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  1. It looks like you have the Kickstarter Backer Badge my friend!
  2. As far as I know they're working diligently and still working with the store merge. I'm also waiting on forum badge upgrade to mammoth myself. I purchased from the crytivo store, a few weeks ago. For those that purchased from crytivo.com instead of universim.com is the issue they're working with at the moment. Sorry for any confusion and/or delay but they're working and doing the best they can at the moment.
  3. This is a how to backup game saves if anyone is curious!

    No problem! @SarahzXOXO
  4. dangg yeppp barely! he died like either right after the kid was born or a few mins after! it was soo close tho
  5. If anyone is wondering on how to backup your saved files here you go! Basically you need to make sure you have hidden files and folders turned on! Windows 7 / 8 / 10 All you do is go to -> start -> run/find/search type folder options -> click view at the top of that window -> navigate down to hidden files and folders -> be sure to check off "Show hidden files folders and drives" Next go to your c: drive -> Users ->Your user ->AppData->LocalLow In Locallow look for ->Crytivo Games Inc_ In Crytivo Games Inc_ -> go to The Universim -> Saves and there you go! Just save them to where you want to store them and you're good to go! Hope that helps! -- Sawed
  6. 13 kids and the colony is thriving! LOL. mom is still kicking!
  7. Long story short on the quick update for this, if this ends up being allowed to be posted loololololol.. --- Well.. they ended up having 8 kids before the school was built LOL.. Mom and Son LOL keep having more kids together (*yuck*) --- at least all the kids will be in school.. --- kids are currently farmers and repair people to keep everything back going!
  8. KK, so basically I was mostly focusing on building everything and I kept demolishing the stone huts and basically everyone built everything and died off. Sadly the last two remaining people was in their 30s. I was able to use what little bit of Creator power I had left to get the last 2 remaining to build 1 hut and breed quickly and then the father died (in his sleep) The kid is now of age lol.. and is a male! In hopes to revive the colony! The first 2 pictures are the remaining 2 before the dad died and when the kid became of age! The 3rd is the map of the layout with the last 2 remaining. We'll see how it goes!... until then! this game is fun and challenging! Sorry for the title but it was kinda funny This is the screenshot of the news and history log before I try and revive this colony
  9. Someone mentioned it that they might add it later down the road.
  10. Not sure but it may have something to do with Dashboard being down and @CM Mirror or one of the forum admins hasn't or can't check at the moment until Dashboard is fixed :/ but I'm not entirely sure! @Christoffer might know!
  11. i know right! I'm waiting on them to upgrade my account to that sweet blue little guy now!
  12. Bro that's the same thing I did LOL.. I really wanted to help out as much as I could as far as money, because I grew up playing Black and White years ago and this game is going to be exact but better with a Banished / other similar games twist! I can't wait to see the finished product!
  13. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    It's ok to be shy some people may actually prefer to just watch the play through rather than listen to someone anyways!