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  1. Important Announcement

    I think it is quite safe to assume, Crytivo used the hype of a possible update or big news for The Universim as a marketing & PR stunt for the publishing their client's games. Thanks for the slap in the face. With an already small team that is struggling, how does this affect the future of Universim? Not only does Crytivo have the ambitious task of Universim, Crytivo now have to assist with "delivering unique, engaging games"... Your current product is highly disappointing considering how long you have been working on it.. Does this mean development may slow down even more now that you are a publisher? "developers who choose to come under our wing" Crytivo speak as if they are a successful developer? You ran a successful marketing campaign so far, but your current effort has been mediocre and slow.
  2. Important Announcement

    I have to agree with amigacooke. Nothing exciting at all here, all I see here is you marketing your other titles, getting a fancy new logo and becoming a publisher. Exciting for you yes but I battle to see what the exciting aspect there is for backers of this title. So meh, I would have preferred an update or a free cup.