excited! :D

  11. Just Return from 8/14-8/21st from my vacation looking forward in 25or24 day's to The Universim PRE-ALPHA Day! :-) I been following it! So far it's been a quick summer.

  12. On vacation next week!

  13. Great things to come in 2015!

  14. Merry Christmas! And 2015 Happy NewYears!

    1. Roumsen


      Same to you buddy! Now you have to change your profile name into "simguy2015". Haha, just kidding.

    2. SimGuy2020
  15. I guess waiting on a Perfect Game TheUniverSim!

  16. Proud to be on the BackerKit!

  17. The Game Goal been reached! $323,365 pledged of $320,000 goal