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  1. Is there no update today ?

    *Dances the Patch Dance*
  2. A Poll to see what you want!

    You aren't going to get "completely fixed" anything in an alpha game.
  3. Is Population Growth Randomized?

    From what I've seen the last couple of saves is I'm hitting 30 Nuggets by day 40 when I don't push as hard. There is a needle that needs to be threaded to trade production vs. population. If I push too hard on production the population growth stagnates. If I don't push hard enough the population starves because there isn't enough food to go around. I hope to see this level of finely-tuned trade offs going forward!
  4. Is Population Growth Randomized?

    I've started another save, and on this one I'm at population of 22 on day 56. The one thing I've changed on these last couple of saves is being more aggressive on Nugget employment. I'm building more farms/eateries/engineers and am generally keeping Nuggets well occupied with fewer laborers. It very well could be that this is dragging the happiness levels down even though I am building more shops as well. I'm not spamming structures (my rule is no more than 3 under construction at a time) and they are definitely well fed as can be seen in the screenshot. They may be too busy and tired to make the huts rock. I'll do another one tomorrow and go back to having more laborers and let you know how that works out.
  5. Is Population Growth Randomized?

    On one save I have 41 Nugs on day 44. On another I'm at 26 Nugs on day 73. The growth on the slow village has been fairly sluggish throughout the save. Is growth rate one of the randomized settings when creating a new world?
  6. How to measure distance?

    Since there's no grid to measure against I really have no solid answer. It kind of boils down to "feel". I gauge distance by how long it takes a Nug to get there. If they can't make the round trip without running out of food or water, that's too far. And in the cemetery's case if the red ring covers half the village, that's too close. My standard of measure is a farm length. I try to keep my village in a circle with a radius of three farm lengths. Again, there is no exact answer so you'll have to find what works best for you.
  7. Still full of bugs

    Yeah, the game falls apart after 50 Nugs. I bought the game yesterday and encountered every bug listed in the OP. Sasha, when you say these bugs are fixed, I'm not sure if you mean they're fixed but the patch needs released or if you think the bug fixes have already been released. If it's the latter then I can assure you the bugs listed as fixed are not. Nugs are still getting stuck in bunkers, damaged buildings are not being prioritized, and Nugs don't take care of their needs properly. They won't eat, drink, or heal themselves even when there's open slots to do so.
  8. In Shock and Awe

    I just used the joy power which is supposed to cost one point. I had 95 points in the bank, but afternoon I used the joy power I was left with 1 point. Am I missing something or is this a bug?
  9. Hi all from the USA! I saw Keralis playing this on YouTube and immediately bought it. I'm so glad to see another well-done god game.