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  1. [TWITTER] "..."

    Thank you for that, completely agree!
  2. [TWITTER] "Should we add Residential building interiors?"

    I agree with everyone here, this is absolutely not something the devs should be focussing on right now. Other than that, I think I would look at it once, think "Hey that's cute" and then zoom out again.
  3. Research Prototype Panel

    Hey guys, don't get me wrong. I am disappointed by the pace at which this is progressing too. Even though I only 'backed' the game about eight months ago (Sep 2017), I haven't seen much progress since I joined. More so, the game has become unplayable on my Mac at this moment, which I'm pretty sad about. Like you said, I'm trying to keep positive and am still looking forward for what is to come. From what I understand from their website, they are currently effectively building this game with four people. I'm assuming they want to speed up the building of this game as much as possible too, as not much more money is still coming in for them. It's just that when I look at different people trying to get Kickstarter projects up and running I have seen that it can be a real struggle and the expectations from a community are really high. Of course it makes sense that you want to involve the community and that the community wants to be involved, but in many cases this also requires extra time (you need to make mock-ups that are understandable enough for people in the community, which means that you are effectively building the same thing in three different ways, to then discard two of them). I agree that some more transparency on what is going on within the company/development team would be nice though, especially as there won't be many updates until the Steam release in August (of which I am still wondering whether it was the best idea). I just wanted to shed a light on how a design process goes and that there are many kinks to be found along the way that we do not necessarily see here.
  4. Research Prototype Panel

    It's called iteration? I'm presuming they've tested several things and because of programmability/aesthetics changes had to be made. Obviously they will be picking whatever they think is best for the game, and when building the one that was "picked" by the community they might run into problems that require changing things. I think this is what you sign up for when you support a game from the start to be honest. Just seeing this progress for me shows that they got us involved at the very start of the design process of this technology tree, rather than showing minor adjustments and asking for a vote on that. Getting to vote about one of the earlier iterations gives you a lot more power as less is set in stone yet. I agree that some features of the game still require some major attention at this point (maybe more than you would expect from a game that they have been building for so long) but sometimes we should also acknowledge that this is a very small team trying to build a very big game in a very small amount of time. Just cut the designers a break sometimes and trust that they know what they're doing! Judge when you actually experience the thing.
  5. @Bolerro Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to the update & also the new content that was announced earlier this month! EDIT: In the mean time, is there any way to reset the game to the last point when it was showing buildings on Mac?
  6. @Sasha and @Bolerro thanks for your replies! Happy to hear you are working on a workaround, that takes away some of my disappointment :-)! Regarding the speed of the game, do you have any idea what might be causing the lag I am experiencing in-game? Is there any way to make the game run more smooth on my MacBook? Or would I really need a stronger computer for that?
  7. With which graphics settings are you currently playing?
  8. I would love to, but where do I get such an export? I just read somewhere else on the forums that the buildings not rendering is an issue that's been caused by Unity, so that's out of their hands I guess... I guess I'll just have to wait for the next patch!
  9. Dear Crytivo, For me, the Universim is becoming increasingly unplayable with each update I install. Last update made all of my buildings disappear (I only see a very small part of it, just the flowers around it or absolutely nothing at all) and this issue persists with the new update. And while I know my laptop (a MacBook Pro 15-inch) might not be the best for gaming, the Universim is extremely laggy on my computer (while it runs other heavy games like The Sims 4 or Civilization absolutely fine, sure the fans are blowing permanently whenever I start them and I haven't set the graphics options set to the highest resolution but they still work very well), even when I set all graphics options to the lowest possible setting and the resolution to about 1200x800, it isn't running smoothly. I know you are just and indie dev company and the games I mentioned have been developed by teams much, much bigger than yours, but considering how much I paid for this game it is starting to piss me off. I am a very big fan of the concept of the game and back when it used to work, had a lot of fun playing it but the underlying software is just too buggy for me to enjoy playing the game now. I know that you want to proceed to the next eras (so do I!), but I think it would be much more valuable if the base of the game was more stable. Especially now that you are going on Steam, I think the core of the game should work on different systems. The small kinks I can tolerate (a certain building not doing exactly what it's supposed to do or a nugget getting lost, etc.) but at this moment I can't get any further than building my first well (which I cannot see...). Please, please fix these simple issues to make the game more playable, for all of our sakes! Best, A very supportive but also disappointed Universim player
  10. I think I have reached around 50 with the newest patch. In the old ones I got about as far as that but after a while they would start dying and the gravedigger just couldn't keep up so more and more would die of infections. Now it seems to be going pretty okay, but I hit a wall when I started upgrading buildings and they disappeared because of a bug in the patch. I do not get the idea that they stop mating though?
  11. Water Pump Bug after loading in to save

    I am having the exact same problem :-(