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  1. Unity crash on startup

    Strangely enough, past few days a few reports bin coming in towards unity based games and your specific error. More so from people that also own an VR set. So either a driver on Steam changed, or nVidea changed the driver. Sadly, i my self do not own such so i do not know where to check this. Your error or more your crash log seems to imply an driver issue with nVidia; but not specifically stating what the issue might be. Perhaps it is the latest nvidia patch causing it. You could try a version or two back (as i know they rolled out 3 patches this past few weeks so called for the RTX linup)
  2. Unity crash on startup

    Installed the latest Graphics drivers? (nVidia in your case)
  3. Unity crash on startup

    Could you add the output_log.txt from your C:\Users\%USerName%\AppData\LocalLow\Crytivo Games Inc_\The Universim folser ?
  4. You can only take fruits from bushes. Make sure before you try to grab it to check if said bush has fruits (food / herb). Thus obvious you cant do this quest in winter as fruits only on it mid/end summer.
  5. V25 update to V26 Backer

    At the Crytivo page, you can also see your key; that key also works in steam. The Launcher should also get you v26 now, or later this eve.