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  1. I noticed the duck, but not the book. Thanks!!
  2. I can't tell you how many games I've played. I'm stubborn like that. If I thought I did something wrong, I'd just start over and over and over. Right now, I have 3 saved but deleted a bunch of saved games knowing I wouldn't go back to them. I'll probably keep playing even if I can only get to that stage when everything collapses...maybe. Waiting for the next update too.
  3. The schooling didn't get me much further -- just a little bit. That's when I started having the issues with the "shock and awe." I've been restarting my game when it happens only to have some other nugget go into "shock and awe." Can't wait for them to fix this. I did the schooling before the cemetery, but I also pushed through the blue researches as fast as I could. I can't tell who's educated and who isn't or whether "everyone" gets educated even if they aren't in school IDK.
  4. In Shock and Awe

    I've been trying to get my game beyond the stage where things can be upgraded, which I assume is how I get to the "pre-middle age." Everything seems to go well and then something happens. Today, so far, I haven't had too many buildings break. But now, all of a sudden my gravedigger is frozen with his activity listed as "In Shock and Awe." If I reassign the position to another nugget, the same thing happens. Those bodies are going to build up fast once everyone starts getting infected. Using my God points to take care of it myself won't help because the amount it's supposed to cost for a power and the amount I'm actually dinged is off. For example, the rejuvenate is supposed to cost only 1 point but I can get dinged anywhere between 10 and 30 points with no way that I can see of earning extra points. Why not make God powers more universal?? Instead on one nugget at a time, why not wipe out all dead bodies at once -- send them all to their next life. Also, how about manna from heaven? A rejuvenating/replenishing rain?
  5. Today, I noticed that the school has something to say about getting your nuggets educated or else everything will crumble, so I tried that on a new game. Things seemed to be going well, but now my gravedigger is frozen "In Shock and Awe" and Kickstarting him won't do anything. Plus, if I reassign another nugget to be the gravedigger, he immediately going into shock AND this is with a lot of my younger nuggets being educated. I searched the forum and haven't seen this. I love the game while it lasts
  6. I just bought this game a few days ago. I do enjoy it while it lasts. Yet, I have tried playing several different games and no matter how I play it once I get to the stage where I'm ready to upgrade buildings (water, farm, engineers and eatery) EVERYTHING starts breaking and they aren't getting repaired AND I have a serious population drop. Nuggets are dropping like flies and the one and only gravedigger can't possibly keep up, which causes even more nuggets to die. I run out of God powers because of all this. Also, the God powers aren't what they say they are. The rejuvenate one says it's only 1, but it drops my points by 10 every time. This whole issue is very frustrating. I even tried moving past all this to see if maybe it gets better, but how can it when everyone is dying so fast they can't get any upgrades done??? Even though I'm pretty new to this game, I'm not new to gaming, nor am I new to Village/Civilization games as they are my favorites.