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  1. The universim Soundtrack

    Awesome just downloaded it and had a listen, there is so much good music in there but my favorite track of all still has to be Magic, because that was the first track I heard when I saw Universim for the first time and it just etched itself on my brain lol. Shout out to your narrator as well, his lines are so funny they crack me up and he really does remind me of Morgan Freeman who we all know of course is God
  2. The universim Soundtrack

    Hi Sasha, thank you for your reply, this is so good to hear. I knew you guys were going to be true to your word from day one (unlike a lot of the other Kickstarter projects I backed ) I just had a good feeling about your team and it's paid off because the game is really starting to get exciting now Had a look as you suggested, you're right everything's here but the soundtrack zip file is an old version and only contains the first 10 tracks of the main soundtrack and the bonus tracks, could you update it when you get a chance to include the latest 17 tracks please. Thanks again and looking forward to seeing what the future brings for both The Universim and Crytivo in general, Jay
  3. The universim Soundtrack

    Yeah that's what I thought, I'll wait and see if one of the others spots this thread, if not I'll contact them direct, thanks for the reply Magecoerlin
  4. The universim Soundtrack

    Hi guys, Haven't been here for ages, I do try the game every now and then but it's only now that I'm starting to really see the game appear that I have been craving and wow it really has come on since I last played it Just noticed this thread about the soundtrack, art pack etc, as one of the original Kickstarter backers at the $65 level shouldn't I automatically own this collectors pack and the next one when it's released? because at the moment it's not showing as owned by me on my Steam account and I can't find the soundtrack in my game files. Also are you still planning to incorporate all the Kickstarter items as listed in the individual tiers into the game once we get close to and into the Space Age? Guard-Satellite Star Keeper. Receive a Kickstarter exclusive model design for this item and an instant unlock. Crytivo Industries Lab Extension. Unlock the Cowtivo Industries Skyscraper, a subsidiary of Crytivo Industries, that will allow you to experiment on cows and send them into space on missions. Observatory - Luna 1987. Receive a Kickstarter exclusive model design for this item and an instant unlock. Exclusive Mystery Planet. You will receive an exclusive planet available only for Kickstarter Backers! The mystery planet will feature unique 3D models and environmental characteristics. One such characteristic is floating mountains ala Avatar! Fully-Loaded Discovery Rover. Receive a Kickstarter exclusive model design for this item and an instant unlock. I trust you guys but I'm just checking, I'm sure you understand
  5. Game reports Medieval Era rather than Stoneage (resolved)

    Yep I can report seeing this as well.
  6. Hi community team could I have a badge please, I pledged $65 which I believe gets me a Copper badge please