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  1. Variable Names Showing In Mac Text [2]

    The Issue: I'm getting what appears to be variable names or bits of code in places in the text instead of the actual text. An example I saw but didn't get a cap of (and will next time I get the chance,) is that in the mission text for the missing child, the child's name is in the checklist at the bottom but in the middle of the paragraph is shown as #nugget_name or something similar... I forget... but it's clear the child Nugget's name belongs there, but isn't being populated. Meanwhile, I do have screenshots of death notifications... the reasons are not populating. For anyone... for any death. I'll come back to this thread with more examples of this if/when I find them. Reproduction: So far all I seem to need to do is play the game. It's happening to me every time. (I've played three games since the new build so far... I need to git gud so I can get past the stone age and test more things. I swear it wasn't this hard before!) Severity: 2ish... it's just text, and in most cases you can work out what's supposed to be there, but I'll tell you, I still have no idea why these three Nuggets died, and I'd really like to know. If a player doesn't know what's killing their Nuggets, it's gonna be frustrating trying to stop it. OS: Mac Sierra, Iris Graphics, but I don't think it matters for this particular bug. Images:
  2. Reproed in a second game. This time I wasn't even doing anything when it showed up, BUT "The Hunt Has Begun" research completion tooltip came up in the corner at the same time. It just seems to happen no matter what, if you're playing the mac version for more than a few cycles. And then go away on it's own after a while.
  3. Uh... this is interesting. I hadn't noticed before because I hadn't zoomed in enough... but the black box is an object. It's clipping through the ground here.
  4. I have the black box as well. Of note: The box is not tethered to a location. It's stuck to the middle of the screen and moves with me as if it were a part of the UI, ant the UI comes up in front of the black box. For me it happened the first time I brought up the Nugget List, or the first time I closed the Nugget List. (I don't know if it appeared behind the nugget list before I closed it.) I also tried saving and quitting and reloading to get rid of it. That did not work. I have to agree there's a lot of optimization needed here. Disco huts and raver animals might be chewing up a lot of processing power, but that can't be everything that's making things a little herky jerky.
  5. I'm getting up to speed now, but I know the animals were acting way weird in the last build I had access to. Like parts of them were getting ahead of other parts. I sent screenshots to Bollero. I'll check and see now that I'm getting into this if it's still happening now.
  6. [2] Universim does not play nice with MacOS Touchbar

    Sorry, no touchbar. I'm on a 2015.
  7. I'm a Kickstarter Backer, 20$ Beta. Same email as here. Thanks!