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  1. Doing Nothing

    I had been using telekinesis and healing
  2. Doing Nothing

    Not sure how to give you guys my save file but I'd be happy to
  3. Doing Nothing

    Sounds about right. I made it to just around 65 and then pop. crashed
  4. Doing Nothing

    Hey guys. I'm running into an issue with the nuggets. I'm on cycle 64, with pop. around 50. Certain nuggets are giving the "Doing Nothing" message. This is happening with the gravedigger, as well as a couple others. They will move for maybe 2-3 seconds, then shift to "Doing Nothing" for a small bit before moving again and the cycle repeats. Anyone else having same issues? I'm playing on Windows
  5. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Any of them stay particularly high? CPU is the first I always check. Then RAM and Graphics ~ but I doubt your graphics would be part of it. @Plazmadawg probably knows more about this
  6. Slow movement and flickering screen

    I've never heard of that term haha. Either Ctrl Alt Tab, cycle to the desktop and then close it. Or while in game you can hit Esc and quit from there. Or you can close it from task manager
  7. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Run Universim Hit Control Alt Delete, in that order, holding them down. This will open a menu, click task manager. It might be tiny square that lists what you have open and running on your PC. If that is the case, hit More Details. It should be towards the bottom, at least on mine it is. This will open a more intensive menu. Click the tab on the tab that says Performance and you can find the info there.
  8. Slow movement and flickering screen

    Hmm that's interesting. When you open the game, open task manager as well and check out the performance. I've seen other people on the forum complaining of that happening.
  9. Slow movement and flickering screen

    This one makes me a little more stumped. @Plazmadawg do you have any ideas? Have you checked to see what your CPU usage and stuff like that?
  10. Freezing at planet screen

    My boyfriend is IT and I've helped out around some offices. The easy stuff is always the most overlooked, so that's where I start. I let my bf handle all the real work But, thank you!
  11. Freezing at planet screen

    Nooo! It's really confusing. Tbh this is the only game I can think of where the launcher and the actual game are separate. Don't beat yourself up
  12. Freezing at planet screen

    If you have issues finding the Universim file itself, I'm more than happy to help with that too
  13. Freezing at planet screen

    Oop wrong file. Just one sec There we go. Sorry about that It wouldn't let me send this in a message so here it is
  14. Freezing at planet screen

    Hey, Plazma. I DM'ed her and I think we solved it. Hopefully! Let us know Lady Dream