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  1. Nuggets not reproducing

    I'm having the same problem. Max population I've reached was 47, and then there were more (natural) deaths than births. I have food and water in abundance. Edit: I've checked up on my nuggets and it appears that 75% is female. No wonder there aren't many new babies.
  2. OSX Glitch Texture Blinking colored

    Same issue here, also very sluggish at times and zoom is too sensitive, even with sensitivity way down. I've been playing on my PC too and it's running much better there (not even a gaming PC). Enjoying it!
  3. Struggling in wood production and population

    I can't even reach over 40 population. I have food and water in abundance, but every time I reach about 40, my nuggets start to die of old age much faster than I get new nuggets. Then you get down to 20 nuggets and its as good as over.
  4. Game not launching

    Never mind. Found what I did wrong. Ignore this post.