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  1. Hard Crash

    Thanks for the reply and suggestion, however I think we can rule out heat issues. I play Witcher 3, Anon 2205 both on the highest levels with no crashes. My case is always open and I have 5 fans. I have been monitoring my RAM usage and CPU/GPU temps, which range from 54c to 65c (129f to 149f), so not near a critical level at all. I reinstalled, the previous version of Universim ( I love this game, it is going to be amazing when it is completed) and played multiple times for hours. No crashes.
  2. Be on the lookout for your gravedigger moonlighting as an engineer. So I noticed at about a population of 50-60 that my gravedigger nugget was also my engineer nugget. I had originally made the nugget a gravedigger. Not sure how it became an engineer. The occupation said gravedigger, but the nugget was repairing huts. I noticed this happening 2 or 3 times. My solution was to fire the nugget from both jobs. Seemed to work. I will post images if this happens again.
  3. Crash on laucher

    I crash during loading randomly. I am not using steam just universim.exe. It seems to be I either get to play for hours or hard crash my PC instantly. I have try changing settings from High to Low. I just can't seem to find what causes the issue. I generally do not get a crash.dmp as it is a hard lock up. Geforce GTX 1070 i5 4690K 3.5GHZ 16 GB RAM Windows 10 64
  4. GamePlay tips?

    I have found the hunters very useful as long as I hunt medium sized game and set the trap manually in an area with medium sized animals.
  5. Doing Nothing

    I had a population of 167 when I noticed everyone starving. I had 4 farms, 2 fisheries, 3 hunters all fully upgraded. No food coming in. I started investigating to find the cause. I had a couple of farmers and fisher persons glitching out. They where going from doing nothing to doing their job. I gave them a kickstart and they went back to normal. Food started to come back in. The colony ended up collapsing, but they had plenty of food and resources. The death rate just seems to out way the birth rate. I played the colony until 246 cycles, once the colony fell from 167 to 101, I gave up trying to refresh them.
  6. Hard Crash

    Today, I thought I'd lower my settings to see it that would help the game to stop crashing. I moved everything from High to Medium, and turned off grass details. Game played without crashing got to 245 cycles, before it was obvious the colony was dying. I had plenty of food, tons of resources, but the colony went into decline. My Specs GTX Geforce 1070 i5 4690K 3.50GHz 16 GB Windows 10 Decided to stop the game and try again, 3 hard crashes again at startup. I am at a loss for what the cause is now. Think I am going to wait for another patch.
  7. Hard Crash

    Well, I basically think I got lucky with the one run with a population of 145. I have not been able to get back to there, due to random issues. Mostly crashes, when the game does not crash I cannot place anymore than 1 water pump. Which makes it hard to grow past 30 in water flow. The water pump is not selectable.
  8. Hard Crash

    Loaded the same file again and crashed just as I entered winter again. This time a crash log was created. Crash_2018-03-08_211100.zip
  9. Hard Crash

    Barely hit my first winter this time. No crash log available.
  10. Unable to place Epicenter

    I could not place the tower after I shut off tutorials in the settings. When I turned the tutorial back on in the settings, everything worked again. Might help.
  11. Hard Crash

    So I also noticed when I have the tutorial turnoff in the settings, I can then not place the evolution tower. If I turn on the settings, I can then placed the tower. I tried this 7 times and each time, I could not place the tower. Also found this in my settings. see attached image.
  12. Hard Crash

    Okay, so I have made some progress. Just having the archive stopped the hard crashes. I was able to make it to a population of 145 then all hell broke out. I did have another crash, but it did not take my whole PC out this time, just a program crash. I am able to load the crash data but not the save files. The save zip is 1.7mb but I get an -200 error. Love the update awesome work, game is so much fun to play. I cannot wait to play longer and progress through the years. This is one of my favorite simulations. Crash_2018-03-08_140924.zip
  13. Thanks, I looked all over for those files.
  14. Possible God Mail "Find My Lost Nugget" Quest Bug

    I clicked to start the quest, never found the nugget. But it reported the nugget made it home safe and sound. Works for me
  15. Hard Crash

    Two of my crashes have been during loading. My next crash came after starting a new life. Is there any other files I can load for you?