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  1. {"Version":""} construction site over the top of an upgraded well and various other buildings, info shows fully upgraded, it is not clickable but is visible in the hover tooltips over construction. have included the save file, have loaded the file several times with same results, unsure as of direct cause. rigged.7z
  2. ver 26.19547 windows 10 while hovering over the engineering hut while it is upgrading, upgrading information doesn't appear accurate but clicking on the building to view the building it only shows the percentage
  3. Find my lost nugget Quest

    It depends how long you leave it to do the quest as if you leave it long enough the parent will die and sometimes the childwon't show up in houses as a result
  4. true, but you can make a sustainable population that covers the death rate, just at the beginning for the first 5 - 6 couples then the others will just follow the pattern, you shouldn't have to micromanage from that point unless a natural disaster starts to destroy your population.
  5. over sexing the nuggets at the beginning with limited construction brings it up, if you can get to a point where you have 10-12 children at once, population can increase and also cater for death, top i got was 71 adults and 11 children, then a natural disaster destroyed about 5 and the population just started plummeting, I have survived a couple of plagues, just got to start the process with the young ones of mating before the population decreases too much, otherwise the infection spreads.
  6. Find my lost nugget Quest

    The easy way to find nuggets is to select the buildings tab go to residential and select house by house until you find the nugget half way across the world, then use telekinesis to move them back to the residential house they live at and your able to complete the quest.
  7. just if nuggets do freeze, I find using telekinesis and moving them resets them to continue with their job