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  1. Find my lost nugget

    Can't believe I didn't think of that >.< Well I know what I'm doing next time lol.
  2. Find my lost nugget

    Watched the replay. I actually did it faster than you because I paused it immediately as they became an adult, picked him up, hit the home key and I've tried dropping them again like I said at the enclave, on the parents and on the parents house. I didn't have a green circle like that though. But I don't even un pause until after I've dropped them. Maybe that's the issue.
  3. Find my lost nugget

    That's basically exactly what I said I've tried. But they still get killed by the wildlife even when I'm carrying them and drop them. I've tried dropping them on the prayer enclave, their parents and their parents house but every time they just run around screaming for the last little bit of the quest and then die.
  4. Animal Attacks

    Yeah I spoke too soon. Inside of an hour I've had 3 attacks and lost a total of roughly 30-40 nuggets. The animal attacks are a little ridiculous. I understand that games take liberties with realism but a small pack of wolves would never in a million years run into a village with people all over the place and then just start killing. Would be much more realistic if they attacked nuggets that wandered too far outside of the village alone.
  5. Find my lost nugget

    So not a bug but rather a question. Has anyone actually completed this mission? Whenever you start the mission it just spawns in a random child somewhere on the planet and I mean... Dude that's a little ridiculous. Find a random child anywhere on the planet through all the trees, mountain areas, etc... Is there some trick to this or what? I know you can just wait for them to grow up then pause the game, zoom to them and bring them back to the village but it still doesn't do anything. even if you plop them down on top of their parents the missions fails and they die.
  6. Animal Attacks

    I've actually not had a single animal attack. Idk why not but yeah not a one.
  7. How do you get past the stone age?

    Yeah I'm currently running V24. I'd love to get on board with V25 or some kind of advanced testing. I really see the potential in this game and I want to see it succeed. I'd love to contribute in some small way to that success.
  8. Couldn't get into the QA forum to post this question but yeah how do you get past the stone age? If it's even part of the game yet. I've done all the research available and built/upgraded everything I can but I'm just perpetually stuck in the stone age. I don't even know if you can get past it yet but if you can how do you do it? lol
  9. Loading a save breaks the game?

    So I saved the game and quit to take a short break and now that I'm back I can't build any water pumps of fishing docks and the pump I had started upgrading is stuck in upgrade limbo. Nuggets keep bringing resources to it to upgrade but it never counts any of them and just stays the way it is. The upgrade button is highlighted but clicking it does nothing. And as for not being able to build pumps of docks I click on the buildings in the build menu and nothing happens. Every other build pops up an outline for me but pump and dock do nothing at all.