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  1. Ask Us:

    Is there a way to disable natural disasters, like the tornado?
  2. Mispelling of Season

    Found another misspelling: Should read rejuvenate, right?
  3. Mispelling of Season

    Under the God Powers / Influence / Season Change It reads: Seasoon God Power Change Description
  4. Ask Us:

    I feel silly... I didn't know to hold the button down to charge for the "throw" ... I'd just.. let them go... lol
  5. Ask Us:

    Yes, this happens to me every playthrough I make as well... I've tried this... but it seems I must not be throwing them far enough out, because they always seem to fall back down... and splat. Very undignified... lol
  6. Ask Us:

    That would be totally awesome! THANKS!
  7. Ask Us:

    Okay, I have another question.... What is this, and why did my nuggets build it?? lol
  8. Ask Us:

    Is there now, or will there ever be a way to edit the names the nuggets are given... as in, with The Sims, there is a file you can add names to, for those randomly named Sims to take from. I would love to have this ability, even more so than a way to edit "active" nuggets (if that was ever envisioned...)
  9. Ask Us:

    With the News piece on the addition of electricity production, can you use more than one of these modes? Can we, say, make wind turbines, and the "Nugget Wheels" to produce power?
  10. Important Announcement

    At the bottom of the page, here: https://theuniversim.com/el-pacino It reads: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCMENT We have even more exciting announcements coming soon on January 9th, 2018. What would the announcement be?
  11. How to Rotate?

    Thank you!
  12. How to Rotate?

    Just bought the game last night and started a game... I didn't seen any instructions, or hints... When placing buildings/farms... etc., how do you rotate them? The doorway always seems to be facing the opposite direction to where I need it, and haven't found a way to rotate. Help?