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  1. Same they refuse to go drink or eat only some of nuggets but slowly other nuggets do it after other go underwater and float then walk back out doing it over and over. It got worse when I got up to 13 nuggets then after started they went down to 9 nuggets losing more which caused lot nuggets to become sad. Only nugget that was still happy was my grave digger nugget.
  2. So thought was just one nugget that doing this but found out 2nd one was doing it after they died. They started to get hungry and thirsty have plenty of food and water for them but they refused to go eat it or drink. I also think encounter other bug as later on my cemetery or what called finished being built didn't get pic of it but the guy went to collect there bodies idk how but he able to collect them from under water now been stuck building a grave stone for them been doing it for while didn't get pick. Also they decided to continue walk out of the water then walk back in the water.