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  1. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    Here it is for this patch, El Pacino:
  2. Twitch/Youtube streams or videos

    I get to 100 Nuggets every playthrough. Think I should record and drop a Youtube video showing how I do it? Not sure if anyone would be interested since there are a lot of amazing creators dropping great content already
  3. After you hit 100 sims, a lot of nuggets stop moving, and stand in paths. Then like 10 nuggets will clump standing on their bodies never moving till they all die. Creepy, the whole town just freezes till you find that clump, and move them. Then everyone starts dying and getting infected, and dying because of infections, and running into the stand still people, and dying... Nobody works as well. Everyone cannot do their jobs. Crops don't grow because they stand still in-front of farms and whatnot. It's hectic! Was a ton of fun though till then. Thriving happy city moments before the big decline Clumps The stand still ppl The death of your civilization! Ahaha, I love this game. Can't wait for the next patch .
  4. I have over 70 nuggets in my town. I'll get the exact number after I patch. Your nuggets will die less if you have them all eating. That was a major issue for me for awhile. My population got old, and fell down to 50s while I was working my ass off getting all the restaurants and farms upgraded, and lots of graveyards for the giant dying population. Now they're self sustaining again. Just need a shit ton of extra food, lots of restaurant seats and wells everywhere all upgraded